Your Guide to Scorpio Seduction

When it comes to Scorpio seduction, you have to remember that Scorpio can be a hard zodiac sign to understand.

There's an erotic sexual aggressor and instigator inside every Scorpio man and Scorpio woman.

Sexuality for a Scorpio is something to promote their power. Scorpios like power.

Sure, Scorpio's like warm cuddles, soft kisses and affection, however, you mustn't ever doubt that you have the goods to get the goods.

In other words, don't be timid when it comes to implementing these Scorpio seduction tactics.

It's normal for Scorpio to go from coy to aggressive in seconds. If you can excite a Scorpio you can take them from hesitation and indifference to erotic arousal quickly.

Let's go back to the "power of sex" thing I mentioned earlier.

There are two different power plays you have to look for in Scorpio.

The first comes within two slightly different circumstances:

Some Scorpio's want to be sure that they've got you just where they want you sexually so, they withhold sex to gain power over you.

Some Scorpio's might even give you a list of "I don't do this or that" to keep you in line.

Let Scorpio go ahead and play that game; remember what they say and later at another time, repeat it back to them as your own "rules" verbatim.

Except this time switch the "I don't" to "You can't".

The other power play situation, is Scorpio thinking the reason you want to get into their pants is that you want power over them.

Because of this thinking, Scorpio is capable of holding out on you sexually no matter how horny you make them. These sexual plays gives Scorpio a rush.

Scorpio's may also withhold sex from you because they want it to be a dramatic, all consuming, can't live with out them, obsessive lust. "Regular" lust isn't sufficient.


The second of the Scorpio sex power plays is:

A Scorpio who is undergoing a self-inflicted time of sexual abstinence. In fact Scorpios can do this for years .

Scorpio’s are mentally strong; they can use this self-control to help in remaining off sex for as long as they want to.

Want to know how strong willed a Scorpio can be?

Gandhi-- (had 3 planets plus rising in Scorpio). Gandhi gave up sexual activity and slept next to virgins.

Many Scorpio’s experience guilt feelings about sex, so they’ll do that "abstaining thing" which then makes them feel more spiritual and virtuous.

If you come across a "I am not having sex" mode Scorpio, don't panic.

Scorpios can make a quick 180 from professing to being a "Sainted virgin" or "Monk" to a slut or stud or Pious to a pervert.

If you are looking for help with a Scorpio seduction try any one of these:


Tips to Seduce Scorpio

The Let’s get Medieval/Goth it up...tactic....

This Scorpio seduction is a good one for a couple in a relationship. It's fanta-bulous for getting that Scorpio's attention.

If you live together great. If you don't find a reason for Scorpio to come over and stay the night.

Decorate your bedroom with dark sexy colored bedding (maybe satin or silk) and colored candles (black, red, purple); don't forget the sexy music and sexy incense. When you hear Scorpio pull up or approaching the door, unlock the door. Go to your bedroom and lay on the bed.

When Scorpio knocks on the door or rings the bell, call out for them to come in. Once they have come in say, "I’m in the bedroom come in here".

When Scorpio opens the door they will see what you have in store; a Scorpio fantasy; candles, dark linens, sexy music, sexy incense.

Say nothing to Scorpio; just extend your hand to call them over to you.

The "Let's play with Ourselves, together"...tactic...

Now, for another disclosure about Scorpio. Scorpio’s have a secret, they think about sex more than they actually have it. Scorpio's love to think about "sexy" conversations they have had.

Scorpio will fantasize about the dirty talk and play out the details in their imaginations.

I don’t have to tell you what Scorpio is physically doing while they fantasize.

Nevertheless, at times this may turn out to be a better release for them, than actual sex.

Now, this “secret” is what you will use for this next Scorpio seduction.


Get it into their head..."What I want to Do to You"...tactic...

If Scorpio is your significant other and you are out on a date; rile them up with sexy thoughts before you get home. Tell them what you plan to do to them.


"The moment we get home, I am going to undress you and practice making love to you with my mouth and tongue."

*Authors Note: Try that for a start and think up something similar to say, I am sure, you are up for it.


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