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What do Rising Signs do anyway?

Our Ascendants present themselves when we want to create a positive first impression in other people’s minds. Your Ascendant is therefore the face you show to the world.

Ascendant signs only describe our first reactions. It describes the way we are when someone meets us for the first time or if we are shy, the first few times.

When it comes to ascendants, we shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that it's always a genuine description except for

The instances when your Ascendant matches the zodiac sign of your (Mars sign, Venus sign, Mercury sign, Sun sign or Moon sign), only then will it be a more authentic description of you.

As you go through life meeting new people for whatever reason, you'll become trained to exhibit your ascendant first, no matter what your Sun sign may be.

Your ascendant isn't like your Sun sign, you find it by using the day and time you were born excluding the year.

Rectification of Rising Signs

For those among us who for some reason have no idea where or what time they were born, a good astrologist can rectify your chart and determine your ascendant by following events in your life.

Are you sure of your birth time?

If the time you "think" you were born is inside a few hours of being right, pick the 3 Ascendant signs within the time you think and read the profiles, you should feel one of them the most.


One of those three should be your sun sign if not you are really of the mark.

If you were born close to the time that the rising sign changed to another read both profiles and determine which one fits you the most.

I find that some people will think they exhibit two Ascendant signs when they're born too close to the time that Ascendant changes.


It is hard to find an exact Ascendant sign by using charts found in most books or the internet.

To know your true exact Ascendant sign you must have an astrologist or a really good computer program do it for you.

Author's Note*

True story: I found it confusing to see so many differences in the charts I have seen. I found that some said my Ascendant was my Sun sign and others either said the one before it or the one after.

Once I had my whole chart calculated I came to know my true ascendant to the degree.

So, you can’t figure out what time to use?

If you're a summertime baby, you need to calculate with daylight savings time in mind by subtracting one hour from the time you were born.


Let’s say that you were born on June 20th at 8 am you would subtract one hour and calculate for 7 am you will see there was no change for the Ascendant at 7 A.M. your Rising sign would be Cancer.

For our readers born in (War Time) 1918 and 1942 and between 1945 and 1966 and also readers who aren’t sure they were born in daylight savings time, we found some info that may be helpful.

The information on the history of time in the US

Information on the history of time in the UK

In any case, if you were born during the past War times you should also subtract an hour from your birth time to find your Ascendant sign.


How to use the Rising Signs Tables

The ascendant signs on here are precise for most people. They're the most exact for natives of North America and the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

However, you can only be certain of your Rising/Ascendant sign by getting your chart done.

If you were born in any other place, you will need to get your chart done to figure out the time zone changes/longitude and latitude.

If you have a copy of your astrological chart use the Rising/Ascendant sign that it gives you, even if our tables tell you different.

Begin by clicking on the box/image that notes your Sun sign birthday.

If you know your Ascendant you can read about them on our on these pages

Begin by clicking on the name that notes your Sun sign birthday.

If you know your Ascendant you can read about them on our on these pages

Table of Ascendants/Rising Signs


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