Sagittarius Love Sign Compatibility with Aries-Pisces

Sagittarius Love Match with Aries

Sagittarius looks at issues in a philosophical way; Aries takes things personally. The way these two go about having sex is the same. When a chance to have sex comes, they like to make the most of it.

They have a love of being outdoors in common, as well as linking to hanging out with other people. These are the reasons why these two get along so well. On top of all that, they have a mental connection; both have varied pastimes and love to talk to each other about them.

The only nick in this would have to be their temperaments. Disputes are volatile, but they don't drag on for long; the make up sessions are amusing. This may sound corny, but...these two complete each other.

Sagittarius Love Match with Taurus

Saggy says exactly what he/she means, sometimes saying the wrong thing and starting up Taurus’ temper. Taurus believes there is "only one way to skin a cat" Sagittarius will skin that cat in a new way each time.

Sagittarius desires variety, diversity, and gambles. This annoys Taurus who is constant, limited and a homebody. Taurus prefers to tell Saggy how things are going to be, but Sagittarius will not be bossed around.

The topic of finances brings troubles, because Sagittarius takes chances; Taurus saves for a rainy day. Their romance is destined to be short.

Sagittarius Love Match with Gemini

Both are fidgety, adventurous, ingenious, and playful. No other polar signs in astrology delight in one another more. Sex will be hot for a while until the squabbling starts.

Both are bright: Sagittarius is candid and dominating; Gemini likes to throw verbal jabs. Gemini and Sagittarius are vagabonds and find it hard to take root; sooner or later both give in to the temptation of other involvements, other honeys. Breaking up shouldn’t be a big deal.

They remain friends.


Sagittarius Love Match with Cancer

Sagittarius is both daring and intellectual; Cancer is timid and emotional. Cancer's sultry, romantic imagery fascinates inquisitive Sagittarius.

These two have a hard time understanding one another. Sagittarius can't provide the surety and constancy Cancer requires or digest Cancer's gloom and jealousy.

Completely oblivious, Sagittarius hurts Cancer with his or her blunt delivery every time. When Sagittarius looks for fun with other people, Cancer scolds and whines and seeks to hang on tighter. Better to stay friends.

Sagittarius Love Match with Leo

Together this fiery duo is stimulating. Sex for them is an adventure. Leo is self confident enough to bring out Sagittarius' passions.

They also delight in traveling, hanging out and meeting new friends, or just hanging out with one another. There is one area where they will have no problems and that has to do with "independence", they both cherish that.

Leo and Sagittarius also stay away from all the trouble that jealousy brings because, they just aren’t “that possessive”. Sagittarius knows just how to handle Leo's massive ego with kid gloves. A royal mating.


Sagittarius Love Match with Virgo

Timid and reserved Virgo can't take the first step, which causes Sagittarius to believe Virgo is too straight-laced. Both are cerebral types so, they have some interesting chats in bed.

Virgo wants together forever; Sagittarius needs to be detached. Sagittarius' sloppy actions annoy picky Virgo. Virgo has a tendency to nag and pick someone or something apart, this is the way they express concern, and Sagittarius can't handle that. Happily ever after is not predicted in this romance.

Sagittarius Love Match with Libra

Libra's artsy, refined and laid-back personality bewitches Sagittarius; Sagittarius' thirst for taking chances intrigues Libra. Sagittarius is not as romantic as Libra; other than that, the sexual compatibility is delicious.

Libra has a liberal way of handling Sagittarius' flirting and may even decelerate Sagittarius's tempo, Libra recognizes how to conjure a sultry temptation. Libra loves home and lavishness, and Sagittarius chooses the outdoor life. Nice match.

Sagittarius Love Match with Scorpio

Scorpio tries to keep Sagittarius in a cage. Sulky, repressed Scorpio can't cope with candid, exuberant, forthright Sagittarius. Sagittarius's varied pastimes perpetually make Scorpio envious.

