Sun Sign Compatibility - Zodiac Matches Guide

Are We Compatible?

Sun sign compatibility is among the reasons why people read astrology books or horoscopes.

Certainly, if someone's character is exhibits their zodiac sign, then you ought to be able to tell if a person is a match or not. Right?

It’s not that easy, of course.

Other Planets and zodiac signs in a Natal chart can affect those general principles, or even change them completely.

Just because somebody is a certain zodiac sign, it doesn't imply they’re going to be a complete fit, since characterization of that zodiac sign will tend to be universal.

Some would consider, your "Sun sign's best match" is at the polar opposite side of the Zodiac wheel from your Sun sign.

If we go by that, it would work out to be;

  1. Aries and Libra
  2. Taurus and Scorpio
  3. Cancer and Capricorn
  4. Leo and Aquarius
  5. Virgo and Pisces
  6. with, Sagittarius and Gemini rounding it out.

The Zodiac sign opposite each Zodiac sign tends to equalize or balance out the other.

They affirm each others' strong points and they counteract the weaknesses, provided, the conflicts can be smoothed out.

The zodiac signs that don't have Sun sign compatibility are the ones that have a real difference of opinion and disposition.

Sagittarius is recognized as a traveler, and would get on homebody Cancer's nerves.

Virgo the detail-loving critic would push bossy Aries to distraction.

Cheerful Libra would never be able to manage the dark cloud existence that cryptic Scorpio would bring.

These in depth summaries of Sun sign compatibility, Star sign compatibility or Zodiac matches, is for all the possible combining of zodiac signs.

They tell of how each zodiac sign acts normally and generally.

They also tell of if/how certain Zodiac signs relate to other Zodiac signs.

There is one caution; this compatibility guide is only general in scope.

You should not base your decision to go on a date with, marry, or have a relationship with anyone on just this or any kind of general matching.

You may decide after this guide gets your curiosity going, to go and get a Natal chart done for you and your mate. You can get a basic and free birth chart here.

When you do that, you will then go from the generalities to the details of what is going on astrologically.

So for now, find your Zodiac sign click on the image and it will take you to the summary for that Signs match up with other zodiac signs.

There you will find out about zodiac sign matches for you, your lover, spouse or new friend.

Don't forget to go to the links on the right of these zodiac matches called, (Related pages) where you can also read the two matches the other way around. You will get more information that way.

I hope this proves to be informative and fun.

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