What's the Definition of Zodiac Signs?

Many people believe the definition of Zodiac signs, is the same thing as Astrology. Astrology and the Zodiac, as subjects they are different things.

Where Do the Words, Zodiac Signs Come From?

The word Zodiac comes from the Greek word Zodiakos,

It means circle of animals.

Zodiakos- which comes from- zo-on, meaning "a creature."

Zo-on is an archaic Egyptian word that combines Zo "life" plus On "organism."

The literal meaning of Zodiac signs is: a small band that is divided into 12 zodiac signs.

These 12 signs of the Zodiac match up to the 12 Constellations.

The zodiac and Constellations aren't the same, other than in name.
At a certain point in time the constellations and the Zodiac were united, but they no longer have any connection except in name.
The Constellations tend to be of different sizes.  These partitions also hold the astrology Houses.====

***Back to this circle and what it has to do with Zodiac signs.

The Zodiac forms a perfect circle with each Zodiac sign taking 30 degrees in size within that circle.

You now know that the size of the zodiac circle is 360 degrees. There is a line that marks the ecliptic path the Sun takes, along with the Sun all the other Planets take this path except for Pluto.

Definition of Zodiac Signs -The 12 and their traits

Zodiac sign 
At Best     
At Worst
Cautious  Upstanding
Emotionally delicate
Zodiac sign 
At Best     
At Worst
General love
Self destructive

In our research about zodiac signs we find some who believed that, in the beginning the zodiac was separated into 10 "solar mansions instead of 12."

In that time, there were two criteria to measure the times of year, Solar (Sun) and Lunar (Moon).

The Solar (Sun year) was:

10 months
36 days each
and 5 days that were holy for to the Deities.

The Lunar (Moon year) was:

13 months
28 days each
and one day remaining

Under the definition of Zodiac signs, the 12 signs of the Zodiac themselves must be added. We know that the Babylonians started the art or science of astrology and that the Romans improved on that by naming the zodiac signs.

What are these "Signs" any way? Well they are more than just your Sun sign.

If you were wondering, we have more than one, or two, assuming you know your (Ascendant) or rising sign. This is what I mean.

You have a...

Sun or (zodiac/birth/Star) sign or maybe a Cusp sign...

Ascendant/Rising sign...

Moon sign...

Mercury sign...

Venus sign...

Mars sign...

Saturn sign...

Uranus sign...

Jupiter sign...

Pluto sign...

Neptune sign...

This makes astrology very interesting indeed. All of these different signs in total are called Planet signs. Yes, even your Moon sign.

The Moon is a luminary, much like the Sun. However, in
Astrology, the Moon is read like a Planet. For every person,
these components add together in so many different ways and measures, even in the case of twins.

You may find that you have some things alike with someone
else, but you will never have a complete and equal natal chart with anyone else.

(Authors Note***When I read the interpretation of my birth chart, I tend to go right to the golden nuggets of information. If I have someone special at the time, I get both our charts and I compare them; it's like getting a dossier on your lover, really.***)

The Definition of Zodiac Signs

and What Comes Under It

Information about the 12 zodiac signs are sorted out in categories, I will not list all of them here, but here are some I think are of most import or cool to know about.

These categories are:

Definition of Zodiac Signs -

Northern and Southern signs

The 1st six zodiac signs of the 12 were thought of as beneficent, because the sun inhabited them while crossing the Northern Hemisphere.

These six zodiac signs are emblematic of the six thousand years that Ahura-Mazda or Ohrmazd (The creator of Zoroastrianism), reigned in peace.

The 2nd six were believed to be malefic, since when the sun was moving through the Southern Hemisphere. At this time the season was winter in Egypt, Persia and Greece.

These six zodiac signs represent the six thousand years of agony, wretchedness and torment caused by the malefic masterminding of the Persians to bring down Ahura-Mazda.

The signs that are in the Northern Hemisphere, (Northern Signs) are Dominating-Commanding

Virgo the Virgin
Aries the Ram
Gemini the Twins
Leo the Lion
Taurus the Bull
Cancer the Crab

The signs that are in the Southern Hemisphere,(Southern signs) are Acquiescent-Obeying

Pisces the Fishes
Libra the Scales
Sagittarius the Archer
Scorpio the Scorpion
Aquarius the Water Bearer
Capricorn the Goat

It is said that the zodiac signs were revised by the Greeks, but before that, there were just 10 signs. It is also said that Scorpio the scorpion and Virgo the virgin were one zodiac sign.

