Zodiac Star Signs

The Mature/Evolved and Immature/Underdeveloped Personality

When you mix zodiac star signs and individual personal development, you find that some people have stagnant personalities and/or character defects.

You will find that in the romantic explanations I use the words; Partner, Man or Woman, focusing on the heterosexual relationship. I only do this for ease of reading.

If you are of another persuasion please adjust your comprehension of what you read accordingly.

We all understand how most of us are raised according to society’s rules. We all know that little boys are raised to be tough, take things like a man, "do... don't think".

While little girls are raised to come from a place of emotions and introspection, "think...before you do".

Now another point; there are feminine zodiac signs and masculine zodiac star signs.

Let’s take Cancer and Sagittarius. Cancer is a feminine sign and Sagittarius a masculine one.

Let’s say a male is a Cancer, although raised to take things like a man, his natural inclination will lead him to feel things much more personally than a man that is a Sagittarius.

Let’s take a Sagittarius female. She will be much more inclined to exhibit the masculine parts of herself, but it will be more toned down than her Sagittarius male counterpart (because of society).

Nevertheless, her masculine-ness will be obvious through the force of her zodiac sign.

Some of us as women don't conform, we act and think from yang energy. If we were to see the birth chart we would probably see a strong masculine sign as the Sun sign or many in the major Planets.

On some pages there will be more faults listed for the immature/underdeveloped male zodiac signs.

This is because being men these flaws exhibit themselves in numerous ways and the underdeveloped female exhibits them in only some instances.

When the immature traits pertain to both women and men, I note this accordingly and fully.

When you are reading these entries realize that your zodiac sign and the way you allow yourself to express it is affected by society, your environment in your growing years and how well you accept yourself, or not.

So without further ado, here are your:

Zodiac Star Signs- Mature and Immature





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