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Hi there my name is Marie. I am a Sagittarius with Mars, Venus and my Ascendant in Scorpio.

I used to go to the Library a lot when I was around 13, my mom was very strict and this was one place she would allow my brothers and I to go alone. First a little sad background, this is when someone may say, "Cue the violins", Ha-ha:

My parents had recently been divorced and I was really feeling down on myself and questioning why I was here. My mom and I had a very strained relationship. Because of my brothers I felt lucky my whole life to be the only girl child.

Because of my Parent's divorce, unluckily, I became the focus of my Parent's fights and the one that their words affected most. To be honest with you my Mom made me feel worthless and unloved, then.

I needed counseling looking back on it now, at the time, I didn't know people got that kind of thing. I gave my self- counseling I guess.

Back to the Library.

So, the days in the library ended with my brothers and I renting out books. I started on the Psychology/Self help books section. Having borrowed several books a week, all the ones that grabbed my interest I ran out of books.

I moved on to the next section and that section was for some reason the Astrology section. Lucky thing that was. So I checked out some of those.

This is when and how my journey and love affair with Astrology began.

I have been an avid reader and student since then.

Through the next few years, Astrology helped me develop a healthy self-esteem. It taught me about myself and it gave me a thirst for knowledge of others and a connection to others.

I became captivated by Astrology, I learned to do Astrology charts by hand. I discovered there was more to learn. I started with my own chart and then charts for my 3 brothers just for my own enjoyment.

At times, I would notice things and say to my Mom, "Oh that's because this brother is a Gemini or Taurus or a Libra, that's natural to the way they are." and my Mom would say "oh really?" Now, she nods or says something to agree.


So I moved along and I did charts for my Parents and I began to understand them more as people. My Mother an Aquarius was quirky and blunt and aloof, not mean. My Father and later my Step-father were both Sagittarians ( this is why I felt such affinity to them).

Funnily, my Mom had a Sagittarian daughter and married two Sagittarian men, Wow.

Astrology made things more clear.

Later as an adult, I started applying my knowledge and curiosity towards relationships; my friends and my loves.

I would do charts for my friends, framed them as art and give them as gifts. I would give my astro advice to friends when they were dating someone special. I once sent a chart to Ricky Martin and I got a thank you call in reply, that was fun and unbelievable.

Through my studies, I become a private Astrology expert, well, amongst my friends that is. I even sold some charts for a while. I had gained a lot of knowledge from my studies and I wanted to share what I had learned and my ideas about things. I started thinking... and...

This is the reason Serendipity-astrolovers.com is here now.

This website is my forum to help you learn more about Astrology, yourself, your friends and lovers. I hope to (in my own way) pay it forward and push your curiosity in Astrology forward.

Being a spiritually inclined person, I believe that Astrology is a sort of starting point for many of us.

So here's hoping you come here to find information you are not likely to find on other sites, told in my own distinctive way.

I really hope this is the beginning of a wonderful journey for you.

A serendipitous journey of discovery.

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