We Have Jigsaw Zodiac Puzzles, yes we do...

Jigsaw Zodiac puzzles...hmmm... what is this, you ask?

Glad you asked.

The first jigsaw puzzle to ever be made came from the imagination of a Brit; John Spilbury. He made maps and engraved things (don’t ask me what). This first jigsaw was fabricated around the year 1760.

The puzzlers were made by drawing an image on a piece of wood, which was cut into small-scale parts with a fretsaw, not a jigsaw.

Like me you may think that this is where it got its name but these puzzles were first called (dissections). (*Authors note, yuck.) Somewhere along the line they started calling them jigsaws.

Pictures used to form jigsaw puzzles are typically outdoor scenery, animals, architecture or patterns that repeat. We have added our small contribution to the art of the jigsaw by bringing you zodiac puzzles.

We have jigsaw puzzles for you, we sure do. It took a lot of work, but they are too fun.

We had to add them, and the twist is; they are made of pictures that have to do with astrology, love astrology and zodiac signs. You would be hard pressed to find these puzzles anywhere else because these are unique to our site.

Typically, adult focused (physical) jigsaws come in (from hardest to easiest); a thousand pieces, seven hundred and fifty pieces, five hundred pieces and three hundred pieces.

For our purposes, we have puzzles ranging from around 22 pieces to 200 or so pieces. Our puzzles are in three levels the easiest, mid level and hardest.

Try your hand at all three, do the last two or just take your pick. Let us know if you want puzzles with more pieces or more difficulty.

One of the hardest jigsaws is the black and white one. Our puzzles that are black and white are for the most adept players (Coming Soon).

The black and white puzzles take a lot longer, because they are harder to solve; there aren't much if any color cues. Hope you like these; let us know if you want more of them.

We hope you enjoy these zodiac puzzles, if you do, leave us a comment okay?

We will try to add more zodiac puzzles as time and resources allow, look for them.

For now just pick a zodiac puzzle to solve.

Tech notes:

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Update Safari (Apple menu->Software Update).

And it should work.

If you still can't play our jigsaws, try clearing your Java cache:

Quit Safari.

Open Finder->Go menu item->Utilities->Java Preferences.

Switch to the Network card.

Press the Delete Files button to clear Java cache.

Restart your computer and try to play your choice of puzzle again.

If you use Firefox, update to version 5 or higher.

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Hope you enjoy,





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