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The first wordsearch puzzle was published in nineteen sixty-eight, in a magazine digest called Selenby.

The publisher was Norman Gibat. This kind of puzzle became popular and newspapers started printing their own.

The wordsearch was usually placed as a second puzzle to the crossword.

Did you know that the wordsearch also goes by the names; word find, mystery words, word sleuth or word seek?

I am sure if you searched online you would find many websites that offer wordsearch along with every other puzzle you can think of.

We added a twist.

We have made some zodiac wordsearches for you to solve.

No need for you to use your ink or printer paper to do a wordsearch puzzle.


All of these word searches can be solved right on our website. However, they are in Java so you will need to enable your browser use Java. If you need to update Java you can do so right here:

Get java

How to (zodiac word search puzzles)

The aim of each zodiac word search puzzle is to find the listed hidden words. In these puzzle there may 12 words/word sets or more. We have concealed the words in these directions:

Diagonal, forward, horizontal, backward, vertical.

We hope you enjoy these puzzles. All you have to do is pick a zodiac puzzle and start solving.

Be sure to leave a comment on how much you enjoy these, that way we will be sure to come up with new ones. Let us know if you want them to be made more difficult, and we will try to answer your requests.


We hope you find them enjoyable,

Directions for play:

Right click on the starting letter highlight the letters to the last letter then click again. As you are highlighting you should see all the letters turn yellow and once you click they will turn green.


Asteroids, Planets and Stars

Words from a Horoscope Chart


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