Leo is a lot to Handle, Do you Rate High with the Majestic Lion?

Leo Love Match with Aries

The Lion's a hotshot of the zodiac, so is Aries. They're compatible mates, who have a great time in the bedroom. No other zodiac couple can find more delight and exhilaration from sex.

In life, they have the same cares and the same displeasure's. Even so, they need all the astrological compatibility they have to defeat one thing, each of them wants to be the boss.

If they want to be together they have to learn to share. A splendid pairing.

Leo Love Match with Taurus

The Lion's self-imposed right to rule runs smack up against Taurus's "bull" headed-ness to have his or her way. Both are fixed signs so neither will give up their position. Leos just get more furious and Taureans more stubborn.

Careful Taurus is also horrified at the Lion's thoughtless extravagance. Taurus is conservative and calculated; the Lion's grand and excessive.

Taurus bullheadedly passes up being a hero-worshiper, and the Lion's too self-absorbed to be devoted to Taurus.

the Lion's a lot more riotous then Taurus, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Character differences here are too numerous, give it up.


Leo Love Match with Gemini

They fall in like instantly, they like the same things; high- class society, parties, theatre, and many acquaintances. Snappy, free and self-reliant Gemini somehow reveals how in love with life The Lion is.

Their involvement is a happy pursuit of a smorgasbord of entertainment. Gemini's inventive sex games are bang-up fun to The Lion, but the Lion's jealousy comes up too, since Gemini is so carefree with love.

Lions are much more profound than the impractical Gemini Twins.

Collectively they'll be energizing and maddening, but it'll work out fine if Gemini can remain devoted, if not poof.

Leo Love Match with Cancer

Both are romantic, though in unlike ways: Lions need a relationship to be magnificent and arousing; Cancerians want it to have significance and be satisfying.

The Lion doesn't get as distraught as Cancerian who takes matters more seriously.

Cancer is a homebody and requires protection and serenity. The Lion's a rambunctious drifter who loves to be on a never-ending show.

Cancer's neediness will delight The Lion provided a little idolization is thrown in.

Lions are showy when in love; Cancerians are sensitive, true-hearted, and deep; Lions like that.

These two are full of mixed signals.


Leo Love Match with Leo

When these two Monarchs are together, heads will spin.

Both are amorous, vivid, high-spirited and oversexed.

This couple has a majestic union, a lordly love that’s directed on a grand level.

Each would like to be enthroned, each also wants to be the force behind the throne.

The principal doubt is: who's the boss?

They have to anticipate butting heads at times.

It’s hard for one of them to make way for another, but it's precisely what's required here. These two have to do something that they’re not used to doing: collaborate.

Because they're both Lions, each is used to being the one who makes the decisions.

They have to figure out at any given time who will direct, and who will play along, and every once and again switch.

This relationship is like a lot of same zodiac sign matings, They'll either be really content or fighting all the way to catastrophe, there are no in-between's here.

Dignified lovers and fascinating competitors.


Leo Love Match with Virgo

The Lion will find Virgo’s cool headed way an aphrodisiac and Virgo will enjoy the Lion's warmness.

Great-hearted, The Lion will ignore Virgo’s inclination to be critical, while Virgo will congratulate The Lion on his or her achievements.

The Lion is attracted to Virgo's mind, but Virgo doesn't comprehend the Lion's spectacular nature.

The Lion can't get the sexual reactions they demand from composed and modest Virgo.

Virgos are pragmatic and rational; Leos are excessive and extravagant.

However, Virgos are more analytically astute than Leos, this muffles the Lion's elation.

The Lion may not value being told the right way to do this or that, by Virgo.

Lions like to experience life in a big way, but Virgos are cautious, economical, and picky.

Lions require lots of adoration, but Virgos have a propensity to deflate large egos.

Virgo will not be mastered; The Lion is hard pressed to acknowledge much of the cultivation and help that Virgo gives.

With any union of zodiac signs, you have to see a full chart for real compatibility, but with The Lion and Virgo this even more in order.

If there are other negatives in their compatibility chart, both should look elsewhere.


Leo Love Match with Libra

These two will be drawn to each other instantly.

The Lion's trend setting style mixes well with Libra’s preference for the aesthetic, artistic or beauty.

The Lion's more concerned with the tangible side of romance than Libra, but the Lion's approach and energy can succeed in drawing Libra in.

Each one will try to trump the other in who gets the most admirers.

They relish a great sex life. When making love, the Lion's the one in control and that's how The Lion likes it.

Sometimes, they will have non-sufficient funds fees at the bank, for they both are spendthrifts and highly enjoy beautiful backgrounds to shine in front of.

Libra finds it hard to decide and at first the Lion will of course, take control.