Scorpio and Virgo were divided by the Greeks and the scales were taken to make Libra the scales, thus bringing balance between the Northern and Southern zodiac signs.

Definition of Zodiac Signs and the Seasons

Author Xofc

The sun Moving through the seasons

The ancient way to evaluate the time of year was founded on the equinoxes and solstices.

The zodiac crosses the equator at an angle of approximately 23° 28'. The two intersection points are called the equinoxes.

Four of the signs of the zodiac have been permanently dedicated to the equinoxes and the solstices:

The year commenced with the vernal (spring or March) equinox, observed on March twenty first with jubilation to commemorate the instant the sun passed the equator going north along the zodiacal path.

The Vernal (spring or March) equinox is said to happen in Aries. It's just that of all creatures a Ram should be placed in the lead of the zodiac circle.

Vernal/Spring Signs/North are:
Aries the Ram
Taurus the Bull
Gemini the Twins

On June twenty-first the summer solstice was observed for this is the time that the sun arrived at its most northern placement.

The Midsummer or Summer solstice is thought to take place in Cancer, which the Egyptians called the scarabaeus --a beetle from the family Scarabaeidae (Lamellicornes), a very large and crucial family of beetles.

The Scarab was sacrosanct to the Egyptians. They held it as the representation of life everlasting.

As for the Crab, it's apparent that the constellation of Cancer is exemplified by this special Crustacean because the Sun, having transited this House, starts to walk back, or retreat its way down the zodiac arch.

Summer Signs/North are:
Cancer the Crab
Leo the Lion
Virgo the Virgin

After reaching this point the Sun set about its' down-slide towards the equator, tracking south at the autumnal (fall) equinox, September twenty-first.

The Autumnal (fall or September) equinox happens in Libra. Libra's scales tilted and the Solar orb set about its journey towards the House of Winter.

Fall or Autumn/South Signs are:
Libra the Scales
Scorpio the Scorpion
Sagittarius the Archer

The Sun arrives at its most southern placement at the Winter solstice, which falls on December twenty first.

The winter (December) solstice happens in Capricorn (The House of Death). In wintertime, all life in the Northern Hemisphere is waning.

Winter Signs/South are:
Capricorn the Goat
Aquarius the Water Bearer
Pisces the Fishes

Definition of Zodiac Signs -The 3 Quadruplicies or Qualities

Mutable Zodiac signs:

Sagittarius the Archer
Gemini the Twins
Pisces the Fishes
Virgo the Virgin

Fixed Zodiac signs:

Aquarius the Water Bearer
Taurus the Bull
Scorpio the Scorpion
 Leo the Lion

Cardinal Zodiac signs:

Capricorn the Goat
Aries the Ram
Libra the Scales
Cancer the Crab

Definition of Zodiac Signs -The 4 Zodiac Triplicities/Elements

Sagittarius the Archer, Leo the Lion and Aries the Ram are of the Fire Element.

They aim for and dream. They are physical or dynamic.

Capricorn the Goat, Virgo the Virgin and Taurus the Bull are of the Earth Element.

They bring forth and generate. They are pragmatic.

Aquarius the Water Bearer, Libra the Scales and Gemini the Twins are of the Air Element.

They are genial and affable. They are the sociable ones.

Scorpio the Scorpion, Pisces the Fishes and Cancer the Crab are of the Air Element.

They are effusive and excited. They focus on family and emotions.

A word about Elements and love matches

The Elements and their mixing may explain why some people love one another from Hello and why some people can't stand one another the moment they set eyes upon each other. 

Even why one person struggles within themselves because they have many elements in opposition in their charts.

The Ancients were the first ones to see that Water and Fire are not cordial, water puts fire out and fire boils water.

Fire needs are to survive and so they are congenial. Air and Earth can work out  if they remain in control of self.

