What Does Venus Retrograde have to do with Venus?


When it comes to Venus in astrology, Venus retrograde makes it so your emotions (governed by Venus), are muted.

Venus covers all kinds of relationships.

Venus is one of those beneficial Planets, so even when it's retrograde, it's not as bad as let's say,  Mars?

Basics of planets in Retrograde

The moment these Planets start to slow down until it recaptures normal speed to go back to where it started is called "Retrograde".

Retrograde Venus  Basics

A Venus in retrograde is less common than a Mercury retrograde, it occurs every 18 months and lasts around six weeks.

A Venus' retrograde has an effect on your emotions and money.

The same as with other Retrogrades, the push that usually goes out turns to go in.

Retrograde Venus is connected with opulent living, besides relationships with loved ones.

During this retrograde, relationship issues and money issues are confused, vague and held up.

The person is able to benefit because of this delaying by detecting all the small details they'd have missed.

This retrograde can induce limitations in money matters or a slackening in the attainment of sought after material possessions.  This state of affairs will remain till Venus again goes direct.

During a Venus in retrograde we may gain insight in subjects that are in Venus' domain.

How does a Venus in Retrograde Impact you and Others?

A retrograde Venus may leave us feeling lonesome and emotionally frustrated.

Your feelings about being sociable, and having romantic affairs these things will not be clear to others.

During a retrograde Venus cycle,  old lovers may try to rekindle romance,  family members you lost touch with and friends from days gone by may try to contact you.

partnership contracts you've signed may be can get amended in a way you may not like.

Venus' retrograde may shed light on things, bringing you serenity.

It will reveal to you who you treasure most and make you remember that you too should be treasured.

During this retrograde romance and inner emotions come to the foreground.

In a Venus retrograde period, we reassess the significance of our religion's dogma, our opinions, our friends and/or our lovers.

Be ready because your repressed emotions may come to the fore, you may find a way to voice them when before you didn't have the nerve.

And during this retrograde, some people may search for what they want somewhere else, (* Note*I leave you to figure out what I mean here).

A person’s moral principle may be doubted. What they seemed to be a prize before isn't so significant anymore. What a person didn't want before is what they want now.

What Should we Do and Shouldn't Do When Venus Retrogrades?

A basic bit of advice that's often given by astrologers is:  not to do things affiliated with the planet that is Venus retrograde. For instance; when Venus goes retrograde, a person shouldn't buy apparel, jewels and other bodily adornments, epicurean foods, cosmetics or anything decorative that cost a lot of money.

Wait for Venus to go direct to start things that have to do with beauty, emotions and finance. While Venus retrograde is happening,  finish things in these areas you already started before Venus went retrograde.

Venus in retrograde isn't the best time to start decorating your living space.

If the transit of Venus is in retrograde motion, we ought to be attentive to our relationships and to people in them with us.

It's the period of time to be vigilant, as it's a time of substantial emotional upheavals and depressions.

It's crucial to go inward and consider what you require and what you hope for.

It's also the period for reflection on our material goals.

It isn't a time to start a new love affair, you may change your mind when Venus goes direct again.

In general, it is said that one shouldn't plan or schedule a wedding ceremony in a Venus retrograde period. The reason for this is that the reason you have for getting hitched on the days before the retrograde may suddenly change.

During a Venus retrograde period, you should be reassessing your relationships. Relationship matters may become important. Since people change, so do the state of affairs. 

If you have come to a conclusion that you need to break up or divorce someone, you should follow through with that, wait till Venus is Direct again, you may realize that all that was needed was for you to see a problem that may still be resolved yet.

 Venus's retrograde is a better time than most, to ponder on and reassess what it is that we hold dear.

It’s a good time to focus in and be open to picking up crystal clear responses to the questions that our quiet souls shout in normal times that we ignore, questions like:

  • What is a pleasure to me?

    What will be concordant with my life now, what do I want to change?

    What is it that invigorates me?

    Is my artistic pursuit something I want to start doing again?

    What is it do I want from the love I have now?

    What did I promise I would not do in my last relationship that I still do?

    How can I bring more beauty into my life?

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