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About Saturn and has to do with a Saturn Retrograde...

Saturn is about responsibility, allegiance, tenacity, things that last, pattern, essence, limits and obligation.

It is about building up an empire; making a strong base that you can develop from, working towards something.

Without a strong base, we become precarious and we can't accomplish things.

We drift around with no insight, reason or focus; aimless with nothing to hold onto or strive towards.

Planet Retrograde Basics

During the time period of a Planet in retrograde, that Planet's push is more retiring and further internalized.

Saturn Retrograde Basics

Saturn goes retrograde every year and a half and lasts about four months.

What Happens in this Retrograde?

Saturn in retrograde drives us into being our harshest critic, we place too much pressure on ourselves; this restricts our energies and we end up feeling hindered and saturnine.

This retrograde induces unforeseen postponements and disruptions, obstructions develop and demand your attention.

Sometimes what happens is; situations reverse themselves, feelings change, and regular activities are postponed.

A Saturn's retrograde may make a person look for another purpose in their life.

When a prankster Planet like this one is in retrograde, it may become more negative.

During a this retrograde period people may feel disappointed and ineffective at managing impediments.

This particular planet retrograde makes it so employment projects are always being fine-tuned and retooled.

What's Good...?

Saturn going retrograde gives us the chance to back up and regroup.

Saturn's retrograde bestows wisdom, albeit, wisdom that is hard won.

Saturn assists us in enduring our karma and reaching the space of Dharma; in other words doing the work to achieve and transcend. 

A Saturn retrograde helps us to function beyond our limits, bearing witness to the fact that we are or can become equal to executing far more than ever thought possible.  Saturn allows us to see deeper into other people, issues and other matters.

How to deal with a Retrograde in Saturn...

It's a good time to take it easy and reflect on things, learn the lessons asking to be learned.

In a Saturn in retrograde period,  we should let things remain as they are.  A Saturn retrograde needs to blow over before any new project starts.

If you want to start anew, it's not a suitable time.

In this retrograde, proceed with things in a methodical way, make sure you do things right, so you don't have to go back and do them again. 

Time to breathe and do things right the first time.

You shouldn't use your methods of saving time or effort in your projects, you should do it right, do it the long way.

During this retrograde, you should maintain the place that you are in when it comes to career or societal status.

Allow for this retrograde time period to blow over before breaking out for any a new career and or social position.

We will continue to deal with Saturn’s holdups, letdowns, loss and restrictions as long as we are unwilling to accept self-control. Saturn isn't all bad, in fact Saturn wants us to learn sympathy and gain good judgment.

During this retrograde we should live with the restrictions that are Saturn, while using pragmatic measures to achieve our hopes.

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