Taurus love is strong, stable and sultry. Can you keep the love of this one?

Taurus Love Matches with Aries

Taurus and Aries have the same sexual libido. Aries is gushy and Taurus is sultry, and they're destined to have a good time while it lasts.

Sooner or later, Taurus becomes possessive and this will make Aries furious.

They’ll debate about finances, because Taurus is careful and cautious, where Aries is rash and extravagant.

Aries’ has a hotheaded nature when making decisions; Taurus is rigid and will be bothered by Aries because Taurus doesn't like sudden shifts in routines.

This affair will be very sweet and caring at first, but if they marry it will be hard going.

Taurus Love Matches with Taurus

Same Sign affairs are stressful. They seem to be a perfect match, but they'll find themselves becoming annoyed by one another's predictability and flaws.

This isn't the most stimulating pairing, because both are domesticated and they prefer refuge to taking chances. Both love money, work hard, are loyal, and caring.

Women under the Sign of Taurus are inclined to be mushier than the males, but each is just equally possessive, this works out for both of them.

Both Tauruses are clear and straight up about what they want when it comes to sex, there's no problem in that department.

The risk comes with boredom. The best answer is for each one to pick up hobbies and make acquaintances without arousing the possessive streak that lays in the other.

With persistence they'll end up with a nice, warm relationship environment.


Taurus Love Matches with Gemini

These two are totally dissimilar in disposition. Taurus is impassive, rigid in beliefs, and withstands change; Gemini is scatterbrained, fidgety, and fluctuating.

They may find one another fascinating for that very reason for brief time.

Gemini can't sit still, or mentally stay on one subject for one minute; Taurus loves to reflect.

Taurus may find that hanging on to flighty Gemini is like trying to capture a handful of air.

The fidgety Gemini exists in an intellectual world of thoughts and Taurus is grounded in the material.

The great earthy sex drive of Taurus finds little consolation in Gemini's "I can take it or leave it" approach.

Gemini loves variety and Taurus balks at change.

Gemini is pulled in by Taurus' passionate nature, but in time Taurus’ need to be sure and stable will be pained by the fickle Gemini.

Taurus is too habitual to get along with Gemini's ceaseless demand for fresh stimulus. Finally, Taurus’ requirements are just a bit much for Gemini, who breaks loose. Odds are not good on this one.

Taurus Love Matches with Cancer

These two have so much going for them. Cancer and Taurus love the home, are sentimental, and oversexed. Taurus' laid-back, even-tempered nature is a good match for Cancer's dark phases.

Candid Taurus should try not to let loose (in a negative way) on Cancer, because Cancer is extremely sensitive and will crawl back into their shell if a remark hurts their feelings.

Cancer needs to depend on a person who is solid like Taurus; in turn, Cancer will be devoted and true hearted to Taurus. Taurus is ambitious when it comes to financial security, and Cancer is of the same mind.

Together they may have complete blissfulness; Cancer is affectionate and this is what every Taurus is searching for.

They have similar concerns and needs, this makes for a nice coupling. An adorable match.


Taurus Love Matches with Leo

Leo wants to be praised and flattered, and is always competing with Taurus. As a consequence of this, Taurus digs in their heels and gets glummer each day.

Taurus asks to be appreciated and Leo demands to be idolized, neither will get what they want from the other. As long as Taurus buries their jealousy and lets Leo flaunt a little, all will go well.

Leo is a spendthrift and Taurus is penny-pinching. However, Taurus will be very happy when Leo’s generous nature shows itself.

There is a primary difference between Taurus’s want of a well arranged schedule and Leo’s drive for an epic existence.

There's a sizable desirability here for both of them. Sexually, these two are compatible, however Leo believes life is a circus carnival and tries to execute great feats in all three rings at once. Taurus finds all this difficult to accept.

Leo must keep their dominant nature in check, because Taurus is just as stubborn, and will see red if they feel stepped on.

Longevity, constancy, and dedication characterize this romance. A love that hits the bulls-eye **(no pun intended)** .

Taurus Love Matches with Virgo

Usually, it’s love at first sight here. It would be good for Taurus and Virgo to take things slow at the start of this earthy liaison.

Both are homebodies and they share the same intellectual interests. The combination of Taurus’ persistence and Virgo’s shrewd mind will go a long way in their success.

Taurus keeps a careful watch on spending, which will please Virgo’s penny-pinching sensibilities. The only thing they'll lack is an impulsive quality, neither of them respects being unpredictable.

Taurus might find that Virgo’s academic critiques of their every move very irritating.

Where Taurus likes to stew in their deep feelings, Virgo likes to keep them in check ( or ignore them).

Virgo may have to adapt in sex, because Taurus likes it way more. Having said that, Taurus may rouse Virgo’s dormant passions.

The basic want for substantial riches and financial protection may well keep them together. They are compatible in everything else.


