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Virgo Love Match with Aries

Virgo can be fascinated by Aries' audacity, but Virgo's prudent manners quickly encounter friction with Aries' lively personality.

Communication is hard between these two, Virgo wants to talk it out; Aries wants to just do something. There is probably more passion in their arguments than there is in their sex life.

Virgo thinks Aries is wild and impulsive; Aries thinks Virgo is a stick in the mud.

Aries likes to have a wild social life; Virgo likes to be home entertaining friends. Aries will be the right kind of person that brings out Virgo’s quibbling, hen-pecking ways.

Bad choice for a romance.

Virgo Love Match with Taurus

Virgo is logical; Taurus is sultry, Taurus' passions ignite Virgo, when that happens lovemaking is very good. One of the many things that these two have in common is a gratification that comes from being down-to-earth, tried-and-true and pragmatic.

Both of these signs want a secure future. Both are the stay-at-home type and both love to have money. Incidentally, a good money making combo: is Virgo’s rationality and Taurus' persistence.

This is promising.

Virgo Love Match with Gemini

These two have the same intellectual ideas; they are attracted to each other because of it. Mentally they are both active. The compatibility ends there. Gemini’s love nature is too impulsive and unstable for Virgo.

Gemini will always dismiss Virgo as a bore; Virgo thinks Gemini is irresponsible and immature. Gemini needs to be free to roam; Virgo resents this and will nag and try to rule.

Gemini will cheat soon enough.


Virgo Love Match with Cancer

This is a stimulating match because each arouses the others hidden sensuality. Cancer is subtle and Virgo likes this. Little attentions won't be ignored by Cancer and this will make Virgo happy.

Cancer is caring and mushy, and that makes Virgo feel safe. These two like to have money and a comfortable home. Cancer's dependent nature fits Virgo well because this makes Virgo feel protective.

On the bad side they both like to criticize.

On the good side they each know how to coax the other out of their shell.

Virgo Love Match with Leo

Leo’s sex drive is high and Leo will feel a personal rejection when Virgo is "always too tired" or has too many "headaches". Leo is disappointed by Virgo’s inactive and fainthearted nature, this leads to contentions.

Virgo is slow to dole out kudos; it's a problem because Leo thrives on praise. Leo is extravagant; Virgo is thrifty.

Their love of independence is the same, but works differently: Leo is erratic about it; Virgo is secretive. Virgo will not be told what to do; Leo has a guard up.

This affair is shorter than a Florida winter.

Virgo Love Match with Virgo

If these two can target their drive for perfection, they could make an unbeatable pair. They bring out the best in each other. They also share a mental connection meaning they will never be bored.

The competition between them will always be about "Who is in charge"? They are both responsible, sensitive, intelligent, and they take love seriously.

Regrettably, all Virgoans have areas of their life where they tend to be exacting in what they want. If these areas collide, they might find themselves in a calamity.

Both think sex isn't that important, preferring to cuddle and talk in bed.

The constant self-criticism of the Virgo sign will be numerous and wide-ranging, this usually brings dissatisfaction to both.

They should try and keep away from punishing themselves and one another and they may find more areas of happiness and delights.


Virgo Love Match with Libra

Libra is too scatter-brained and superficial for Virgo. Virgo is most decisive of mind and doesn't tolerate confused thinking very well. Libra loves to spend, loves parties, and being the focus of attention.

At worst, Virgo thinks of Libra as a namby-pamby; Libra sees Virgo as dainty stick-in- the-mud. Virgo picks apart Libra and makes them feel uncared for. Usually though, Libra loves to hear the point-of-view of other people and will happily accept it.

Virgo will try to curb and dominate Libra's fickle and superficial nature.

Virgo loves talk of political science and religious beliefs, but Libra holds on to the credo of not talking politics and religion in mixed company.

Libra may bring out Virgo's sensual side, but their dispositions are too different.

Virgo is reticent and pragmatic, and Libra experiences this pulling away not as shyness but rejection. This will lead Libra to go out in search of more fun people.

This relationship is sort of a teacher student type: Virgo the student; Libra the teacher.

If they thought of their differences as complementary, they could at least have a short term thing, but it's not really worth it.

Virgo Love Match with Scorpio

Scorpio is fearless; Virgo is careful. Both need to get their different temperaments in agreement because, they may gain a lot from getting together.

