Want to Say Hi? Don't Be Shy?

If you want to say Hi, this is the place. You can introduce yourself here. Tell us where you are visiting from in the world. Tell us your zodiac stats. We would love to know.

*Astroloves Note*
I have been wishing to know about all of you who come here to serendipity-astrolovers, I would like to know how you like it here. Please feel free to leave a post.

We have been working hard to bring you what you read and experience here and want to know if you like it. Show us some love, we all need it and we'll surely send it back to you.

If you prefer to leave a more private note you can, on the contact us page.

We have received many from you wonderful people that are frequent guests and some who are just passing by.

Keep them coming...

If you just want to leave a couple of words you are welcome to do so, those words are also cherished.

Come on everyone, Say hello.

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