Taurus Love Matches with Libra

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. The Goddess of love gives their coupling harmony. Venus also gives them sultry natures, but each shows this differently.

They treasure the finer things, so to pacify their need for opulence hatfuls of money will be required.

Taurus' patience and Libra’s capacity to be diplomatic will be the final measure of their success.

Taurus will have to grant Libra the freedom to be social, and Libra has to be willing to spend a couple of nights on their own, snuggled together eating rich treats and listening to music (** Oh poor baby, wouldn't want to be you Libra)**.

Taurus finds Libra to be an affectionate, amorous, and vivacious, mate. Libra was destined to be a bewitching charmer.

The unshakable Taurus equalizes Libra’s indecision.

Finances may cause trouble, because Libra doesn't partake in Taurus’ respectful position towards a buck, even so, both tend to be covetous and like to amass beautiful things.

Eventually, Libra’s inconstancy and nonchalant way in love can make Taurus furious; and Libra will surely build resentments because of Taurus’ jealousy.

This amorous mating may not endure.


Taurus Love Matches with Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio are contrary to one another, exact opposites. However, for opposites they have more mutual ties than others.

Both are decided and have ambitions, and neither is much of a wanderer. They are both strong willed too.

Taurus’ passionate sexuality meets it's equal in the Scorpion.

As with most polar opposite pairings, they'll be strongly captivated and enchanted by one another. Even so, the chemical attraction here can approach obsession.

Jealousy will bring troubles into this match, when it comes to being possessive Scorpio gives Taurus a run for their money.

Taurus has to take his or her own medicine here because Scorpio is more dictatorial, possessive, and covetous than Taurus, and experiencing this makes Taurus churn with bitterness.

Taurus is the one who has to show how devoted they are all the time.

In the long-term, this may be exhausting, even for the persevering Taurus.

This is a stormy liaison, and neither has the patience to make this pairing last.


Taurus Love Matches with Sagittarius

These two like what they see physically and want to do bad things to one another.

Sagittarius is so free in making love; it gets Taurus' hot all the time. Only, Taurus finds it hard to contend with the Archer's (romantic) shinny ball syndrome.

The motto for the Sagittarian sex life and everything else for that matter is: live and let-live; while Taurus has: drab and jealous.

Sagittarius isn’t comfortable being under someone’s thumb.

It won't be boring, but they will argue.

Sagittarius will be a good sport with Taurus’ need to make a home, but Taurus will never be able to cure Sag's itchy feet.

The Sagittarian will be happy to talk all night with Taurus about the joys of putting down roots and living a nice quiet life with money in the bank.

All nice and cozy right?

Then the following day Taurus will be surprised to hear that Sagittarius bought them tickets to Italy for two weeks.

Taurus will be hurt by this because he or she thought they made a plan to start a home and family.
These two should just have a fling it could be amusing, or they could just decide to agree that they’re different and love one another for it.

Taurus Love Matches with Capricorn

Capricorn may seem distant initially, but the Goddess of love that rules Taurus will soon warm Cappy up, this fit ought to be a fine one.

Capricorn is a substantial mate for Taurus, because Capricorn's passion is direct and simple.

These two have the same desires, like the same sort of acquaintances, love security and revenue.

Taurus is delighted by Capricorn's humour.
Capricorn is more tight-lipped then Taurus cares for, but even so Capricorn’s dedication makes Taurus feel secure.

There won't be much courting here, but a good deal of sexual activity.

They should both be sure to share some jokes and laughter and use praise liberally with each other.

Odds on this love's long-term potential are good.


Taurus Love Matches with Aquarius

These two will not like each other very much. Taurus is lustful and passionate; while Aquarius functions on a mental level.

Aquarius is foot loose-and-fancy-free and doesn't want to be tied down. Taurus discovers it hard to keep Aquarius home or fulfilled with the joys of a home life.

Taurus is cautious, deliberate and secretive; Aquarius is offbeat, modern, and vibrant.

Aquarius searches for freedom and to self-express in a relationship, when Taurus needs security and solace. Eventually, Aquarius sneaks away from possessive Taurus.

If they insist on pursuing this difficult partnership, Taurus is going to have to let Aquarius have some distance and Aquarius is going to have to reveal some of those mysteries.

Taurus Love Matches with Pisces

Pisces is amorous, inventive and responsive, just what Taurus is searching for. Taurus’s down-to-earth practicality can be a solace for the worked up Pisces, and Pisces can permit the earthy Taurus to dream a bit.

When in love, Taurus is dedicated and Pisces adores. Though Pisces can be a little too "spiritually inclined" for Taurus, they're well suited sexually.

Taurus is sexy; Pisces is sensual. Pisces may not completely understand Taurus’s materialistic way, but Taurus is dependable and gives Pisces the backbone he or she needs to keep from being aimless.

Industrious Taurus sets an example for work-shy Pisces. Taurus’ pragmatic, mellow character helps Pisces get through their varieties of mood. This match is usually a pleasure.


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