Astrology Rising Sign Mixed with Sun Sign

An astrology rising sign is a big part of how the world sees you, it's your external behavior, it shows how you do what you do. In basic terms, your ascendant sign is your persona.

Your Rising sign, frequently typifies a person’s first encounter with you. Some Astrologers think that initially, others experience your Ascendant more than your Sun sign.

I've determined on average, once you get to know someone, they'll show a perfectly blended mix of Ascendant and Sun, even if in some cases a person shows a personality that is conflicted.

Persona, disposition, inclination and general fate are the issues of your zodiac astrology rising sign.

When the governing Planet of a Sun sign is the same Planet that rules your Ascendant---(Meaning your Sun and Rising are the same or in the same Planet), there won't be any counterweight, canceling of flaws, or astrological balance in you.

Good or bad, your traits will be amplified by the force of one type of influence, unaltered by anything, aside from any astrological aspects your chart may have.

Yes, you'll still share the same Sun and Rising with some people, but again, the degree in minutes you were born won't be equaled by every one. Sometimes, even twins have the same Sun sign and different Ascendants.

Your Sun sign/Rising sign and the rest of your personal Planet signs are a special mix, this mix is unequaled and it makes you, you.

Sun sign and Astrology Rising Sign Blend

Your astrology rising sign is another layer to your personal makeup.

When you add the Sun sign characteristics with your Ascendant you start to get a picture. You then need to add the rest of your chart to get a complete picture.

Sometimes, you may find that the books and website articles you read give you Sun sign descriptions that resonate and others that you know don't fit for; you, your friends, or your love interest.

What's up with that? This is what’s up.

You see, these characteristics you have read are not incorrect; your astrology rising sign may be the cause of these discrepancies.

What do I mean?

Well, your friend may be a lazy Capricorn who has problems dealing with authority.

☑ Well, your friend may be a lazy Capricorn who has problems dealing
with authority.

☑ Your Taurus boyfriend or girlfriend may have problems managing money.
☑ You may be a Cancer who isn't warm and cuddly.

☑ Maybe you're a Pisces who isn't into anything mystical.

It is possible that you have other zodiac signs that balance out the conflicts that you find in your Sun sign/Rising sign mix.

One thing is for sure, when you know someone's Rising sign it gives you a leg up in relating with them.

The best way to deal with anyone is to use your knowledge of their Sun sign/Rising sign.

When you're born under certain Planets and Star signs, you're born with the encumbrances of those Planets and Star signs, but you're also born with qualities that make you able to contend with them.

As long as you use these helpful qualities, whatever befalls you, you should get through your troubles. Above all, you're born with free will.

If you need to make sure what your Astrology rising sign is, it is here.

Once you know the sun sign and ascendant, you can start to read about your blend of Sun sign and Ascendant.

If you find that your Rising sign and Sun sign negate one another, you have my compassion.

If you're reading this to learn about another person,

Here are the details:

Sun sign and Ascendant sign combination's for: Aries through Pisces


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