Cancer sun sign matches Aries through Pisces

Cancer is Sensitive, See if you can Coax them out of their Shell.

Cancer Sun Sign and Aries

These two start out like a house on fire, but it won't take long for the flames to burn out. Aries’s audacious spirit and roving eye inflame Cancer's jealousy.

Cancer is too easily hurt by Aries’ aggression and knife like tongue. Cancer likes security and a home life; Aries needs freedom to search out new existences.

Cancer prefers to care for and protect a lover, a position that Aries feels is too binding. Both like money, but Aries want to spend, spend, spend and Cancer wants to save, save, save. Too many dark troubles here.

Cancer Sun Sign and Taurus

Both Taurus and Cancer need to be sure and they need a sense of permanency, and both are caring, tender, and passionate as well. Cancer peppers imagination into Taurus’s (missionary style) only approach to sex.

Taurus is possessive and that's just hunky-dory with clingy Cancer. Both know how to make money, and together they have the joys of a household.

Taurus likes being cared for, and Cancer is the one to do it. Dependable Taurus also has a good effect on Cancer's moody aura. What each needs the other caters.


Cancer Sun Sign and Gemini

Gemini’s light immediately fascinates Cancer, but Cancer won't detect any security with erratic, shady Gemini. Basically, Cancer's nature is about feelings and Gemini is about mental things. That makes it hard for them to empathize with one another.

While sexually they are well matched, Cancer will have a difficult time aligning with Gemini’s playful, casual position towards romance.

The Jealous Cancer person will try, but won't be able to keep the Gemini controlled. It’s a skip and a jump to--The end.


Cancer Sun Sign and Cancer

It’s like looking at their clone and that's the trouble. Cancers read each other absolutely and know where the hot buttons are, injuring without even trying. Both are too responsive, too needy, and too clingy and need somebody more solid.

Cancers are compulsive about their emotional souls; each needs a tremendous amount of coddling and assurance, and is bitter if the other isn't committing enough.

On the positive side, they're sultry bed partners who titillate one another with their imaginations. However, sex is seldom enough. You’re two hamsters on a treadmill chasing each other and going nowhere.

Cancer Sun Sign and Leo

Leo can be a tyrant in the bedroom and a bit too frank in sexual terms for Cancer. Cancer has to get accustomed Leo’s outgoing enthusiasm.

Otherwise, generous, tolerant, and solid Leo is exactly the medication that shaky Cancer needs. You vibe off one another's honorable qualities.

You both take life seriously. Appreciation and lots of compliments are ways to keep Leo roaring with joy. Cancer’s terrific perception tells them just how to treat the majestic lion.

Leo’s bright temperament is a fantastic antidote for Cancer's moody cycles.


Cancer Sun Sign and Virgo

Cancer may have to heat Virgo up a bit, but there is hot fudge under that cold the ice cream. This can turn into a safe, easy and caring relationship. Cancers fight for financial protection meshes absolutely well with goal focused Virgo.

Cancer’s responses are emotional while Virgo’s are logical. But, their characteristics blend so well that it doesn't appear to be an issue. Cancer understands Virgo’s fussiness, and steady Virgo helps balance variable Cancer.

Cancer’s neediness links up well with Virgo’s need to protect, and each is dying to please the other. Serious potential.


Cancer Sun Sign and Libra

This duo engages on totally different planes. Cancer wants a joining based on feelings; Libra sun sign looks for a complete mind link.

Libra can't cope with Cancer's gloomy mood; and Libra’s withdrawal patterns and superficiality causes Cancer feel unsafe. Cancer is too erratic and jealous for airy Libra sun sign. It aggravates Cancer to have such a difficult time building a genuine intimate rapport with Libra.

They both enjoy a beautiful household, but Libra also needs to have get togethers and delights outside of the home. When Cancer becomes critical, especially about Libra’s spending, Libra begins to search elsewhere.

These two inhabit two different worlds and should probably stay that way.

Cancer sun sign and Scorpio

Cancer’s sensuality is fired up by Scorpio’s active passions; Scorpio’s jealousy isn't aroused because Cancer is true hearted.

Cancer is possessive and this causes Scorpio to feel loved and assured. Cancer looks up to Scorpio’s force; Scorpio discovers refuge in Cancer's emotionally devoted arms.

They are perceptive and have a sixth sense about what will delight the other. Together they establish a seclusion where they both feel safe and loved.

This love affair had wonderful intimacy, intensity, and depth. Things just get better and better.


Cancer Sun Sign and Sagittarius

Sagittarius shows the Cancer a different philosophical view; Cancer is awed by Sagittarius’ psyche.

Sagittarius can't give to Cancer the security he or she requires. Saggy can be faithless and flighty and this makes Cancer jealous; Cancer is dependent and that bores Sag.

Sag is a vagabond; Cancer a homebody. Cancer wants to be together all the time; Saggy gets desperate to get away.

Sagittarius is tactless (says things before thinking) this hurts Cancer at every turn. These two should be just friends.


Cancer Sun Sign and Capricorn

At the start these two appeal to one another because they are polar zodiac opposites. The problem here can be that: Cappy could be married to the job and not have time for what Cancer desires.

Although this could be bad,Cancer could see that Capricorn offers the financial security that he or she needs.

Cancer is timid, caring, and needs tenderness; Capricorn is distant, curt, and tyrannizing. Capricorn finds it hard to communicate and Cancer sees it as a rejection, and gets dark and critical because of it.

Give-and-take is the way to make this work out. It’s worth it if they can master their polar dispositions, love will endure and be really satisfying.

If you don't agree to compromise, the bridge of differences could prove too far to cross in the long run.


Cancer Sun Sign and Aquarius

Aquarius leaves the Cancer cold; Cancer makes Aquarius feel tied to a ball and chain. Aquarius has an ironic sense of humour that Cancer is hurt by and can't handle.

Cancer also doesn't get Aquarius’s crucial need for withdrawal.

Cancer desires to feel close; Aquarius wants to do it alone.

If you want a booty call this is great, anything else, very bad idea.

Cancer Sun Sign and Pisces

These two do wonders for one another's ego, both are caring and responsive. Pisces’s dreams are inventive; Cancer's work style is ingenious.

Cancer can implement the things that Pisces dreams up; together they can achieve their aspirations.

Pisces brings romance into Cancer's life; Cancer protects Pisces in all things. They are both truly dedicated to the other. They care for one another's feelings.  They share their emotions well.

In the bedroom, Cancer can be the leader, and Pisces will follow well. Things are tip-top because they are so into each others bodies. This match is like a hand in velvet glove.


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