In love, this is an explosive combining...and not in a good way. Sagittarius is light and playful about sexuality and finds Scorpio's deep, and dominating passions a bit much to take. Before long Sagittarius's has an urge to take flight.

Sagittarius is short-tempered, but it cools off quick, while Scorpio's ire boils till it bursts out into a rage. A moody and arduous coupling.


Sagittarius Love Match with Sagittarius

Together they have an unequaled hunger for living, and times together will be electrifying.

These two are so buddy-buddy and it's so contagious, that if and when they break up, friends will mourn the relationship.

Some astrologists think the only suitable match for a Sagittarius is another Sagittarius. They do appear perfectly suitable: two independent wanderers. Their personalities bring out the worst in one another.

Their most delightful times are spent in traveling and talking together. This stimulating and disorderly, love affair is too unorthodox to accommodate either of them.

Even in their relationship, each persists in being so unattached to the other that they finally separate.

However, they'll part amicably.

Sagittarius Love Match with Capricorn

Positive thinking and trust vs. Pragmatism and uncertainty will be the sticking points in this pairing. They both have high ambitions in life, but they approach it in different ways.

Capricorn wants to reach the top 1%; Sagittarius wants to transcend the top 1%. Capricorn will laugh at Sagittarius' big plans; Sagittarius will find this to be very condescending.

Capricorn's needs can't be gratified by Sagittarius' head-in-the-clouds, approach to love. Sagittarius is fearless, likes to be social, and is known for their chatty nature.

Capricorn is confining, likes to be alone, and is known for his or her morose mindset. Sagittarius' candid, forthright nature will surely irritate Capricorn.

Capricorn is conservative with finances and occupied with how things look; Sagittarius is none of that. If they don't have other zodiac signs that neutralize the differences, they should look for another.

If they do have other zodiac signs that bring more harmony, they can enrich one another instead of tormenting one another. Sagittarius could supply the vitality and imagination while Capricorn keeps things stable.


Sagittarius Love Match with Aquarius

Not only do they like one another, they have many things that are the same and that complement. The things they have that are not in sync are not so bad at all.

The things they share in common are:

They live life with gusto. They have modern outlooks. They don't try to own one another. They explore possibilities to the fullest. They are noble-minded when it comes to life and love.

They are liberal, and post-modern; even when they're old they think "young and new". They remain aware of what’s en vogue and in fashion, art, science, political science, literature and music.

Neither of them is especially mushy. They like their freedom, and they give one another space. They are ingenious in sex; they could give lessons to porn stars.

They complement one another in these ways:

Aquarius is a trailblazer. Sagittarius enjoys experimentation.

On the bad side:

Their love affair might be heavier on the friend side, and they are both fairly detached, but this isn't a problem. Sagittarius is inclined to be more philosophical than Aquarius who is occasionally ironical.

In the end genuine emotional closeness might be slower to grow, but the outlook is marvelous for the long run. Their dispositions and pastimes are dissimilar but meld easily. This should be a gratifying love affair.


Sagittarius Love Match with Pisces

Sagittarius' vitality attracts Pisces; Pisces's spiritualism draws in Sagittarius. Sexy lust could keep them going for a time, but this liaison will slowly go under. Pisces is a wishful thinker, not a worker; this torments the energetic Sagittarius to death.

Saggy needs a sidekick and Pisces needs a fan, they can't help each other. Sagittarius, although true hearted, may never find a way to meet Pisces' demand for constant maintenance and adoration. Pisces' neediness and shyness is like an albatross around Sagittarius' naturally perky neck.

Pisces can get extremely worked up and they want more than casual sex; independent Sagittarius wants nothing else but. Pisces nestles so close to Sagittarius that Saggy has to fight to free themselves from the profound emotional needs.

Pisces then feels rejected. Saggy’s shrewd tongue will injure Pisces' romantic heart. It won't take long for Sagittarius to head for the hills.

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