Earth and Water can cooperate and be fruitful or they can fight and make mudslides. Air can energize Water.

Many people have managed to gain control of the personality of their Element that they get along well with practically all of them.

There are some people who don't know or reflect on their natures and inherent astrological flaws; some can only  pretend to know. In any case, these are good things to reflect on.

Definition of Zodiac Signs -The Dualities

Someone born in a Fire signs like Aries are Masculine; they have a short temper and are fiery and assertive.

The zodiac signs of the Elements Air and Fire are under the
Masculine/Diurnal (Day)/Positive/Active/Yang, (these words are interchangeable):

Libra the Scales/balance
Gemini the Twins
Aries the Ram
Sagittarius the Archer
Aquarius the Water Bearer
Leo the Lion

The zodiac signs of the Elements Water and Earth are under the
Feminine/Nocturnal (Night)/Negative/Passive/Yin, (these words are interchangeable):

Pisces the Fishes
Virgo the Virgin
Capricorn the Goat
Cancer the Crab
Taurus the Bull
Scorpio the Scorpion

Definition of Zodiac Signs -The Zodiac Symbols or Icons

We have the human-centered -activity/Human zodiac signs:

The top (human) half of Sagittarius the Archer/Centaur
Virgo the Virgin
Gemini the Twins
Aquarius the Water Bearer
and Libra who used to be part of Virgo (Astraea's), scales of justice, but was changed into it's own Icon symbol. So we mark Libra as a Human centered activity zodiac sign

The Animal/Bestial/4 footed zodiac signs

Someone is born under a Bestial/Animal sign, is animalistic in their dealings; e.g., Cancer the crab pussyfoots and scampers in a sideways manner to get to a point.

The bottom (horse) half of Sagittarius the Archer/Centaur
Leo the Lion
Aries the Ram
Capricorn the Goat
Taurus the Bull

The two bodied/Bicorporeal and Duplicate -bodied or  zodiac signs

Sagittarius the Archer/Centaur, because of being half man/half horse
Gemini the Twins
Pisces the Fishes

Definition of Zodiac Signs -The Polarities

These are the pair of zodiac signs that are polar to one another. They are contrary to one another in their personalities and ways, kind of like two sides of one coin.

Since they are polar opposites their kinship is an especially high-voltage one. Opposite star signs have a innate kinship grounded on the likely to counterbalance that each gives the other.

If they find acceptance with one another they find that the could complete the other.

Sometimes as opposites they are romantically drawn to one another, sometimes they especially repel. There are some of you like me who have a different/potent zodiac sign in the Ascendant and that's the zodiac sign that shows what polar opposite you are drawn to.

***Note, I am a Sagittarius Sun, my polar is Gemini, I don't find any romantic attraction to Gemini men at all, I figure them out too easily and what I know repels me. I can however have a wonderful time with Gemini men as platonic yet flirty friends.

I have a Scorpio Ascendant and I have Scorpio in my personal planets too, all of them. So guess what man has me lusting as soon as I meet him and quickly I find his sun sign to be? Taurus, that's right, I find them incredibly sexy.***

So here are the pairs of polar opposites:

Gemini -Sagittarius
Leo- Aquarius
Virgo -Pisces
Aries -Libra
Taurus -Scorpio
Cancer -Capricorn

I have a little bit more to add about the Definition of Zodiac Signs

In Natal charts that we buy, something you will not read is the fact that We are not animals, although many of us have animal Signs; we have freedom, we have our right to choose.

We have our self will, we can do what we want, within measure of course.

It is of course a common sense thing, you may be born with a chart that says you will be successful and gain monetary rewards, but if you don't chose to fulfill that,  you won't. Your natal chart will only show the possibilities, the inclinations and innate talents.

You have to work for whatever good is in your chart if it hasn't been fulfilled and work on the tendencies that are inherent in your chart that hinder your progress of becoming a better person.

Like some people like me may not have anything in the 7th house, it doesn't mean if in my heart I want marriage I shouldn't try for it, it only means it's not the most important thing to me and guess what?  It isn't.

Take someone who has impaired, malefic or other disconcerting aspects in their chart, by their own volition they can choose to rule his destiny, he can rise above what is said in his or her chart.


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