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1. This Copyright policy governs the use of the web site, its associated services, web pages, domains and sub-domains, which are owned and operated by M. Augustin and associates. Wherever this Policy refers to "users" it means "you", while "we" or "our" refer to M. Augustin and associates and "Web Site" refers to

If at any time the terms and conditions of this policy no longer acceptable to you, you should immediately discontinue using the web site.

2. You recognize that these web pages contain information and/ or software, photographs, audio and video clips, graphics, links and other material that are protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights of M. Augustin or third parties, including but not limited to product names, logos, designs, titles, and words or phrases which may be registered in certain jurisdictions (collectively, the "Content"). You agree to comply with any additional notices, information, or restrictions contained in any Content available on or accessed through the website. If you want to use any content for any reason you must obtain prior express written permission of M. Augustin or provide a link back to the website page where you found it.

3. The commentary, instructions and other articles on this website are not in the public domain. You may not modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display, or in any way exploit any of the content, in whole or in part. Content consisting of downloadable software may not be reverse-engineered unless specifically authorized by the owner of the software's patent and or copyright. Subject to the provisions of this policy, you may post any content owned by you (such as your original statements), content for which you have received express permission to from If you choose to post anything in the Public Domain, You assume all rights and responsibility for determining whether that content is indeed in public domain.

You grant to M. Augustin and, the right to edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate and otherwise use in any medium and for any purpose any content that you place on the website without compensation to you. You represent and warrant that you are authorized to grant all rights set forth in the preceding sentence.

4. You may not download content that is indicated to be for sale except under the terms of the sale. Such content is protected and under copyright and is property of M. Augustin/

"Free" content may be downloaded for your personal use or non-commercial distribution consistent with the terms defined in this policy and that of third party providers. When using both purchased and "free" content, you will maintain and include all copyright and other notices contained in such content. Except as expressly permitted by the copyright laws, no copying, storage, redistribution or publication of any content is permitted without the express permission of M Augustin or the owners of such content or their authorized persons if other than M. Augustin.


5. We are confident that you understand your rights and responsibilities concerning the use of the website and that you agree with the terms described.

6. Regarding Some Images found on this Site: some graphics and photos contained on this site are purchased by M. Augustin under license and are under copyright by owners including those held by Some are under public domain, they were found in various places on the Internet. Some graphics or photos that were found under public domain( with permission) have been edited, enhanced or otherwise modified to transform them into the images that you now see. We worked long hours finding these graphics and photos and if you would like to use them you should provide a link back, it was hard to do and tedious work, we would like credit. However, we do not allow you to directly link to the images on our site.

7. This site in no way wishes to infringe on anyone's copyright. We have found images that we paid licensing for, being stolen from this site. If you have found anything that you feel infringes on your rights, please do contact us and the item will be removed or altered to fit your wishes immediately.

Please be as detailed as possible; let us know what page the picture is on, the reasons why your rights have been violated, etc. We promise to be quick and efficient in resolving this matter.

If you have any questions concerning this policy of and it was not covered here, please do contact us with your questions.

Your use of this site affirms your acceptance of our policy.

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