Libra Seduction Secrets

Our Next Libra Seduction tactic is the:

"Birds of a Feather"...tactic...

You know the saying; "Birds of a feather flock together"? Use this to your advantage...

If Libra finds that they are the only one of their friends who is single, it may work well for you to use that.

Some Libra's will get a boyfriend or girlfriend just because all their friends have one.

If you can get Libra to think about how lucky their friends are to have a serious thing going, you may get them thinking about that and in turn thinking about you.

Furthermore, if you can convert Libra into thinking that their friends will be green with envy because Libra will have the best girlfriend or boyfriend of all, you will be very close to conquering Libra for yourself.

Move on to the following Libra seduction: ...You both know they want it...tactic...

"You Both know they Want it"...tactic...

This Libra seduction tactic is to help make it easy for Libra to choose you.

Or,it makes it easy for you to choose for them.

There's great power in the something unstated. Remember these words; act as if.

I have to warn you, this Libra seduction is only for those who are either really confident and don't mind rejection or people who are at their wits end as to what Libra feels for them.


For those attempting a Libra Seduction
(of a woman Libra)

You have had a great few dates with Libra, she seems to like you and is attracted to you.

You drive her home. You get out and open her door for her. Walk her to her door.

As she goes in, follow her inside, grab her hand as you do. Pull her into a hug and give her a kiss.

Try and keep this going showing her in that kiss, how bad you want her.

Walk her backwards toward her bedroom and when you are there start to feel her up softly, try and unbutton or loosen her shirt...

For those attempting a Libra Seduction
(of a Libra man)

You've spoken to Libra and they have told you that their night is free.

Just go see them, invite yourself over to their place.

knock on the door, when they open walk right in. Grab His hand as you walk into his home. Once inside pull him towards you.

Give him a peck on the lips. You must already know where the bedroom is, so walk him to it.

Naturally, bring him close again and start to kiss him. Start taking off his shirt...


The preceding Libra seduction takes guts. You must stay calm, cool and collected.

Don't rush things and don't screw up.

The whole point of this Libra seduction is to stop the seesaw of; "I want you, I don't, I'm not sure". This will force Libra to either put up or shut up.

If they want you like you want them, you will know. If they don't they will have to come out and say it.

If it so happens that Libra says something like; "I am sorry tonight isn't good, just let me have a rain check", you may still give Libra one more chance.

For that last chance try the following Libra seduction:

Eloquent persuasion tactic, below... and return to this Libra seduction later on.

The Eloquent Persuasion...tactic...

The object of this Libra seduction is to get Libra to indeed admit to you what they feel.

Hold this talk anywhere you go for a date with Libra. The only thing is that it has to be face to face.

What you want to do, is steer the conversation in a way that leads Libra give some sort of agreement.

You know Libra wants you bad. You also know that Libra refuses to tell you this so. You must make Libra realize that you know for a fact that the both of you want the same thing.

However, you must approach this whole thing in a soft and elusive way.

A fine idea is to bring up declarations and ask questions that will produce an effect.

What you are looking for Libra to do in answer to you statements is a shake of the head in agreement.

Some examples of what you may want to say:

"I sense an exceptional connection between us, don't you feel it too?"

"I feel it's a good time to take our relationship to the next level, don't you?"

"I feel that this love affair can go somewhere."

"In all relationships we take chances however, with the feelings I have for you, I don't mind. Do you?"

If Libra acquiesces, give them a kiss, pull away and look dreamily into their about whose place you are going to...when you get to whatever home your going,  try the, You both know they want it...tactic... again.


The Sweet Sincerity with a Candlelit Dinner on the Side...tactic...

For this Libra seduction have Libra over to your place for an intimate and formal dinner for two.

Serve various things, but in small portions.

Use fine silver, flowers,candle light. Before you set up the table and arrange the flowers, be sure your home is spotless.

With immaculate manners, eat slowly and languidly, making sure you keep an eye of Libra's every need.

Remember the peripheral thing is the dinner, the real reason Libra is there, is for the conversation that enables you to seduce them.

You should compliment Libra on how attractive they look. Cater the conversation so that Libra starts thinking about romance, not sex...

Underscore the fact that you want a genuine love with Libra.

It's OK,  to bring up your past loves (the ones that weren't too bad) and ask about Libra's old loves.

Move the conversation to the living room, serve after dinner drinks. Sit real close to Libra and return to your talk, getting even more personal.

