Aquarius Love Matches

Aquarius Love Match with Aries

Aquarius' vision mixes easily with Aries' power. These two don't attempt to hold back one another. They empathize with each other's necessity for independence, taking chances, and external pursuits.

When it comes to Sex, Aries' passionate side prompts Aquarius to be creative.

The two have a great deal of amusing things they run around and do. Neither of them cares to be mastered.

Yet, Aries takes charge. This can cause trouble. If it can be figured out sufficiently, all is promising.

Aquarius Love Match with Taurus

These two are obstinate in unlike ways:

Taurus stiffly respects family and security.

Taurus doesn't need somebody to merely flirt with.

Aquarius' thoughtless love nature
will torment Taurus.

Aquarius prefers to roam; Taurus prefers to stay home.

Aquarius refuses to be conventional.

Taurus's jealousy makes Aquarius want to run away.

Aquarius is interested in humanities concerns; Taurus is about making money for themselves and how they'll spend it.

The differences go on and on.

This match is hard going for both.

Aquarius Love Match with Gemini

Gemini goes along for the experimental sex ride that Aquarius provides. In return, Aquarius is a steadying influence and quiets Gemini's capriciousness.

They delight in one another's quick wits. They have captivating talks when it comes to thoughts, people and situations. Both of them have a desire for friends and harmony without a lot of emotional drama.

They share a love of socializing and they have a lot of outside hobbies. Another thing they have in common is they aren't jealous or possessive.

These don't only have great sex, they also make great friends.


Aquarius Love Match with Cancer

Aquarius' anger flares up when Cancer gets jealous. Aquarius just can't comprehend why Cancer can't loosen their grip.

Aquarius is thoughtless and liberal with their love, this makes Cancer feel disregarded and cast aside.

Cancer's incessant need to test Aquarius' love shows itself as: dependency, restriction and nagging. This brings forth nothing but Aquarius' hate.

Cancer wants a safe and stable home; Aquarius needs a living arrangement much like roommates have, able to come and go as they please. Cancer wants Aquarius to stay put; Aquarius is bent on meandering here and there.

Not so happy a match.

Aquarius Love Match with Leo

Aquarius is attracted to Leo's fervor and lust for life; Leo is charmed by Aquarius's sexual ingenuity.

It's sad that these two kick it off on a high note, but then the music unravels.

Fundamentally they're opposites:

Leo, the body; Aquarius, the mind.

They view freedom differently:

Aquarius believes independence is being able to try new things; Leo believes it's being able to be a glamorous spender.

Aquarius is concerned with the global existence; Leo is purely occupied with Leo and how he or she lives. Aquarius resents Leo's majesty; Leo can't get Aquarius to bow down to serve. Too bad so sad.

Aquarius Love Match with Virgo

They both use their minds instead of emotions, this is a good beginning. The trouble comes when, Aquarius sees the silver lining and wants to make lemonade out of lemons and Virgo thinks there is no such thing as silver linings and hates lemonade.

They are on two roads that never meet.

Aquarius wants to be the most splendid; Virgo wants to be the most effective. When Aquarius has places to go, people to see and things to do; Virgo wants to hang quietly with a few friends around.

Their intellects match, but they need more than that to make it.


Aquarius Love Match with Libra

They like the way one another thinks.

They love celebrations and hanging out with other people.

Aquarius is about sexual fun and games and sultry Libra wants to join in.

Libra knows how to finesse Aquarius's unconventional stubbornness.

They share a love of music, dramatic arts, and artistry. Not to mention, they have several hobbies in common.

There won't be fights about who's turn it is to lead and follow, they are fair and take turns.

This should be a adorable relationship, but eventually they'll have to calm down, life is not a party every day.

Aquarius Love Match with Scorpio

Scorpio is temperamental and Aquarius is ingenious, this makes for extraordinary sex.

Even so, Scorpio's jealousy will turn off Aquarius; Aquarius' variable moods will confuse Scorpio.

Scorpio needs a devoted partner; Aquarius wants company on their escapades. Scorpio is critical, exacting, and intensely jealous; Aquarius is restrained, distant, and fidgety.

Aquarius starts looking for happiness outside the home and once this happens, He/She might as well keep right on traveling.


Aquarius Love Match with Sagittarius

They invigorate one another's intellects:

Aquarius is offbeat and imaginative; Sagittarius is positive and looks to the future.

Both of them are extremely social, they like to have fun, like to hang with other people, and go to all the new places.

Aquarius can be dogmatic in his or her views on free will and Sagittarius isn't bothered by that at all.

These two are so groundbreaking about making love, they should do video demonstrations of the Kama Sutra.

The best thing about these two is, neither acts possessive when the other roams.

Aquarius Love Match with Capricorn

Aquarius has a point of view on everything under the sun and an soon enough, doesn't need or want to hear what inflexible Capricorn thinks.

Both of these zodiac signs are sure of themselves:

Capricorn prefers to rule; Aquarius prefers independence.

Aquarius is a daredevil when it comes to ideas, Capricorn's direct, prudent and stable nature just doesn't appreciate this.

Capricorn tries to curb Aquarius' penchant for always having places to go and things to spend money on.

This romance will have a short life of happiness, then it dulls for both of them.


Aquarius Love Match with Aquarius

The two of you are liberal, imaginative and drawn to the modernistic and the kinky.

You delight in one another's humour.

You're each involved in many projects and have many friends.

You look up to and care for one another.

You're suitable in sex and partake in varied pursuits.

You have a lot of separate things going on and may not see each other often, this is not a problem.

You hardly ever fight, almost always in agreement. You are more intellectual than effusive. You have an excellent mental compatibility and your debates on what's going on in government, science and artistry are riveting.

Even with all this, your love affair may lack passion and deep emotions. Your love won't be anything to write home about, but it works out fine.

Aquarius Love Match with Pisces

Pisces is inventive, sultry and will play along with anything Aquarius desires.

Pisces is attracted to Aquarius’ airy vision; Aquarius finds Pisces’ wild-eyed appeal fascinating and sexiness invigorating. They have a closeness that is most unusual.

Sex like this is fun, but sexual activity is never enough to hold Aquarius's interest. Sadly, the affair starts to go bad .

Aquarius is a cerebral person and they'll find Pisces' lackadaisical philosophy a little frivolous and finally boring. Pisces insists on further proof of love than what Aquarius is prepared to give.

Pisces will never convince Aquarius of the merits of using intuition.

Pisces wants to be able to rely on someone and being that Pisces finds it hard to make decisions, they desire somebody who knows how to take charge.

Aquarius runs from any sort of emotional requirements. Aquarius will become bitter and Pisces will be broken hearted.

When extroverted Aquarius feels besieged by Pisces, they'll break free and will start searching for someone new. Pisces can't bear that. This story does not have a happy ending.


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