Your Guide to Seduce a Scorpio

More ways to seduce a Scorpio:

Seductress or Seducer 4- Three languages of love...tactic...

The goal of this seduce a Scorpio tactic is to make your Scorpio man or woman crazy with lust by speaking to him or her in a foreign language or an accented English.

Naturally, the stipulation is that you know one of the romantic languages (Spanish, French, and/or Italian) you must at least know a few phrases. If that fails try the Queens English.

Don't forget to use a sexy devilish tone of voice.

Lean into Scorpio's ear, whisper something truly naughty, and don't explain...

I'll show you where to put your hands...tactic...

If you have already had make out sessions with Scorpio and you are ready for more, this ones for you.

Try the most daring one so far, only if you know that Scorpio wants you bad.

You are going to show Scorpio exactly where you want their hands to fondle you. At some point when you are kissing a Scorpio, take their hand and show them that you are turned on.

It will either have a good effect or shock Scorpio so much they pull back fast. If they like it and they leave their hands there for a bit, great. Take the next step, chose any one of these:

If your a female seductress or LGBT trying for a male Scorpio:

The Hidden Lure...tactic...

The Call Girl...tactic...

Seductress or Seducer 3- I'm Celibate, Please Stop Turning Me On...tactic...

Seductress or Seducer 4- Three languages of love...tactic...

If your a hetero-male or LGBT going after a Scorpio female:

Seductress or Seducer 3- I'm Celibate, Please Stop Turning Me On...tactic...(***"Sorry, you have to scroll up just a little.")

If you can do it without laughing, try the

Seductress or seducer 4- Three languages of love...tactic...

If Scorpio pulls back or rebuffs all this, well move on to...

The Strip Poker or Striptease…tactic...

Give Scorpio a visual tease; Scorpios enjoy a good tease.

If you are already in a relationship with a Scorpio get a stripper pole installed in your bedroom.

If your relationship is just getting started, give them a taste of what being with you will be like.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a perfect body; you just have to be sensual with it. The most important thing you need is rhythm.

Do you have those two important things? Sensuality and rhythm? OK, go ahead and strip.

If you don't have rhythm and you are far from dripping with sensuality, try an alternative that is just as sexy in a different way; strip poker.


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