What Astrology Dates Correlate to the Zodiac Signs?

The astrology dates of the Sun signs correspond to where the Sun was at the time of your birth.

The dates for each of the signs can deviate from year to year. Usually it's not more than a day in difference.

To know your Zodiac sign you must have the exact year, month, and day of your birth then, you use that info to find out your Zodiac sign in an ephemeris.

To save you time the dates are noted below.

What Astrology dates, and Times are Most Auspicious to be Born in?

When we deal with our zodiac sign, we may have a question; what month, day or  time of the year, is the best to be born?

We have no power over that of course, but what if we could have, what Astrology date would you choose?

With all Zodiac and Planetary locations equivalent:

It's best to be born while the moon is waxing and not waning.
A waxing Moon grows in life force and it boosts our results.

In the Signs of Cancer it's home or Taurus, exalted it's good to be born in a waxing Moon for those same reasons. Besides that the person is bestowed with  a copious amount of vital force which is a great plus physically.

It's better to be born in the months August and April, the sun is exalted in Leo and Aries, this bestows great vigour and vitality.

It's also a benefit to have a July or May birthday, when the the Sun is centralized.

The most auspicious time of day to be born:

Morning from eight to noon, this is when the Sun is moving through the Houses of social influence and friendships; this means that the person will have many helpful friends.

Being born between midday and midnight isn't as "favourable" , because it's closer  to The Imum Coeli or the Nadir, this is the lowest place on the horoscope and things may be hard to achieve.

Circumstances"  becomes favourable again for those born in the  early morning when  ascension is happening in the eastern celestial horizon.  The person will have to earn everything they get, but lucky chances will arrive almost constantly.

So, we can say that the best time of the year, month and day to be born is, In August or April during the waxing Moon, around 8 up until 12pm.


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