Like to Read Limerick Poems?

How about Limericks about the Zodiac?

Oh yes, I got this idea one night, from out of the blue. One of my other loves is Poetry so, I thought I would combine that with my love for astrology and voilà, astrology/zodiac limerick poems was born. But first...

What are Limerick Poems ?

It's a poetic form that is especially amusing to compose and read. Limerick poetry is usually funny, base, or dirty.

Limericks usually have 5 lines. Lines 1 and 2 and 5 have to rhyme. Lines 3 and 4 rhyme as well.

You will find some limericks that end line 1 and 5 with the same wording while rhyming with line 2.

As for our Limericks

Some of these little tidbits may not be obscene per se, but they have to do with some traits of the zodiac signs.

These traits will be from the way these Signs act with others to how they just are.

Some of them may get a little dirty (I reserve that option for future limericks).

I will try to at least make these limericks entertaining even if they are not absolutely sticking to the rules.

For the most part they stay within the anapestic or amphibrachic meter and rhyme rules, (AABBA).

Hope you highly enjoy,

I am so excited to bring you:

Limerick poems of the zodiac and astrology

There once was a lady named Anne,
in line behind an Aries man,
she thought he was hot,
but bold she was not,
so he started to flirt with Roxanne.

There once was a Taurus Guy,
he said to his girl goodbye,
they were totally dissimilar,
he began to dislike her,
they lasted from June to July.

Wordplay is diverting to Gemini,
especially words that imply,
sex-ual innuendo,
leads to sexy crescendo,
You may get a happy surprise.

There once was a Cancer man,
whose lady had all she could stand.
They never went out,
she'd beg and she'd pout,
she is great since she found a new man.

There was a lady Leo named Sam,
that met a rich man named Graham.
He was from an English county,
and on her he spent a bounty,
She'd seen a diamond and said hot damn!

There once was a Virgo dude,
who always had a pessimistic 'tude,
he worried and he nagged,
was such a total drag,
that his girl dumped him for Jude.

Here was a Libra from Spokane,
who drove everyone insane,
He'd decide on that or this,
and leave people pissed,
when he changed his mind once again.

There once was a Scorpio,
who vacationed in the city Rio,
He partied carnival,
he had sex casual, with some girls he met at disco.

Sagittarians are happy go lucky,
their life is not usually mucky,
they are guiless but blunt,
they don't put up false fronts,
in addition to that they are plucky.

And now a Capricorn named Thorne,
careful since the day he was born.
He would always resist,
taking any sort of risk,
his reputation he'd rather not mourn.

This Aquarius lady Suzanne,
ran of with a weird circus man,
her parents- dumbfounded,
her friends were astounded,
when she called to explain from Japan.

Lady Lisa a Pisces fishes,
get's men to do as she wishes,
she says" I must confess",
"I'm a lady in distress",
it even works to get men to do dishes.


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