Discover what Babylonians have to do with Western Astrology.

Babylonians are commonly recognized as the original practitioners of the Science of Astrology. The history of horoscopes also began with the Babylonian people.

Charting Astrology permitted them to foretell what was happening in the Heavens and the return of certain times of year.

Babylonian Astrology was made known to the Greeks early in the Fourth Century BCE, through the teachings of Plato, Aristotle, and some others. Because of this, Astrology came to be looked upon as a Science.

Astrology and Astronomy were regarded as equivalents when it came to Science. This remained the case for more than Two thousand years.

Before long Astrology was adopted by the Romans, (The names of the zodiac star signs coined by Romans are the same ones we use to this day.)

Then, the same Astrology beliefs started by the Babylonians, learned and improved on by the Romans, was taken up by the Arabians and on to the rest of the world.

Early Astrology was used to bestow order in a world of chaotic circumstance. Not long after that, it was utilized in weather prediction and the marking of patterns, mainly for farming.

It was soon branched out to encompass augurs of natural catastrophes, warfare and the other issues that influence human life.

When Astrology was shown to be a success in these subjects, of course, Astrology became a means for counseling Emperors and Monarchs. Eventually the use of Astrology trickled down to the rest of the world.

Circle of animals is the meaning of zodiakos (zodiac). This word was believed by all to have been coined in ancient Egypt and then later assumed by the Babylonians.

Early on astrologists recognized that it took 12 months or twelve Moon cycles for the Sun to revert to its original location.

Astrologists then discovered that the twelve Constellations were related to the procession of the seasons. Therefore, they designated names for the constellations.

These names were the names of particular animals and humans.

A good example is; the Babylonian astrologists noticed that the rainy time of year took place when the Sun was in a specific constellation.

This constellation was then named, Aquarius the water bearer.

Circa two thousand BCE, the Babylonian astrologists thought the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn and Venus (these were the five planets recognized at the time) had distinguishable forces.

For instance, Mars looked to be colored crimson thus it was linked to aggressiveness and warfare. Not to mention related to the God of war.

So, in your study of Astrology history, remember the Babylonian people.


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