The Astrology Houses and What They are for

The astrology Houses are fixed, they each have their own "feel" and specific ambiance.

The astrological Houses are important in astrology. The Houses are where the astrology Planets reside or (live) and the Houses represent what aspect or (part) of your life is to be influenced.

The Houses in Astrology stand for parts of life, pursuits and actions. Just as each zodiac sign constitutes certain characteristics and the way you deal with these things.

Some people are reflections of their Sun sign or birth sign; other people, with a well aspected Moon conduct themselves from their Moon signs. Yet, there are still others who dominantly show their Rising sign, for a while at least.

A Horoscope chart, Natal chart or any Astrological chart is always divided into 12 sections or parts, these twelve divisions are called the Astrology Houses.

There are 12 houses as we've already acknowledged but, only 10 planets, so every Natal chart will have 2 empty Houses.

Esoterically, it is said that these two areas are unimportant because they've been mastered in a past life, or don't need as much attention in this life.

Going in and out amid the Houses are the 12 Zodiac Signs. Each zodiac sign has its own direction which blends with whatever House it falls in at the time of passage.

Finally, the 10 Planets, add their powerful influence to the Zodiac signs and Houses. Consequently, every person's personality is a mix of House, Zodiac sign and Planet.

These astrology Houses and Zodiac signs are compatible with one another. A person is especially lucky to have a Sign go naturally into its own home in their birth chart. If you are one of these lucky people, there will be no conflict in the part of life the House manages.

Here are the domains for each of the houses of astrology:

The First house belongs to Aries and is home to matters of ego, personality and outward or visible aspects of your person.

The Second house belongs to Taurus and is home to income, wealth and material possessions.

The Third house

belongs to Gemini and is home to relationships between brothers and sisters, neighbors and close relatives.

Short journeys, messages, Communication and relating.

The Fourth house belongs to Cancer and is home to family life, the mother, and all the events connected with home life.

The Fifth house belongs to Leo and is home to entertainment, delights, joy, romantic experiences, love life and the babies you'll have.

The Sixth house belongs to Virgo and is home to vocations, careers, wellness, service, Grandparents and all other elderly relatives, pets, family dogs and cats, servants, and useful possessions.

The Seventh house belongs to Libra and is home to marriage, significant others and partnerships.

The Eighth house belongs to Scorpio and is home to endings, rebirth, inheritance and death.

* Authors Note.
I should say that astrologically speaking, death could mean ending of things, closing of a cycle, the end of a circumstance, in addition to a person dying.*

* Authors Note. 
I should say that astrologically speaking, death could mean ending of things, closing of a cycle, the end of a circumstance, in addition to a person dying.*

The Ninth house belongs to Sagittarius and is home to belief systems, the realm of mind and spirit, and the bigger things of life, big business, world travel, high-risk gambling and expansion in all areas.

The Tenth house belongs to Capricorn and is home to business, governing, authority, social and personal status. It's also the Patriarch of the astrology Houses, representing the Father.

The Eleventh house belongs to Aquarius and is home to acquaintances, allies, supporters, friendship, social platforms and reform, dreams and ambitions.

The Twelfth house belongs to Pisces and is home to mysteries, enemies, enigmas, secrecy, restrictions and isolation.

So many of us are born on the different days of the year and with the perpetual movement of the Zodiac signs and Planets, it's common for many of us to have zodiac signs housed in incompatible astrology Houses.

Because of this, many of us have certain experiences in life that repeat themselves and bother us, causing conflict in our lives.

There are too many of us just living and accepting bad traits about ourselves when we could study our birth charts( Planets, zodiac signs and astrology houses) and find understanding and maybe the strength to change.


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