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Libra Love Match with Aries

Attraction is immediate here, tensions are also immediate. Libra seeks peace and harmony; Aries is easily bored and searches for new challenges eagerly.

To Libra Aries will seem ill-bred and blunt; Aries thinks Libra tends to bury their head in the sand.

Aries wants to be autonomous from their lover yet have implicit faithfulness; Libra can't decide if they should to commit or not, Aries is hurt by that.

Libra’s emotions are such that passionate Aries feels Libra is superficial.

Physically, it works for some time, but what's next? Not much.

Libra Love Match with Taurus

These two have an affinity for music in common, but not much else. Taurus likes to stay home, this bores Libra who likes to go out. Libra likes the luxuries of life; Taurus likes to be financially cautious.

Libra has no patience for Taurus’ stuffy ways. Libra believes Taurus is like a dictator. Libra does things that end up making Taurus jealous; like flirting and being fickle.

Sexually, these two get on well, but when it's over things go back to normal and it's not a good thing.


Libra Love Match with Gemini

Pleasure is Libra’s love; Gemini is exuberant. This mating is ideal. Both of them are vibrant, inquisitive, and caring. Love is a never-ending circle for these two. Their fun is more on the friendship side than the sexual side, but it's OK.

There’s no jealousy to spoil things here. Both of them are inclined to be indecisive, so there's a lot of brainstorming, but no conclusions. Luckily, they both know how to persuade others to do their bidding.

Libra Love Match with Cancer

At first, Cancer doubts Libra’s love, wants to push for more emotional reaction, but is timid. Eventually, Cancer may understand Libra’s romantic nature.

When Cancer sees Libra’s superficiality, Cancer is disappointed, turns critical, and begins using his/her defensive "claws".

Libra likes to spend money; Cancer becomes huffy and glum then sees red because of all the lavish spending. Cancer is also peeved at Libra's love of a scintillating social life; Cancer is most pleased in the being home.

Troubles may be figured out in time, but is it wait worth it?


Libra Love Match with Leo

Libra has a playful way with love and this matches Leo’s mode and vigor superbly. Leo is a giver when it comes to sex and this really fires up Libra. Libra must be sensitive to Leo's ego, but Libra is naturally tactful so, no problems there.

When the two get into fights, Libra diffuses them by knowing how to give in graciously.

Both love luxury and parties. Good Match.

Libra Love Match with Virgo

Shy Virgo takes love very seriously; Libra flirts too much and is too free with affection to please Virgo. Libra lives on "sweet nothings"; Virgo is incapable of that sort of thing.

Virgo likes to be home and will resent Libra’s love of socializing outside of the home. Libra is expensive; Virgo is careful with money.

Libra thinks Virgo is inflexible, fussy, and critical. Love doesn't last a lifetime for these two.


Libra Love Match with Libra

Libra plus Libra equal happiness. Both are equally affectionate, full of life, tender, and social. These two flirt with love.

Both like to throw themselves into relationships, both feel incomplete without a mate.

Whatever one feels won't be worth anything unless he/she can share it with the other.

They love beautiful things. They bask in gratifying one another in sexual ways. The trouble is that neither wants to confront reality. Since they're so similar, boredom always lies in wait around the corner.

While both are individually; bewitching, peaceable, and flexible, each requires a firmer counterbalance than the other can supply. There will be times when both will be wishing the other would make a decision to save them from making it.

Both avoid making a stand, and arriving at a decision. Both also have a need for approval from everyone all the time.

If they can find enough outside interests, this coupling could be very happy. In general though, this relationship is balanced and in harmony.


Libra Love Match with Scorpio

Scorpio has an acute impulse to meld with another and can become fixated on a person. At first, this flatters Libra who's always searching for new admirers.

Libra is not a cold person, but does like a sense of balance in a relationship. Scorpio is feisty, temperamental, and ready to attack, which is just the sort of person Libra can't abide.