Scorpio finds Virgo’s timidity funny; Virgo thinks their just being careful. When Scorpio commits he or she goes all the way.

Virgo can make the same kind of commitment, but it will come through in a mental way.

They both have trouble talking about "feelings". Scorpio is secretive but explosive; Virgo is contained and unemotional.

Little by little, Scorpio, entices Virgo into bringing more to the sexual table.

Virgo is happy that Scorpio is jealous and loyal because it makes Virgo feel loved and safe.

Each loves the way the other's mind works. Virgo is ordered, cerebral and logical; Scorpio is inventive, original and intuitive.

There may be a problem with who is in charge, but Virgo is willing to give a little to get a little, and this keeps Scorpio responsive.


Virgo Love Match with Sagittarius

At first blush, Sagittarius' liveliness seems to have nothing in common with industrious Virgo.

Although both are cerebral, their minds often encounter friction.

Sagittarius is a gambler; Virgo is careful and wants a secure future.

This pair will be outstanding winners if they recognize that their different ways of approaching things are indeed complementary.

These two do business together well. Sagittarius watches the forest; Virgo takes care of the trees.

As lovers, a rapport is harder to achieve.

Sagittarius is passionate, although physically they aren't naturally touchy feely; Virgo seems cool on outside, but is naturally touchier.

Sagittarius would need to be the one to give permission to be affectionate by touching Virgo first.

Sagittarius regards Virgo as sexually puritanical, and unless this Virgo has more passionate Planets in other passionate zodiac signs, Saggy won't stay in this Virgo’s bed for long.

They are both mutable signs, they'll enjoy communicating with one another. Sagittarius is grander and has expensive taste; Virgo opts for the uncomplicated, the logical, and the understated.

By being a little savvy, Sagittarius can get Virgo to poke fun at him or herself a bit more and Virgo can help focus Sag's vigor in more productive ways.

Virgo Love Match with Capricorn

They are very productive together.

Capricorn's aspiration and aims for success mix well with Virgo's get-up-and-go and quest for perfection. Cappy brings the strategic skills; Virgo brings the talent.

Both are diligent, disciplined, and purposeful. Both need respect and admiration, although they would never confess to it. Each automatically gives respect and admiration to the other. They take great pride in satisfying each other's needs.

The two are well matched in lots of ways, but life may seem a little too calm and predictable.

The fact is both crave a routine, but they have to make the effort to be a little spontaneous every so often; there are a lot of exciting things you can do and be home before 10 Pm.

They are honest and direct with one another, they rely on each other and this makes life easier and more gratifying.

In sex, Cappy takes the lead and they are definitely compatible there.


Virgo Love Match with Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius have a good mental connection.

These two look at love theoretically and both are cerebral types, the commonalities end here.

Virgo focus on the details of things; Aquarius has a world view and focuses on how the details relate to the big picture.

Aquarius is extroverted, and imaginative; Virgo is reticent, and pragmatic.

In reality, these two can be quite aloof, this could become a problem. Virgo is timid about being emotional; Aquarius' sentiments are always somewhere else.

Aquarius has bold ideas and thinks Virgo has no reaction.

Aquarius is occupied with other people, activism and in saving the world.

Virgo looks for personal success and financial security.

These two wouldn't even make it as long term friends.

Their relationship may just be too formal unless they have other astrology compatibilities in their charts that bring passion and tenderness in.

Virgo Love Match with Pisces

Initially, Virgo is strongly attracted to Pisces, opposites often are; Pisces is sentimental, and is intrigued by Virgo's sharp and logical psyche. Even so, disenchantment happens quickly.

To Virgo, romance is protection and mental connection. To Pisces, love is all-consuming passion.

Uncertainty is the undoing of Virgo's world, he/she will go out of their way to avoid uncertainty, and look at the rest later. Pisces loves to be vague and is quite happy to get immersed in confounding ideas.

Virgo likes things to be clear and squared away; Pisces enjoys a little clutter. Pisces is poetry in motion; Virgo is facts standing still.

Pisces’ lavishness, secrecy, and laziness frustrates practical and systematic Virgo.

Virgo likes to find a niche and work at it; Pisces roams through a mixed bag of pursuits. Pisces shouldn't expect Virgo to adjust to their sexual tastes.

These deviations in natures don't necessarily conflict; neither of them is ambitious or self-centered.

Both are easygoing, even timid, so their sensitivity is an asset in this relationship.


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