Which Taurus sign/Ascendant sign Mix are you?

Taurus sign with Libra rising

This combo is one of the nicest to come home to after having a day that nothing seemed to go right.

Coming home to Taurus/Libra is like a warm bubble bath or a relaxing lay out under a tree on a nice balmy day.

Taurus sign's are touchy-feely; Libra's are comforters.

When you are held in the arms of a Taurean/Libra it's a comfort that soothes away all bad things from your mind.

For this reason, there's a tip that you can use whenever you want a Taurus/Libra to do what you want.

The tip is:

When you ask them for something or want to change their minds, reach out and touch them.

Taurus/Libra rising wants to fall in love.

This demonstrates that Taurus/Libra rising is serious about finding a partner and will work hard to make sure it lasts when they do.

Taurus/Libra rising is pragmatic and constant, but still needs to avoid taking the easy way out.

There will be a certain level of stubbornness.

Once Taurus/Libra rising chooses to do something, no matter what happens they will stick to it until the end.

Taurus sign with Scorpio rising

When Taurus and Scorpio are unified the result is a sensual but obstinate person.

These characteristics are evident in their material passions and sexual passions.

When you want the Taurus/Scorpio man to buy you something that is a bit expensive; appeal to their baser Scorpio instincts.

How? OK.

Let's say you want them to get a new bed or sofa. Tell them that, for that price it will really hold up to all the passionate sex you will be having on it.

Be ready though, they'll expect to christen that sofa or bed as soon as you get it home.

Taurus and Scorpio are total opposites.

Taurus is safety, earthy, astute, strong minded and easy to be with.

Scorpio can be manipulating, intense and self-contradictory.

The inauspicious features these Signs have like: Rancor, stubbornness, envy, jealousy will be accentuated.

This person will go through many difficulties in life.

Only thing these two Signs have in common is, they're both highly possessive and over-jealous. They may even equate how jealous and hostile a lover gets to how much they are loved.

In a relationship with a Taurus/Scorpio rising, you'll always deal with the subject of jealousy.

Scorpio influences Taurus to be introspective and observant. Scorpio also urges them to be strong in the words they speak to others, and these words may sting.

In love, Scorpio on it's own wants to know everything there is to know about their lover, especially their secrets.

This behavior is an indication of how deeply committed a Scorpio has become.

With a Taurus/Scorpio rising this influence is still there except the behavior isn't as tormenting to their lover.

Taurus tones down this obsessive trait and it will show in a more tranquil way.

Taurus/Scorpio is brave, aggressive, stubborn and biased.

If they don't try to curb the traits of aggressiveness, obstinacy and prejudice, they'll have many troubles in their relationships with business connections, friends, lovers, finances and daily life.

Taurus sign with Sagittarius rising

Taurus/Sagittarius rising is a good combination.

Taurus and Sagittarius aren't alike but they do balance each other. Sagittarians lust for excitement and risk. Taurus signs demand a place of refuge, constancy, and protection

When people first meet a Taurus/Sagittarius rising, they find a sociable person. As they get to know Taurus/Sagittarius better, they gradually discover the Taurus Sun; a composed personality marked by well-established certainties.

Finally, they come to understand that Taurus/Sagittarius is more reasonable than they thought.

Taurus/Sagittarius rising is a integration of impatience, resolve, fickleness and bullheadedness.

This means that Taurus will set their minds to something and most of the time they won't change it.

There will be times that the Sagittarian part of them makes them want something new.

Taurus with a Sagittarius Ascendant is intrigued by all things exotic and diverse. They may be a travelers, physically or mentally through books or TV travel shows.

This combo shows that the person will benefit in relationships with co-workers, staff and other people who work for or work with them. A Taurus sign/Sagittarian usually shares the profits and accolades  with the people who put so much hard work into their lives.

Sagittarius rising brings lots of good luck and many benefits to Taurus. Sagittarius also gives a gambling instinct to Taurus which is unusual for a Taurus.

Yes, Taurus sign people are one of the zodiac signs least likely to risk their money.

However, Sagittarius rising shows that this Taurus may make some money (investments), provided they research companies they're going to invest in and talk to a professional.

Taurus sign with Capricorn rising

A Taurus sign with the Capricorn rising has a grim attitude that others probably call emotionless.

They make believe that they're apathetic, all they're doing is waiting for the right time to do something or say something.

They don't seem as involved emotionally compared to other Taureans.

As people get closer to Taurus/Capricorn they will find that Taurean core of sweetness, ease and soothing affection.

Taurus/Capricorn rising falls in love deeply when they fall.

Anyone who is involved with one should make sure to never betray that trust.

They aren't expressive about how much they love or into dramatics, look for how well they care for you and you will know.

Taurus sign mixed with Capricorn brings about an unshakable conservative.

If you're a progressive who's into the latest gadgets and the modern philosophies, Taurus/Capricorn will seem like they come from the days of 1950-1960s America.

Their thoughts for the traditional cover everything from government to having children.

You shouldn't even try to change their opinions on these things, hold your "extreme views" to yourself.

Taurus sign has more patience than all other zodiac signs except one --Capricorn.

Taurus/Capricorn likes to do things in their own time.

Paired with the Capricorn rising, this Taurus is ambitious (a workaholic).

Taurus sign with Aquarius rising

Taurus wants a secure home; Aquarius wants to move around and travel the globe.

Aquarians tend to be environmentalists they want to save the world so of course they want to travel and see what is really going on.

Taureans could get on that wagon, but would rather send a check and get stickers for their car or address labels for their snail mail.

Taurus/Aquarius is one of those combination's that fundamentally negate one another; Air and Water cause hurricanes.

The only thing that Taureans and Aquarians have in common is their hard heads.

Aquarius rising gives Taurus a hopefulness for the future that other Taureans won't have.

Taurus signs are timid when they are first introduced to someone, but they have this colorful and charming uniqueness that Aquarius rising gives them.

Don't try pulling the strings of a Taurus/Aquarius without a method in mind.

A Taurus/Aquarius rising will want to form a true and stable relationship, but won't calmly go into one since Aquarius likes their autonomy.

Taurus sign with Pisces rising

If a Taurus can't examine or have physical contact with something, they won't believe it exists.

Pisces on the other hand can manifest something into being just by visualizing it.

The teaming of Taurus/Pisces can result in one of two types of people:

A tidal bore with no vision what-so-ever.
A person so imaginative that he or she has the power to make "The Law of attraction" work for them.

Pisces rising takes Taurus up for a ride in the ether from time to time. Taurean/Pisces rising will be more worried about their spending than other Taureans when they come back to earth.

This Taurean/Pisces rising will feel things much deeper than other Taurus signs.

They'll empathize and sympathize in a deeper way.

This isn't always good, Pisces rising makes it so that Taurus indulges in their emotions so much it may get out of control.

Taurus and Pisces signs look for their soul mate; someone like them. Pisces people like romance, they want someone that can read their minds in the romance department. If you can do that, Pisces will think of you as a soul mate.

Taurus looks for someone like them in habits, things they like to do, style and manner, love of family. If you prove that you're exactly those things, Taurus will see you as a down to earth, soul mate.


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