Tips to Seduce a Cancer

A great way to seduce a Cancer would be dinner and dancing.

Alternatively, you could opt for cuddling on the couch.

Cancers love cuddling, but don't push for sex.

 You aren't trying to seduce a Gemini, you're trying to seduce a Cancer.

Before a Cancer let's you have "it" they need to feel safe. Be gentle, with your approach to sex. When Cancer is ready, you will see it in their eyes.

Or bringing flowers, chocolates cuddling up and holding hands while you pop the chocolates into your Cancer's mouth.

You could light candles and place them all around and on the table in preparation for a wonderful dinner cooked by you.

If you choose to seduce a Cancer at home and you are looking for a Cd to play or a play list for your Ipod.

Make sure the songs are on the drippy romantic side.


Cancer women like to hear compliments on their breasts.
Cancer men like to pay attention to the chest or breast area.

Tip for: Women/Men who are trying to seduce a Cancer male or for lesbian women who want to seduce a Cancer female, you should show cleavage/nice chest.

Seduce a Cancer Tips

The Enchanted Evening...tactic...

Make the perfect (Cancer dinner) I spoke of earlier.

Have some after dinner drinks. Coffee, Tea or a nice Liqueur at the ready.


While sitting on the couch, make your move.

Cancer's like to touch and be touched so pull them close, if they mold against you, chances are good. Once you are cuddled up together, whisper some of these words:

* "I think it's fate that the two of us met."

* "It was destiny for us to be together."

* "It feels like fate."

Move in slowly and start to kiss Cancer in tune with the romantic music you have playing. Listen for Cancer's sighs and groans of delight. When you hear these sounds you will know it's time.


The Reverse Psychology...tactic...

Cancer's are afraid of being used and thrown away. You have to cancel out that fear by verbalizing your fear of the same.

You have to show Cancer that because of them you're not afraid of being hurt, you feel safe.

Say something like:

"I really like you, I have strong feelings for you; you're sensitive and real but, I've been hurt before and I don't want to risk that again."

Then wait, Cancer might say some variation of:

"I understand you very well, I don't want to be hurt either. I hope you know, I'd never hurt you."

If they say such words, move in for a movie kiss and start to undress and the rest is history...


The "Tease"...tactic...

May also help you to seduce a Cancer

Get Cancer past the dread of you just using them by being a “tease”. After a good, deal of caressing and making out, force yourself to pull away.

Tell Cancer one or a few of these lines:

  • "Tonight was fantastic, however it's too soon for anything big."

    "I feel serious about you, I want to keep your respect."

    "Sleeping together may be too much too soon for you."

    "I don't want to wreck things because I value you."

    "I don't want to rush you."

    "I think that we can last, I want you to be sure about this."


Let Cancer see how you just can't withstand kissing them again, they are driving you crazy. Let Cancer see the trouble it takes you to pull away...Then come back and kiss them again...say:

  • "No, I want to wait." "I want you to feel ready."

Gaze into your Cancer's eyes...then...

Kiss them again...and pull away…"I...I...mmmmmmmm"...Give up on trying to find words...kiss them again, you get the picture.

What you are waiting for is for Cancer to stop all this and take the first step in stopping your talking by kissing you. Even better if Cancer starts to reassure you.

If after all this,  you see that you haven't gotten anywhere, maybe this particular Cancer is very insecure.

You may just have to leave it with what you have said so far, and wait for Cancer to come around and reassure you another night.


Another thing that you can use to seduce a Cancer is:

The L word ...tactic...

Cancers look for long-term relationships; they fall in love easily. This is one zodiac sign you can say "I love you” to; before, during or after sex.

I am not telling you to say the L word if you don't mean it just to get some.

The response you are looking to get from Cancer is an admission that they love you back or the very least are starting to fall for you…

Then you move on to:

You both know they want it...tactic...

If however Cancer seems shy about going to bed with you, maybe you should say:

"But we feel strongly about each other don't we?"

"I think this is the most romantic night of my life don't you?"

If you can get through this without having to go to the dentist, more power to you...


The Mega-romantic Movie...tactic...

If you can't stomach the syrupy romantic words bit, why don't you try saying it with a movie.

Here is a short list to get you started:


Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Jerry Maguire

The Notebook

Notting Hill

Moulin Rouge

Love Actually


If the tears start to come let them. Cuddle up close to them; hold hands. Start making out as soon as the movie ends.


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