What Do Planets in Retrograde have to do with Astrology?

Planets in retrograde movement are the inverse of direct moving planets.  The retrograde period pertains to the time that a planet seems to be going back.

Of the 10 planets in astrology, the Sun with the Moon are the ones that never (add keyword-retrograde), so we won't study them.

They're always carrying on in a direct motion.

Astrology and Retrograde Motion:

The planets have a set direction for their rotation. Consequently, proceeding to and fro is just dubious. It's only the relative movement of the earth that makes it possible for the other planets apparent to movement backwards at particular times.

Animation of a Retrograde Orbit

Retrograde Orbit

Mars Retrograde orbit or motion Summer 2003.
Author: Eugene Alvin Villar 2008.
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

In general they move in a direct motion, then for a time they seem to slow up and appear to stop Stationary retrograde. This is when their force is greatest.

Then they go retrograde, affording mercurial and more salient impressions. After a certain time, they once more appear to decelerate and stop (stationary direct). And they again assume a forward motion.

There are 2 ways a planet becomes of stationary. 

The 1st station happens when a planet was moving in a direct motion and is close to becoming retrograde. 
Trends (governed by this planet), being experienced at this time, are in the process of going from outward expression to an introverted stage.

The 2nd station happens when the planet was in retrograde, and is on its way to going in a direct motion. 
Trends (ruled by this planet), in existence now, are in the process of going from the introverted stage onto new trend.

Planets in retrograde Basics

The measure of time that a planet stays in retrograde rides on the planet's orbiting time, going from up to 20 days for Mercury to over 200 days for Pluto, which is a very remote planet.

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn see a retrograde period.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are so known as higher planets.

They retrograde for around 1/2 a yr. or so, then direct for another 1/2 a yr. or so.

Jupiter and Saturn are social planets and they play important roles in astro-economics and government, but not a good deal to do with our personal lives, at least not in a straight manner. Jupiter becomes retrograde for roughly 4 months per year, while Saturn (add keyword-retrograde ) for around 4 months or so.

Mercury usually goes retrograde 3 to 4 times a yr.

Venus more or less, goes retrograde every 18 months or so.

Mars goes retrograde once every 2 yrs.

How do Planets in retrograde impact you and others?

When a planet "makes a station" or is stationary, it has stopped all movement.

A stationary planet concentrates its energy in one place and in one manner, and so, it creates a strong influence on a person.
During a retrograde, the energy of the planet is more retiring and internal. 

Occasionally, it inverts situations, shifts our feelings and routine actions.  It's been said that retrogrades signify "loose ends." 

The impact of benevolent planets like Venus and Jupiter are diminished while they're retrograde.   It is said that when the so called malevolent planets like Uranus, Mars and Saturn are in retrograde, their malevolence is expanded.

The manner in which the retrograde motion impacts matters, changes from planet to planet.

Planets in retrograde have extra meaning in astrology, but Venus, Mars and Mercury are the ones we should be most concerned with since they are personal planets. Their retrograde period are the most crucial in our day-to-day lives.

If a planet begins to move in a different manner than usual, it generates strange impressions. Generally, the areas governed by these planets are impacted most.

For instance, problems with and in communication happens more during a Mercury retrograde.

During a Mars retrograde mishaps owed to recklessness will be heightened and so and so forth…

Therefore, the periods for each of the Planets in retrograde should be looked at as a time to be conservative, and to think things over from a different point of view.

 This knowledge can assist us in averting problems and make our attempts at things effective.

It's easy to see why some people mistake a planet retrograde to mean something objectionable will happen.

A retrograde draws out and extends the impact of the planet. 

If the impression given happens to objectionable, it will be extended and be blamed on that planets retrograde.

All told, if a retrograde period is creating happy fortunes, these will be prolonged too.

How to deal with Planets in retrograde...

During a retrograde cycle, we should re-new, re-write, re-turn, re-do, re-pair, re-schedule and re-store.

Generally, the things governed by a certain planet require replication, or do overs.

To avoid this just make sure what you want done is something you only want to do once.

*Author's Note*I am of two minds about planets in retrograde.

From my study of astrology I  have come to believe that a Planetary retrograde period is a fancy, a conjuration, however, this illusory feat is potent, so powerful in fact,  it ends up  shaping our collective view.  I still  believe however,  that people most affected by some of these retrograde planets are those born with one or more in the natal chart.  But, in saying this, I will continue with what I have learned about retrogrades.

And so it goes...


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