Jealous Scorpio attempts to manipulate a lover, however Libra wants to have fun and won't stay put in Scorpio's net for long. Libra’s flirtatious and free-and-easy position toward sexuality exasperates sultry Scorpio.

While Scorpio boils with jealousy and gets more demanding, Libra has to either give in or go away.

These differences don't mean the end of the coupling though.

Libra could learn a lot from Scorpio, and if other compatibilities are in the composite chart, this coupling could be very interesting indeed.


Libra Love Match with Sagittarius

Libra is energized by Sagittarius' eagerness for taking chances; Sagittarius is attracted to Libra's tender appeal.

Both are extremely romantic, though this quality is more potent in Libra. Both are outgoing, both like to party. Both are friendly and like to be together.

Beguiling and ingenious Libra knows how to attract Sagittarius' intellect and can easily keep Sagittarius fascinated.

Saggy has the big ideas, dreams, and needs to keep moving. Libra helps Saggy balance it all out. Libra is sympathetic to Saggy's plans and dreams.

The danger to Libra is the tendency to go along just to get along. Sagittarius can talk most people into anything, and Libra can become a sucker to Saggy's exuberance.

Libra will prefer to get married before Sagittarius wants to, but they can figure it out. This coupling ought to grow into a fun, carefree and delightful relationship.

Libra Love Match with Capricorn

Libra is attracted to Capricorn's potent sexuality, if they don't work on their pairing, that's as far as it goes. In order to make this work, (and it can), these two have to accept their roles and accept the faults.

Libra needs admiration and care, but Capricorn holds back his or her tenderness. Libra is schmaltzy and won't get much sympathy from realistic, conservative Capricorn.

Libra's work-shy, laid-back way will shock Capricorn, who believes in hard work and accomplishment at whatever cost.

Libra is partial to the nightlife and many friends around; while Capricorn leans toward being a lone wolf, easy and cool with just a preferred few.

Capricorn’s money making skills keeps Libra in the style to which their accustomed, and Libra shows Cappy how to wine and dine, it could be a good compromise.

If Capricorn brings home the bacon and doles it out, (loosen the grip on the money Cap) Libra would be happy to dart around creating a beautiful place for Cappy to come home to.

If they can learn to love each other for what they are, they will share a very content world together. If not, this is a short lived romance.


Libra Love Match with Aquarius

These two enjoy the love side as well as the friendship side of their relationship.

These two have what it takes for a wonderful relationship: love of socializing, aesthetic pursuits in common, and giving back to their community. Mentally they have a lot of clicking going on and they love to talk.

Aquarius likes to be decisive and takes the lead; Libra is happy, because he/she doesn't know what to decide.

Both enjoy a house full of guests although occasionally, Libra may question if Aquarius needs his or her friends more than they need them.

Libra's easy going, sultry disposition is energized by Aquarius' experimental sexual moves.

Note to Libra** Friends and family may have doubts about Aquarius’s love for you but, don't let them put doubt in your mind.

Since you both like "no drama" in your relationships, especially Aquarius), and you both like to keep love easy-breezy, only the two of you will know when it's not working for you. **

This love will lead to a gratifying life; all systems are go.


Libra Love Match with Pisces

The start of the relationship is great. In a lot of ways, they are very similar. They take to each other like fish to water. They are both creative, caring, and artsy. They both rate luxury and a home that should be in magazines, high on their list.

The problem is Pisces is a bit lazy about making money and Libra spends too much of it. Pisces needs to be in control, needs to be reassured, and needs constant attending; Libra finds this neediness restricting.

Although Libra loves romance and harmony they run from emotional entanglements. The emotional support that Pisces needs will not be found in Libra.

Libra is outgoing and fun loving, because of this; Pisces will feel neglected and will become whinny and scolding.

Pisces thinks Libra’s love is insincere and superficial. Libra could feel stifled by Pisces; Pisces can become suspicious of Libra. When it comes to the bedroom Libra has to dominate, and doesn't always want to be the one who does.

Good sex is never enough. Have fun while it lasts, or better yet just friends.


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