Aries Male -The Mature and Immature Personality

On this page you will find the descriptions for Aries Males/Men Evolved and underdeveloped.

The Mature/Evolved Aries Male

Mars gives; leadership abilities, force and innovation. This Aries male takes all these qualities and goes far with them.

His understanding of fresh and modern ideas helps him in the pursuit of advancement.

This man will be the 'whiz-kid" type, his exuberance is infecting, it animates other people and makes them follow him. In this man initiative, vigor and aspiration are limitless.

If these traits are channeled in the right way, this Aries can make it.

This man knows that appearances matter, and so he is picky about the clothes he wears and his physical appearance.

Even if his clothes aren't designer; he keeps them neat, clean and always well pressed. This attention to his appearance gives him an air of self-confidence.

This Aries man has a positive attitude regardless of what's happening in his life. He is able to forget things that irritate and hurt other Zodiac sign men. He also copes well with tension.

Regrettably, this Aries still has issues with impetuosity. This leads him into trouble that might have been headed off if he thought first.

Romance and friendship are two important things in this Aries male's life. He shows a lot of fervor in romance, but his capricious nature follows him into his emotional life too.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more ardent man. You would be hard-pressed to find a more tender man.

These things are great in a man in control of himself, but with an Aries man and his inclination towards being impulsive these qualities often bring troubles.

He can break many hearts by loving so soon or promising his heart so soon.

This Aries male should pass the years of young adulthood till 35 setting up his life, learning responsibility and dedication the years before finding and making a commitment to marry.

Unfortunately, his capricious nature will seldom tolerate this, and he may go through numerous serious romantic affairs or marriages.

Through all these relationships he will be learning to be patient, responsible, committed and really finding the one he should be with.

Falling in all consuming love with him at this time and him falling in love right back isn't the safest thing. It will be painful when it starts to crumble.

Romantic commitment and perseverance through hard times, are not among the merits of this zodiac sign (unless he has come to that realization and has adjusted his ways, which I wouldn't bet on).

His need for change in circumstance or in partners is frequently too hard for the Aries male to overcome.

Where other Signs would choose to figure out what's wrong and try and work it out, even for a short time. Aries automatically falls back on breakups and split ups.

Additionally, he thinks of himself first and this is not conducive to a long term relationship that wants to pull through.

Only when and if he learns that partnerships involve 2 people, will he have a chance at a true and lasting relationship.

As for looks, he is usually handsome or at least has something really sexy about him. This man is the type that is hard to get, he doesn't play hard to get.

Having said all this, I am not holding my breath that Aries will admit to any of the things written of here, things that he may not like seeing in himself. Many of them don't like to take advice.

But my advice is; Aries male would be much happier and less troubled if he took to being more in control of his passions, fervor and ego.


The Immature/Underdeveloped Aries Male

He will have many of the good characteristics of this zodiac sign, but promise and exuberance will be supplanted by rashness or inconstancy.

He is forever occupied in some novel plan or estimation which is seldom, if ever, finished. The reason? He loses the inspiration or enthusiasm. He basically gets bored.

Efforts are deserted if things start to get difficult. He stops the progress when he does such things. Many times other people are let down counting on the word of this Aries; it doesn't often matter to Him.

He will say tactless things without thinking. When we do things wrong most people learn from them, not this one.

The problem is he doesn't take to self-examination well. This is the reason he may find that bad history repeats.

The love life is usually full of tragedies: commitment is a lacking principle in his makeup.

He goes into relationships easily and breaks up just as easily, without compassion towards his partner's feelings.

Once in a while he finds a partner and he really tries to commit, but it hardly lasts because he is unable to think before things happen.

He never contemplates the compatibility of the match, how deeply he feels for the prospective mate, or the responsibility of a partnership.

When the sexual personality for whatever reason is corrupted or imbalanced he may have tendencies towards Sadomasochistic sexual practices.


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