Tell Libra how "happy you are that you met, how it feels real to be with them", Tell about your attraction.

They are; "different than anyone else, they make you feel different, act different".

If you've followed this seduction well so far, you should be doing great, but don't put the kibosh on your Libra seduction by rushing it.

Move onto the good stuff by asking Libra;

"Do you think sex is important in serious relationships?"
"How important? "

While you and Libra get physically cozier, be attentive, but not desperate; when the time is right be smooth and self-assured.

When it comes to seducing a Libra, you can only conquer Libra with a good measure of sophistication.

Another hint is: you must always present your most beautiful or handsome self, no flaws, disguise them if you have to.

Libra people are finicky about looks; not just yours but their own.

Because of that, the nice flattering light of candles at the dinner works well for a Libra seduction.


Make them Fight for You ...tactic...

You can get a Libra pinning for you if you make it known to Libra that you are a hot romantic commodity, everyone wants you.

A Libra will see you as worthier of their attention if they know that other men or women want to pursue you.

There is another plus to using this Libra seduction.

Libra's are wishy washy, they are never sure what to do; they will also be like this when it comes to sleeping with you.

But, If Libra is in the know about your other " wanna be lovers" Libra will decide in your favor faster because they may not wish to lose you to another.

Librans like people to vie for their love and because of this they also see someone that they have to fight for intriguing.

Don't worry if you aren't really being pursued by a bevy of Handsome hotties or Gorgeous knockouts; just give the appearance of it.

For this you can use the following techniques:

My old lover's back...tactic...or The handsome Hottie or the Mademoiselle who looks like a model...tactic...

My Old Lover's Back...tactic...

Another way to quicken your Libra seduction is to tell Libra that your old boyfriend or girlfriend is sniffing around you again.

Give Libra the story of you and your old boyfriend or girlfriend breaking up only because they moved to another State or Country and that your old lover is returning.

Your old lover called to tell you they are moving back and wondered if the two of you could see each other and talk.

*Think aloud as to why your Ex would want to talk.

*Think aloud as to why your Ex would want to talk.

Libra should instantly say something along the lines of, "Maybe they want you back".

If Libra doesn't say, that say it yourself.

You could even say;

" Oh that one was so hot, I was sad that we didn't stay together, we really had chemistry on all levels"...

and then you must add:

"Oh but,...I don't know about now...He/She didn't understand what a real relationship entails...but, then again, maybe that's why He/She is calling, they want to try again"...

Rest assured, while you were going through that diatribe, in Libra's mind your stock was rising up, up and up...on your next date. Try:

The Sweet Sincerity with a Candlelit Dinner on the Side...tactic.


The Handsome Hottie or the Mademoiselle who looks like a Model...tactic

Ask one of your handsome male friends or your hot/model looking woman friend to help you out and be your wing man or wing woman.

Show up at a club, bar or restaurant that Libra likes to frequent when you know Libra will be there. Next to you will be your "trophy" date.

When Libra sees you, your value will skyrocket in their mind.

In Libra’s mind, you are extremely worthy of them because that gorgeous creature is with you and Libra, will want to take you away.

This is how the Libra mind thinks; go figure...

Now your next step is the following; The spread it on thick...tactic...

The Spread it on Thick...tactic...

Bolster all of your Libra seduction tactics with...The spread it on thick...tactic... with this tactic, you will focus on Libra's ego.

On your first date with Libra, or your first meeting you could say:

"I love your body."

"I love your hair, it's sexy."

"Check you out, lookin' like you just stepped off the runway."

"Have you ever heard that you look like,( insert the name of some hot model of film star)."


"You remind me of (insert the name of some hot model or film star)."

Once you have been on a couple dates with Libra, you could say:

"I love your body."

" You have the strongest muscles, working out agrees with you."

"Your arms are so strong, I love being held in them."

"I could drown in your eyes."

"You have a graceful neck, it's quite lovely."


If you are only at the making out stage with Libra, you can say:

"Wow, you make me so hot for you."

"Gosh, you're so handsome."

"You are unlike any man or woman I have ever met."

"I have been having dirty thoughts of you all week, can't get you of my mind."

" You have skin like a baby's bottom, it's so soft."

By now, you can get more personal as things get more intimate.

The amount of time between the first date or first meeting and the making out stage could be hours, days, or months; it hinges on what type of Libra you're with and if you find luck easily.

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