Astrology Seduction Secrets

Astrology seduction secrets, yes. However, I am not counseling you to lie, just to get into someone’s pants. You are an adult and you know lying to someone just to catch them, leads to nothing.

All the same, there is nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward. Simply put, the question then becomes, what is the best foot to put forward?

The fact is, most of us need comforting, why not bring that out when you are with a Cancer?

Most of us can be strong and dependable, why not show that part of you to Taurus.

Some of us are impulsive and playful, let Gemini see that.

Once we meet someone who has a beginning attraction for us, it would be good to know some steps that could help take them from curious attraction to mental stimulation and on to full physical contact, right?

This is where this set of articles come in; think of them as your cheat sheet, your cliff notes on the subject of astrology seduction, if you please.


  • You will learn how to use the luxury Seduction...on Leo.

    You will find out how to Decode the snuggle of Pisces.

    You will acquire knowledge of the silent feel up method, to use on Sagittarius.

    You will discover how to counteract Virgo's push and pull game, with the I- need-you-to-need-me...technique.

    You will read how to captivate Cancer, with the Enchanted Evening..plan

These astrology seduction tactics will be good for anyone who is a new relationship provided you know your targets’ astrological sign. It is also good for relationships that are in a rut.

As always, to keep a lover coming back, you can't just rely on "tactics", you have to be compatible.

To make your relationship an ongoing one, you need compatibility. Add to that a real affection for the other person as well as them for you.

True friendship, affection and compatibility will tell you if the heat and passion will be able to ebb and flow between you for the long haul, or if it's just a temporary success.

The best you can expect from these tactics are two fold; some information about what you're in for with each astrology sign and some ideas on how to go about your astrology seduction, the rest as they, say is up to you.

Learning about zodiac star signs as a whole will ultimately aid you in figuring out and understanding the idiosyncrasies of your lover.

  • I know that there are passionate Capricorns, who love PDA's.

    I know there are Taurus' out there, who eat just for nourishment.

    There are also clingy Virgo’s, who are always horny.
  • Sagittarians, who are introverted and jealous.


However star signs are not all there is, when you want to know someone astrologically.

It would behoove you to read up on the astrology seduction techniques for not just the Sun sign of your lover but, their Rising/Ascendant sign. You may want to look up their Mars sign for good measure. Your seduction list should fill up with more ideas.

These tactics are from the perspective of the Sun sign of your zodiac love match. The Sun sign is what most people know of and therefore, this is what we will focus on here.


So let's get down to it... Find the Sign you are interested in and take some notes.


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