Relationship Compatibility By Zodiac Signs

Whenever you're trying to deduce relationship compatibility with Astrology, be cognizant of the fact that some sun sign pairings can be less difficult than others to handle.

But, even if you read on these pages or anywhere else that certain ones are not to last or are meant to be, you must take it with a grain of salt.

In astrological matching when something is written for that pairing, it is typically true for all kinds of relationships from Parental to Business to friendships to siblings to children, but we will focus on romance and here.

Have you ever found yourself loving someone, but not in love with them or even liking them anymore?

When we first go crazy for a person, petty things like their personal habits, daily lives, how they spend or don't spend and their fashion style, don't come to mind.

However, in order to be with someone seriously, moving a relationship through the stages, we have to like these things about them or at least be able to accept the things we don't like; if we can't, as a couple we won't last.

Some things we read about our astrological relationship compatibility may be fairly true, some of it ridiculous; some of it is just so general that it's not reliable.

Focusing on the Natal Sign when matching zodiac signs,  isn't the best thing to do. But, the Sun sign does play a part in determining the disposition of the people you are studying.

The Sun is pointing to the basic character of a person, the essential self.  Although, the innate character can besupported or increased, colored and clouded by other Planetary or Zodiac aspects of a birth chart, the Natal Sign is never eradicated.

So, we can and should use the Sun to measure the level of compatibility and attraction between 2 people, but it shouldn't be the only factor.

Somethings Else about Zodiac  Relationship Compatibility

The functions of the other Planets should be given close examinations. We know  these Planets as the personal ones, those are:

  1. Planet Mars (active energy and sexual energy). 
  2. Planet Moon (feelings, reactions to feelings and the feminine rule).
  3. Planet Venus (ability to fall in love and ability to take in love).
  4. Planet  Mercury (mindset and the power to convey thoughts).

These 4 Planets together help you ascertain, the places of compatibility and incompatibility.

These factors in a chart are crucial in astrological romance matches. You have to see what the view of love and sex in the charts of the two lovers are and how relate to one another.

In compatibility, the other Planets Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter have a smaller impression.

Note on Rising Signs

Your Rising sign (Ascendant) always leaves an impression, however, it's most powerful at the beginning of your connection.

When there is conflict between Sun, Moon and Rising, the true disposition of your lover, will not reveal itself for a while, causing you to feel as if you don't have the lover you fell in love with.

*** I have experienced this and it was a year and a half before I realized, this man was not what I singed up for. ***

Once you have an established relationship you will see one another’s Ascendant when you witness your lover meeting other people in front of you.

Pop Sun Sign Matches

People are casually interested in astrology, it's because popular horoscopes in magazines and newspapers online and in real life are full of the bubblegum one flavor, one size fits all interpretations.

They don't say how the different aspects of the couple’s birth chart characteristics mix and blend to make the couple compatible or antagonistic; they adhere to simple Natal (Sun) sign talk and the answers aren't good.

Think of the popular horoscopes that say one Sign can’t be with another, because compatibility is impossible. This might be true; the personalities of the two birth signs may be quite strong and dissimilar.

But, the rest of the Planets may have such affinity with one another; they void the Sun and Sun incompatibility.

Questions about:

Compatible sexual drives, feelings about having kids, mindset about love and what you want from a partner and relationship.

The full birth chart(s) is the place you will get the full narrative.

Okay, so I have said my piece. Remember, although detailed, these are interpretations are general in scope, but, I do try to get as close as I can get. You still need a full compatibility chart done to get the true picture.

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