Crossword Puzzles using Astrology and the Zodiac

But first, a little history of crossword puzzles. How did crossword puzzles come about?

The inventor, Arthur Wynne (from Liverpool) made the first puzzle for New York World magazine,(see;

It was in the shape of a diamond and it didn't have any black squares. The first crossword was made in England during the 1900's. They were not however the New York Times type of puzzle we solve today.

During the early roaring twenties, newspapers caught on and started featuring them. In ten years crosswords were in virtually all US papers. These puzzles are arguably one of the most loved word puzzles.

This is when crosswords developed the shape that we see now.


In the America, the puzzle developed into something that many adults and seriously smart kids take very seriously; they even try to solve them in the dreaded, pen.

There are now many different crossword types: Criss crossed also called free form Standard American style Cryptic.

We will focus on free form/criss crossed.

They are the least difficult to create. They have words across and down the puzzle, the words share letters where they cross. All words correspond to a clue. The clue has to be worked out to derive the word.

Free form crosswords have a crooked look and they don't stick to the rules set for standard and cryptic puzzles.

Free form crossword puzzles are the ones we will feature here. Our zodiac and astrology crosswords are created with information you should find on the website pages. If you want some help you should be able to look at the specific subject and deduce the answers to the clues.

Many of you may not need to do that since you probably have been an avid astrology reader/studier and you know the basics.

We have mainly used, sun sign characteristics, planet governance, sun sign houses and similar basic astrology information to come up with these zodiac or astrology crosswords.

So now you may pick your puzzle and solve it, these puzzles come with timers so that you may see how long it takes you to solve them. These puzzles also come with a pause button, if you need to run from your computer for a second or if your boss happens upon you.

We hope you enjoy,


Figure out the clues, count on your fingers.

Can You Read the Signs?

House Dominion of Life Crossword

This House what Zodiac Sign?


Name that Planet

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