Which Taurus Sign and Rising Combination are you Seeking?

Taurus sign with Aries rising

Mixing the Aries rashness with the Taurus prudence, brings a certain type of friction in ones personality.

You seem to go back and forth exhibiting the Taurus personality and the Aries personality.

Taurus likes to plan things out and Aries on the other hand likes to fly by the seat of His/Her pants. Being this way makes you feel as if you're fighting against yourself all the time.

This may be very puzzling for you and perplexing to other people who have to deal with it.

It will be hard for you to deal with irritations and agitations, you won't be able to keep a cool head.

Damaging traits of both Signs will be elicited and conveyed, especially when things go haywire.

Your reaction will be a hotheaded one and as a consequence of that, you will do the wrong thing without thinking it through.

For example: When you're being more of a Taurus you'll be more cautious and pensive.

You'll think, plan and calculate everything and then impulsively do something that wasn't part of your planning at all.

What happened?

Oh, Aries took over of course.  The problem is you will never know when you'll suddenly take on one personality over the other.

Taurus sign with Taurus rising

You are a double Taurus.

You don't take to well to being scolded, you have a sore spot when it comes to critiques.

You're peaceful or quiet.

You can be patient and thrifty.

You like to enjoy your life.

As a double Taurus you are able to spend hours working on something, you're completely absorbed by it.

This goes double for your love life; you can become preoccupied with and full of passion for the person you love.

You become a Bull when your love life is threatened. You're definitely possessive of your mate, you're exuberant and compulsive in your jealousy.

In love as with every other thing, you have a slow and careful start, but once you get going there is no stopping the Bull - no pun intended.

Your sign is probably one of the only zodiac signs that can actually fulfill a lovemaking marathon, till the wee hours, gratifying yourself and sultrily ravishing your mate.

Taurus sign with Gemini rising

Taurus/Gemini's have a lot of internal friction. Taurus and Gemini are opposites.

In a way, it's a good thing because there will be more of a restraint over the need for variety and a more pragmatic mentality towards life.

In another way, there will be times when preconception and pre-determinations regulate thinking and mental fixations and the stubbornness will ruin things.

The Gemini flexibility will do nothing to soften this Taurean’s obstinacy in fact, it somehow makes it stronger.

Gemini is casual about almost everything; Taurus sign is conservative to a fault.

Gemini is wild; Taurus is a strategist.

Taurus holds on to almost every penny; Gemini has a hole in their hand.

Taurus/Gemini's can never decide if they want to own the store or spend all their money shopping there. Taurus/Gemini's seem to be in financial psychosis.

If a Taurus/Gemini is your partner, you might do better leaving financial talks alone and not arguing with them about the contradictions you see.

You have had it with Taurus/Gemini?

Think of what it's like being a Taurus/Gemini rising.

Taurus sign with Cancer rising

Taurus and Cancer do have interchangeable traits.

  1. Taurus is cautious; Cancer is cautious.
  2. Taurus is protective; Cancer is protective.
  3. Taurus cares about home; Cancer cares about home.

Taurus/Cancer rising's love their home so much it's weird, but they love to save their money just as much or more.

Some tactless people may say that Taurus sign/Cancer rising is cheap.

For instance, Taurus/Cancer goes shopping for an article of clothing. They come back all charged up about how much they saved, and how smart they are to get 75 % off at so and so discount place.

So, you ask to see what they bought. They pull out a dress or shirt that has a hem line completely unraveling. Taurus/Cancer didn't even notice that they got taken to the cleaners for 75 % off.

A Taurus remembers childhood fondly. Family is very important to them.

Because of this love of the family unit, once they love you, that love will stay steady; they'll trust you, take care of you, give you tenderness and a safe place.

Taurus sign with Leo rising

Taurus/Leo's are true-hearted, unwavering in their devotion. They're faithful in a way that may seem outmoded.


  1. It may seem normal now to job hop, but Taurus/Leo's stay the course and wait to celebrate the promotion they'll surely get.
  2. Marriage partners today stand a 50% chance of divorcing, but a Taurus/Leo stays for better and worse and better again.

Don't believe it? Well you should.

The only drawback, if you consider it one:

Taurus/Leo's are not only incredibly devoted, they also want you to be exactly like that too.

For people who have trouble showing honor, devotion and commitment, there could be major problems.

Taurus/Leo's form a bond with their partners and friends that lasts a long time.

If that's what you're looking for, you will love the Taurean/Leo's penchant for being single-minded and pure in their devotion to you.

They will show thoughtfulness when dealing with you. This could go on for years and years.

They naturally know what to do in emergencies, but will not be rushed.

Taurus/Leo will be able to attain a good balance in life if they curtail their inclination to be stubborn, but they shouldn't go to the other extreme and start doing things on a whim either.

Taurus sign with Virgo rising

Taurus and Virgo agree with each other as both are Earth signs.

Systematic and realistic... that should describe a Taurus sign/Virgo.

You are serious (Virgo), dependable (Taurus) and helpful (Virgo and Taurus sign). Taurus sign is down to earth and so is Virgo.

If you are a Taurus with Virgo rising, you usually take care of all the specifics and are good at covering all contingencies.

As a Taurus sign Sun sign you are passive, casual, and a captivating conversationalist.

You have a rugged warmth that will cancel out the naturally suspicious and diffident Virgo rising.

You come up with original ideas and you have a great ability to focus.

Intellect and physical activity will be finely modulated.

Resolve will be strong.

There will be a fine combination of abilities to pursue anything having to do with finances, enterprise, intellect and aesthetics.

There will still be a level of bullheadedness, but it will be conveyed in a more pragmatic and graceful way.

You rarely make hasty decisions. When you have decided, you will not change your mind or change course.

When you make decisions it is in a pragmatic way.

You are smart, but you are also biased, this helps you make good decisions when it comes to money and your family.

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