Neptune Retrograde 


What Does Neptune Retrograde have to do with Neptune Astrology?

Neptune is generally acknowledged to be the planet of imaginations, nocturnal dreams, daydreams, and fantasies.

From Neptune come the intangible and the subconscious mind.

When Neptune is Direct it produces the urge to daydream, be creative, envision the idealistic whether that be in life, romance or whatever suits our fancy. 

Neptune causes you to reflect on everything with optimism, seeing every silver lining.

Planetary Retrograde Basics

A Planet seems stationary, goes backward, comes back to station, and then goes
direct again. (This is what happens in a retrograde.)

Neptune in Retrograde Basics

Neptune goes retrograde once a year.

Neptune retrogrades for six to seven months of every year.

As I said before all the force of Retrogrades is carried inward when ordinarily it
is carried outward.

When Neptune is in retrograde, nothing is coherent.

At this time reason is in danger of being disposed of, for the arcane, the mystical
and the perceptual experience.

When in retrograde, Neptune isn't as traumatizing as say, Pluto or Uranus, yet still
makes an impact.

A retrograde Neptune makes us review our own desires and opinions.

Neptune rules over denials, so, once in retrograde we are inclined to face the

This retrograde period is a time when we utilize our right brain more than our
lefts brain.

Neptune retrogrades’ end game is to softly erase the line where your limits are.

What Does this Retrograde do to You and Others?

During this retrograde period, psychic perception, hunches and dreams become salient to us.

We are much more sensitive and our openness is intensified. The reason for this is that our perception is energized and this gives us vision.

People may become occupied with hunches, vibes, dream and other mystical topics.

Dream interpretation, Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Tarot and psychic readings may be sought out.

People who are naturally inclined to be psychic or are by nature hyper-sensitive may be overpowered by a retrograde Neptune.

Illusions, imaginings and dreams can get hold of you; those things mentioned could be our primary focus at this time.

While this retrograde cycle is passing, we may become aware of or have  mystifying dreams and wishes and begin to focus our attention to them, trying to figure out what it all means.

Individuals start to psychoanalyze their psyche.

People begin to communicate in new ways, some even artistically.

Neptune retrograde is a time that those who are prone to indulge are apt to fall of the wagon or maybe use drugs and/or alcohol to elude reality.

What should we do in a retrograde?

When Neptune is in retrograde, it's good to use this time to contemplate your spirituality.

Neptune retrograde is a time to give new life or energy to our spirit(uality).

It's a time to keep away from giving opinions and unfavorable judgment. It's a time to build up or let our creativity flow.

It's also a good time to return to things used to express artistic talents you may have neglected.

The good thing is that this retrograde can enhance the intuition for those who are trying to connect to it.

This is an unparalleled opportunity we should take advantage of by, taking heed and delighting in the vibes we are getting. We should heed our psychic articulations at this time, as they are intensified.

Even so, we should try to remain anchored in what’s real. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these are helping gifts and not a way to escape reality.

During a Neptune retrograde period,  we should deal with our fantasies, things that fill us with dread and things that confound us.

When a Neptune in retrograde is occurring, we should stop pursuing the things or people that let us down, over and over again. We should also stop hiding from these situations and face them.

The fundamental thing to do while Neptune is retrograde is address situations that we've been invalidating by ignoring them.

We should also consider what's happening to those in our immediate circle as we as the world in general.

When a Neptune retrograde is happening, we need to spill the beans and convey what and how we feel.

Some of us may realize that there are some dreams/hopes we had forgotten, Neptune brings them to our attention now. This is good news since, this retrograde is a good time to try and make them come true.

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