Libra Seduction Tips

Before you start your Libra seduction, let's get this out in the open.

Libras are not above taking advantage of their looks.

Libras tend to be very attractive in some way or drop dead gorgeous.

Libras get approached by many people. They're not shy about playing hard to get. Libras always have would be lovers pursuing them. Libra's tend to be sexual tormentors or teasers.

Call Libra a tease and they'll take offense, thinking it's deceptive and unfair. In Libras view it's uncomplicated; they're just putting their best foot forward, just in case they bump into Mr or Miss Right.

To a Libra, relationships are much like shopping for cars. Libras are always in the market for an upgrade.

If you are with a Libra, you should never pull back from an ongoing Libra seduction.

If your relationship with Libra is new, you shouldn't relax,  thinking your in like Flynn just because Libra has been your date 3 weekends in a row. In a second, like fashion, you may be, so last season.

My advice? Always keep your finger on the pulse of your relationship with a Libra. Just because you're as horny as a three balled tomcat or you want to play hide the salami, don't delude yourself into thinking Libra feels the same.

You could be a mere substitute waiting to be uprooted by the "real" thing, once He or She finds them.

Libras are inclined to be reserved when it comes to chasing a lover, they're afraid of being turned down.

Libras Modus Operandi is to: Shop around for the right person, then lure the person in with their attractiveness.

Libra will set the trap for you by using their physical appeal and emotional distance.

This leads to two feelings in a would be lover; you become crazed with sexual feelings for Libra and you start to think Libra is the best thing since sliced bread.

While pursuing your Libra seduction, don't give into your feelings of Libra being the greatest thing in the world.

You shouldn't start asking Libra how they feel about you, Libras are aces at being elusive with the answers to that one.

Do you adore and revere Libra? Is Libra playing hard to get and stringing you along in response? Classic Libra.

Playing hard to get makes Libra feel potent and dominant.

Libra women especially find themselves making men wild with need, then heading for the hills because the man is too horny for her.

So, whether you are after a male Libra who uses his good looks and emotional distance or a Libra female who teases you into super arousal; don't appear desperate for them, ever.

The more you like Libra the more you should seem to be neutral to their charms.

Libras don't want to be covered in your lust. Showing them what they " do to you" will not win them over, keep it to yourself.

What you need to do instead is show your desire for them in a different way; suck up to Libra.

Libra women will especially like this kind of head trip. Ask if they need you to do anything for them, are they comfy, open doors, bring flowers, gifts, use affectionate gestures...etc..etc...

As Libra is luring you in and teasing you, Libra is assessing and reassessing you. This appraisal can be a very long and drawn-out process.

Remember, Libras find it hard to make a decision. Always trying to find the balance, always looking at pro's and con's.

Librans are famous for taking a long time to arrive at a final decision.


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