Even still, the Lion won't treasure the indecision that is part of Libra's makeup, in time this begins to annoy the Lion. Significant topics will never be decided as the Libran encounters difficulty with deciding serious things.

When the Lion's mind is made up and Libra still hasn't decided, the Lion will take the reins; this Libra will experience as being bullied.

When it comes to real commitment, there could be a few troubles.


Leo Love Match with Scorpio

Egos will collide here.

Because these two have such forceful personas, there's an immediate sexual enthrallment.

This relationship has an element of seduction in the yearning they have towards one another.

They both love the chase, for both of them hunting and conquering equals more passion.

Once they finally have what they want though, they may discover that proud stubborn streaks are in truth, irritating.

The Lion finds it difficult to deal with The Scorpion jealousy.

Scorpio’s fuse is short; the Lion's a snob and likes to flaunt.

Scorpio can't comprehend the Lions demand for a never-ending, adoring, audience.

Scorpio would much prefer to control than to look up to, and that isn't conducive to the royal treatment Lions think they deserve.

Scorpios fall in deep love and will ask the same dedication from the Lion, but the Lion can't return the love that Scorpio feels and The Lion has his or her own demands.

If they can find mutual ground it will be the love of a lifetime, but they're more likely to have an ugly break up.

When it comes down to it, sexual fascination isn't everything.


Leo Love Match with Sagittarius

The Lion's captivated by Saggy's positive, outgoing, fun loving way and Sagittarius is beguiled with the Lion's cheery disposition.

They have a mutual liking for independence, taking chances, and meeting new people.

Sagittarians are flirts and the Lion's one of the few zodiac signs that won't become jealous.

Sagittarius has to learn to bite his/her tongue because blunt remarks can be a little too close for comfort for the majestic Lion.

Both are hot and impassioned sexual characters, and if anyone can retain Sagittarius’s fidelity it would be The Lion.

The Lion's born leadership reveals whatever dedication Sagittarius can devote. The Lion's very lofty, but self-assured and Sagittarius is pleased to give The Lion space to swagger.

Saggy will keep unveiling modern thoughts and experiences to keep the Lion from getting bored.

Sagittarius supplies the wit, and the Lion supplies the style. These two will have a great deal of fun and will bask in a terrific life together, an exquisite duo.


Leo Love Match with Capricorn

The Lion's amorous, and upbeat disposition is subdued by cynical, conservative Cappy.

Lions are childlike individuals and they don't like too many details. The Happy Lion likes to have a ball, but Cappy rejects that, because this approach can really vex The Goat.

Both are oversexed, but there are conflicts. Leos want to be seduced when making love; Capricorns can't be bothered with theatrics .

Capricorns prefers a classical refined style. Lions have a generous hand that approaches garishness. Lions believe Capricorns are incapable of sharing feelings.

Capricorns are unemotional and aloof they can't give
Lions the worshiping type of love that Lions require.

Neither Lions or Goats wish to claim the submissive role or let the other command.

This liaison will be finished before it even starts.

Leo Love Match with Aquarius

Lions love the universe and Aquarians love humankind.

These two are opposites in the zodiac: this means that there’s an early sexual desire between these two, but this doesn't signify forever love...

Aquarius’ inclination to critique and dissect will rock the Lions self-assurance and punctures his/her balloon ego.

Lions need to be told they are wonderful a lot so, the Lion regards the Aquarian aloofness as a personal rejection.

The Aquarian's offbeat, let’s try something new, approach to love may prove disturbing to the Lion; Lions don't like the kinky, open relationship stuff.

Both like to network and be social. Lions love surprises and Aquarians love to give them.

Lions like to always be the center of attention, this annoys the Aquarian and makes them lose patience.

Lions seem to be all drama taking things that mean nothing personal to Aquarius.

Aquarians love their freedom too much to become the Lion's dedicated guinea pig.

This is where they part ways.

Leo Love Match with Pisces

Lions never have to vie for the limelight, because the Piscean will happily leave it to the Lion.

Lions are showy and dominating; Pisceans are other worldly and mystical.

They fascinate one another because they're so unalike, but the differences don't engage well. The Lion's dynamic and extroverted disposition doesn't reconcile with the Piscean languorous self-examination.

The Lion could easily tread on the Fishes emotions and this will be the origin of their conflicts.

The Lion needs the world applauding; while the Piscean chooses to be cocooned away from the world.

Lions find the Piscean languid manner irritating. Both of them are more disposed to taking than to giving. Pisces expresses emotion cautiously; the Lion is more candid.

The Lion can't stand the Piscean hyper-sensitivity, nor the Piscean tendency towards foreign bedroom activity.

These divergences will add to the fire of conflict because while the Piscean desires a firm mate, the Lion's belief is that Pisces is way too dependent.

Soon, The Lion will start to stray.


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