How to Attract a Scorpio Astrology Sign

Scorpio October 24th-November 22nd

Scorpio astrology sign people, have a marked unpredictability.

These are some general ideas when you're dealing with Scorpios:

When Scorpio is speaking to you, pay attention. If you are not paying attention and just faking it, they will know.

Scorpios are very curious, always add a "how" and "why" when telling them a story. If you don't, they will think you’re a liar, a bore, or a fake.

Boring people of little substance don't interest them nor do they get past acquaintance with Scorpio.

Scorpio astrology signs are Water signs, they generally like anything in the water sports arena.

Scorpios like to hang out with other people at parties, social functions, and charity balls; (any place they can mingle with the well to do, the prosperous, the affluent).

You should not argue with this zodiac sign; If you do, be respectful. Scorpio astrology sign people are dignified and somber about certain things, you shouldn't play with that, even if you're "just kidding".


Scorpio people are intrigued by power. If you have any kind of power over others underscore it.

When a Scorpio astrology sign person asks what you do for a living, there are certain ways in which you can couch your answers that will attract them to you more.

If you are in the Financial field, you can say;

"I oversee and mastermind large net profits".

If Scorpio starts to wonder if you're into suspicious dealings, let them marvel.

If you are a computer programmer say;"I manipulate data and write coded messages".

Another good method when answering Scorpio's question of "What do you do?",  is you:

Deepen and lower your voice, smile slyly and say "Everything you can imagine and some you can't", that should get them going.

Never expound too much on your career, with Scorpio the scorpion, always remain a little inscrutable.


Scorpios will adore you if you are close with people of power, be it financial or political.

If you know powerful people, drop names to Scorpio. If you are a budding magnate yourself, tell Scorpio of the big deals you are working or have brokered.

Anything obscure, secret and mystical will attract Scorpio.

So, make yourself exactly that, be mysterious, don't be easy to figure out.

Wear sunglasses, even in the evening. (Ever see people wearing glasses at night or when it's overcast outside? They may be a Scorpio astrology sign person or have strong Scorpio influence).

For Women trying to attract a Scorpio Man, think:  black or dark outfits,  cleavage,  Sexy Musk perfumes,  Vamp makeup,  Mini-skirts and sexy high heels.

Dark clothing will make a Scorpio man think you are mysterious. Wear your black outfits with "red" accessories.

  1. If you are a man trying to attract a Scorpio man try the black outfits thing and don't forget the dark sunglasses and sexy musk cologne.
  2. For Men trying to attract a Scorpio Woman, think: "Jack Nicholson", wickedly sexy. You can also grow a 2-day growth of beard; Make her wonder what you look like under there.
  3. If you are a woman trying to attract a Scorpio woman: Try dressing in black outfits, or at least when she'll be around, try wearing dark sunglasses and not being to talkative. Talk with your body; sexy moves.


You will get Scorpio to stand up and notice if you say:

"From the moment I met you, I knew that we had a soul mate connection from a past life".

You can also say;

"You know a Psychic told me that you and I were together in a past life".

If you do believe in past lives and such things and you approach Scorpio this way, Scorpio will surely ask how you came to such conclusions and beliefs.

Some other ways you could try charming a Scorpio:

Say to Scorpio, "You know the minute I met you, I had this feeling of something, something profound, I just haven't figured out what that is so far."

If that is too mystical for you, you can say:

"I had a dream about a man who was so..... anyway, you remind me of that man."

Scorpio may ask you to go on and tell the rest of this dream and what reminded you of them.

You can then say:

" No I can't not now, once we get to know one another.. I'll tell you."

Just smile mysteriously and say; " when we get to know each other better I will tell you what I know".

Even when your particular Scorpio says they don't believe in mystical things, they'll be interested in a curious way and will find you to be an enigma; therefore, interesting.

However, if you think "Gosh that's silly, I can't talk about that" or "That's too much, too crazy".

I have to say; Scorpio is too much for you, find another zodiac sign.

You will be surprised to find that most Scorpios will admit to believing in such things, they are deep and mystical themselves.

If you want a Scorpio astrology sign person, let it be known that you think they're fascinating.

Scorpio's like to un-arm and captivate a love interest with that Scorpio gaze; stare back.

If you don't know how to give a bedroom gaze, practice in the mirror, you should also add a wicked spark in your eye while you do it; don't ask me how to do it, that's all on you.


Ideally, if you want to capture the attention of a Scorpio you will want to have deep conversations with them, a mix of psychology, power and sexuality.

If you are comfortable,  talk to Scorpio about your sex dreams and what they might mean. Scorpios love a taste of the naughtiness in a person; always be a little risqué.

Scorpio won’t be interested in a goody two shoes. Scorpios like to see a little wicked spark in your eyes.

Get a Scorpio hot for you by dropping small hints about secret erotic techniques you've mastered. Talk about tantric sex, sex magic; anything mysterious and erotic, this will excite a Scorpio.


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