Are You After a Cancer Astrology Sign?

Learn how to Attract a Cancer Astrology Sign

Cancer June 22nd-July 23rd

If you show a Cancer sign person your warm and cuddly side, and you show appreciation for them, you will easily pull them out of their shell.

To show Cancer that you appreciate things about them, all you have to do is compliment them on something.

The only thing is compliments need to be sincere.

Do you have a problem that you need to talk to someone about?

Cancer is not only an empathetic listener, they give great advice.

Do you contribute to different causes? Talk to Cancer about that side of you.

Other things you can talk to Cancer about would be politics, sports, and money.

A good first date idea would be tickets to a show or a gallery opening.

Cancer astrology sign people, love romantic music because it's so strong and melodious.

You could get tickets to an opera or a Broadway show or even an Emo rock concert.

A really good idea is if you take Cancer to a restaurant that has live music.

Cancer astrology sign people won't be hurried, they are nervous people, they are timid, especially when it comes to commitments.

Cancer astrology sign people will always avoid a definite yes or no.

If you are wanting an answer from a Cancer the longer they wait to answer the more probable the answer is no.

If a Cancer is true to their sign they will find a reason to feel hurt and spited by you sooner or later.

Cancer astrology sign people remember well the wrongs done to them, they don't forgive and can't forget.

Cancer’s love to be mothered. Cancers like to be spoiled. Allow them to spoil you or you can spoil them.

Another trick to gaining the attraction of Cancer is to let them in on your emotional hurts.

Tell Cancer how heartless your ex lover was. Tell Cancer how you were not appreciated.

In turn, Cancer may tell you about their past hurts and heartaches, be sympathetic to them.

Tell them that you are nothing like their ex, you are caring and loving and can be trusted.

If you are a great cook, Cancer will love this. Tell them you would like to go to their place to cook for them (Cancer people feel the most comfortable at their own homes).

Cancer women as well as men, are über-romantic, try to show them that side of you.

Watch romantic movies with them at home. In fact make an evening of it, cook them dinner rent a couple of films and veg out at home all comfy and cozy.

If Cancer starts to hang at your home, make sure your fridge is full of comfort foods and goodies. Always have fresh fruit, veggies and herbs around too.

Make sure from the get go that Cancer knows how special your Mom is to you.

Here's a tip: If you ever need an excuse get a rain check with a cancer use "the Mother" excuse,  works every time.

If you and your Mother don't get along that well, ask about their Mother... Often. If Cancer's Mom had already passed on, ask them to tell of their memories of her.

Emphasize whatever traits that you share with their Mom. Example:

Their Mom baked great cookies; You love to bake, she loved to garden; You have a green thumb, can't wait for your own garden.

Every once in a while you will come across a Cancer person who has conflicts with their Mom. What you have to do is take up their side, sympathize and mother them.

If your Cancer male loves his Mom to distraction know that he will choose a girl like her.

Cancer the crab will pick apart a person they could have potential with just because loving that person could lead them to being hurt.

My advice, hide any flaws in your making that would bring up a red flag with Cancer.

You may think this a good thing or a bad thing nevertheless, Cancers really believe they are capable of finding love at first sight.

Incidentally, they can fall in love at first taste of your cooking too.

Cancer people are not afraid to talk about kids and having them; as soon as it comes up in your mind you are free to talk about it, they won't run away. Do you have children? Cancer won't mind, they love kids.

Make sure you really are serious about a Cancer before you agree to meet their parents, especially Mother; this could mean that engagement is not too far off in the future.

On the other hand if they try and divert you from ever meeting Mom, leave that Cancer alone.


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