Saturn Return, What is it, and What Does it Mean?

When a person has a "Saturn return," this means Saturn comes back to the place it inhabited at birth, this happens every 28-29 yrs.  This is when we astrologically grow up- up to a new level of maturity.

When it's in this natal position, our attention is brought to the areas where we need to concentrate our energies on, creating greater personal growth and maturity.

In astrology the first return of this Planet checks off our entree into maturity.

When this Saturn return occurs, a person makes a grownup decision; they may marry, decide to have a child, take a job, and purchase a home. Some people even go through upheavals or break ups.

If you've reached the ages of 26 to 28 and you have shirked taking charge of your life for whatever reason, you'll experience:

  • Distress

This is what you will pay for remaining a kid too long.

As for the ones who have met life's responsibilities head on, and have put discipline to good use, you'll find that Saturn honors you with the opportunities and accomplishments you have expected for a long time.

The more a lesson from Saturn is required, the more brutal the life’s lesson will be.
Once we have learned a good deal Saturn will instruct to a lesser extent and lesser still every turn of the wheel.

Another return comes around the age of between the 56th-58th years, Saturn has circled a person’s wheel twice great sagacity is attained; this is the second time this happens.

At this time the rewards are at their peak. These rewards are financial and prestigious. These rewards are the ones you would have or will have earned during your years of hard work.

However, This Planetoid rules patterns, and so this return gives the axe to the foolish things of a juvenile time past, still lingering in your life.

Most people lucky enough to reach 87; gain a 3rd Saturn return of tremendous wisdom and perception comes.

This is the beginning of a mature age; it can bring encumbrances; if you have to this point remained immature or a time of relaxation and retreat from the taxing chores and obligations of maturity.

The change you experience in retirement can afford you an opportunity to follow up on all the small dreams you put aside for your obligations.

Saturn governs old age, while Uranus governs youth. The younger we are the harder time we have with Saturn,  as we mature, we have a more difficult time with Uranus’s transits, but an gentler time with Saturn’s transits through our charts.

This return makes you aware of what's really important distinguishing the material things from the spiritual things.

If you have learned the lessons of your lifetime your soul will be elevated from the encumbrances brought down on you, earlier in your life.

When death comes Saturn crowns the cycle of life by allowing your disembodied spirit to ascend and let go of its bodily restrictions.

The fundamental energies, (fire, air, earth, and water) that once was embodied in the mortal experience will now fall apart and transform.
At that time your soul will go to another level of existence.

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