Pisces Love is Mysterious, Shed Light on this Enigmatic Sign.

Pisces Love Match with Aries

Aries is usually a pushy lover, Pisces somehow brings out a romanticism and softness that others usually can't.

Pisces is searching for a mate that can make decisions and defend them in conflicts, Aries is just that person.

Aries is a willful person that is inclined to want to command their lover; Pisces isn't bothered by this, since they like to rely on their mate.

Pisces' way of lavishing affection on a mate flatters Aries; Pisces is very sultry and is attracted to Aries's hard hitting passion. What does bother Pisces is the critical things that Aries might say, sometimes.

Tactfulness is required to keep this sexy relationship going.

Pisces Love Match with Taurus

Taurus sharpens Pisces' creative vision. Pisces will underscore Taurus's appreciation of creature comforts, jointly furnishing an opulent home, making a perfect setting for romance.

They're both extremely sultry, though Pisces has a fickle passion and Taurus has an emotional passion. Taurus is a solid and determined type who provides protection and constancy for Pisces.

Taurus' jealousy causes Pisces to feel protected, however, Taurus is a little too pragmatic to gratify Pisces' amorous nature.

If they can work that out, everything else should be fine.


Pisces Love Match with Gemini

Pisces is drawn by Gemini's witty way of communicating; Gemini is charmed by the enigma that is Pisces.

The thing is the mating of these zodiac signs can be lethal and precarious, the two of you are likely to explode on each other. Gemini can't bear Pisces' emotionality and languor; Pisces can't endure Gemini's inconstancy and inconsideration.

Pisces is uncertain, jealous and over dependent; Gemini prefers to play and go on. Both are mutable in different ways; both tend to change their minds. Gemini is focused on to many things; Pisces needs more focus.

Both require partners with more authority.


Pisces Love Match with Cancer

With each other they find all the sentiment, affection and hot love making each one feel they have all they could ever want or need.

Cancer wants a lot of sex and this delights Pisces; Cancer learns that Pisces wants it just as much as they do. Cancer will be the one who decides most of the time and Pisces won't mind. Pisces will love the financial security that Cancer provides.

They’re both mushy love types and will want the cocoon of home, most times.

Pisces will find Cancer to be very devoted, erasing all of Pisces's insecurities; Pisces will give Cancer adoration.

These two highly enjoy one another and they are highly compatible as a couple.


Pisces Love Match with Leo

These two are really different:

Leo is over confidant, edgy and a tyrant; Pisces is introspective, fainthearted and assailable.

Pisces has an inclination to daydream instead of making dreams a reality, this surely vexes Leo; Leo believes Pisces to be gutless.

Both act from emotions:

Pisces pulls away and gets lost in dreaming; Leo becomes moody and tumultuous. Leo can't stomach the thin skin that Pisces has, not to mention Pisces’ listlessness.

Leo is a social butterfly and needs a lot of admiration from his/her peers; Pisces couldn't give a s&*% about such things and wants to be exclusive.

Leo is a wanderer; Pisces isn't.

These two of are each other's "bane of existence".

Pisces Love Match with Virgo

Because of Pisces' caring nature Virgo is fascinated initially, however, their dispositions are just too contrary for any real compatibility.

Virgo follows the intellect and has suspicions about feelings; Pisces functions in an emotional way instead of using their mind to feel.

Virgo is reserved and nitpicky and Pisces will not be sexually gratified by Virgo.

When Virgo starts to fight off Pisces' sexual advancements, Pisces will start to feel unwanted.

Pisces turns out to be too precarious for fastidious Virgo; Virgo doesn't know how to stroke egos or be romantic and Pisces needs this sort of thing. Virgo will be hard on Pisces when Pisces becomes clingy.

This soon becomes a cruise to nowhere.


Pisces Love Match with Libra

These two share a love of opulence and both want a gorgeous place to reside in.

Both are; caring, original and artsy people, they fancy one another at once. Pisces though is searching for real feelings and won't discover this in Libra.

Libra wants a harmonious love story and yet, they run from commitments of any sort if it has too many requirements or deep involvements.

Pisces is work-shy when it comes to earning an income; Libra is too excessive when expending it. Libra has several extraneous pastimes and feels smothered by Pisces. Sexual compatibility isn't sufficient for the long haul. However, as far as it goes, they will have fun.

Pisces Love Match with Scorpio

Scorpio will supply an intense and rousing sexual life for Pisces. Pisces has found a match in Scorpio. Scorpio will also afford Pisces that emotional guard, powerful force and guidance that Pisces needs.

Pisces is needy and Scorpio wants a person like that; Pisces feels loved when Scorpio gets jealous. These two share a exceptional type of mating, a great deal of it is on a carnal, unstated level.

Both are true hearted, perceptive, occupied in the mysterious and occult and have deep emotions. This coupling is a paragon of deep love.


Pisces Love Match with Sagittarius

Plenty of sparks in the bed, but that's it. Pisces' heart will ache when Sagittarius uses that acerbic tongue.

Sagittarius is perpetually taking action; Pisces is a daydreamer who never takes action. When Pisces wishes to get nearer, Sagittarius will fight to get loose.

Pisces requires more tending and devotion than Sagittarius can give; Sagittarius likes to roam and holds tightly to their freedom and autonomy.

Pisces is clingy and a homebody; Sagittarius is fidgety and wants adventures. Sagittarius won't stay in this relationship for long.

Pisces Love Match with Capricorn

These two are dissimilar people, but it's in a complementary way. Pisces needs someone like Capricorn who is forceful and has a controlling temperament.

Capricorn is driven and pragmatic and likes to take control and decide, Pisces finds protection in that.

Pisces brings romanticism and a feeling of utopia that enables Capricorn to loosen up in life; Capricorn will be enthralled by the unsparing praise and tenderness Pisces gives to them.

Capricorn finds it hard to say how they feel, but Pisces is perceptive and discerns how deeply committed Capricorn is. Sex is very good. Each of their temperaments enriches the other's life.


Pisces Love Match with Aquarius

When it comes to sex, Pisces' sexiness urges Aquarius to try out new things.

This combination is a lot of fun because they are both daring in unlike ways. Pisces is interested in anything sultry and sensual; Aquarius is interested in being detached looking out to the world and exploring ideas.

Sooner or later, Pisces won't be able to tolerate the times that Aquarius (who is outgoing and social) starts noticing others. Pisces fights to keep Aquarius at home with them; Aquarians love their freedom and will surely resent that. This is a hard match.

Pisces Love Match with Pisces

If sex was all it took to keep a relationship going these two would work out well, Sadly life doesn't work that way.

Each needs something the other one can't possibly give. Neither has a strong will, who is to be the responsible one? Both tend to become clingy, each will end up completely drained of emotions.

Both have a propensity to become depressed and negative, this only serves for a pity party for two.

Both find it difficult to contend with hard facts of life and between the two of them who is going to be the one that decides and takes action?

Although these two make a very sexy couple; they would have to experience a life comparable to the rich and famous, a life where there is a paid worker to do their bidding (assistants, drivers, chefs, shoppers, money mangers, etc. etc.

This is the one way that these two could make a happy go of it.


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