Capricorn Love Matches with Aries through Pisces

Capricorn Love Match with Aries

As lovers they get on, but even then there are debates on finances, contentions about friends, debates around socializing, and debates on who's in charge.

The main conflict is that Capricorn doesn't make a move unless it will pay off; Aries is willful and capricious. Fights are never resolve because they are both; headstrong, belligerent, and demand to govern.

Capricorn's Green-eyed monster also comes into being as Aries's racy passions roves to more amusing companionship. Personality wise and emotionally, these two belong in a wrestling ring, not exchanging wedding rings.

Capricorn Love Match with Taurus

Capricorn is charmed by Taurus' constant warmth; Taurus looks up to Capricorn's effective resolve.

Capricorn and Taurus are both homebodies. Taurus can penetrate Capricorn's distant demeanor. Both are down-to-earth and passionate.

They both also have a respect for money and security. Capricorn is true-hearted and Taurus is dedicated; each will be very trusting of the other so, jealousy isn't a trouble.

Taurus is sensual and sultry this taps into Capricorn's reticence in love. This is one coupling that is secure and unbreakable.


Capricorn Love Match with Gemini

Capricorns need a lot of patience to contend with mates who are as impulsive, excessive, and flighty as Gemini. Capricorn respects orderliness and restraint.

Capricorn will have a difficult time controlling Gemini who is: irritable, coquettish and contrary. Capricorn goes about living in a pragmatic and driven fashion. Gemini is unorganized, jittery, and mercurial.

Not to mention that, Gemini's verbal deftness makes Capricorn feel small. Neither is especially mushy, so any flame that's stirred up at the start of the love affair will rapidly cool down.


Capricorn Love Match with Cancer

Cancer will feel resentful when Capricorn becomes a tyrant.

There is definitely sexual attraction here, but they will need all the harmony that they have in bed to counter the discord they'll experience else where.

Cancer desires affection and will be tormented by Capricorn's coldness; Capricorn isn't willing to coddle emotional Cancer. The sad thing is, both of them have a fear of being jilted, only Cancer's inclination is to pull away and Capricorn's is to become mean.

Capricorn and Cancer are always in opposition.

Capricorn Love Match with Leo

Leo is outgoing and won't have patience with Capricorn; Being so unyielding, Capricorn can't stomach Leo's habit of leaping before looking. Logical and always prepared Capricorn doesn't empathize or sanction Leo's high-spirited and hasty ways.

Majestic Leo won't bow down to Capricorn; Capricorn is too unemotional to worship Leo. Extravagant Leo loves lavish things; Capricorn is a fiscal conservative first and last.

They both want the other to be the submissive in sex. This uncompromising pair will see a speedy end.

Capricorn Love Match with Virgo

Virgo and Capricorn pride themselves on their homes, they love having a couple of good friends to dinner instead of numerous ones at an all out party.

Virgo and Capricorn love each others minds.

Virgo's judgment is refined and logical, this mixes comfortably with Capricorn's self-control and capability for laborious work. There's nothing that would keep them from getting along well, except for sex.

They both find it hard to be voluntarily affectionate. Virgo is reserved in sex and he/she requires motivation, and unemotional Capricorn would rather not give any.

All the same, anything emotional is the sole negative in a world of positives.


Capricorn Love Match with Libra

Libra is enamored by Capricorn's slow way in imparting love; Capricorn is fascinated by Libra's charisma.

In the long-run, Capricorn won't be able to offer all the beauty, excitation, and courting that Libra demands so much of. Capricorn appreciates being disciplined and dutiful, and thinks that Libra is too flighty, conceited, and self absorbed.

Capricorn isn't remarkably interested in societal and aesthetic involvements, and these are Libra's preferred pastimes. Libra then becomes uptight and begins searching for someone else.

**Tip to Libra: Make Capricorn a little jealous from time to time, to keep love scintillating.**

Even then, this relationship is hard to maintain.

Capricorn Love Match with Scorpio

They both respect being disciplined and accomplished. As a team they work well: Scorpio is naturally shrewd; Capricorn is always prepared.

Each is strong-minded, so occasionally Capricorn's obstinacy goes up against Scorpio's famous temper. Scorpio's jealousy leaves Capricorn feeling secure and loved.

In sex, Capricorn's endurance is a delicious fit to Scorpio's ingenuity. Scorpio's potent sensuality arouses Capricorn's sleeping ardor. The arguments will be great, so will the make-up sex.

Capricorn Love Match with Sagittarius

At first, Capricorn impresses Sagittarius by being so poised and profound; Sagittarius is so positive they can't help but cheer Capricorn up.

Capricorn is a homebody, staid and serious. Sagittarius is impulsive and easily spends money. Before long, Capricorn gets peeved because Sagittarius is mercurial and loves his/her independence.

Capricorn will be disappointed with the Archer's indifference in love. Capricorn realizes that they can't always depend on Sagittarius being there come rain or come shine.

In time, this relationship will need life support.


Capricorn Love Match with Capricorn

Capricorns like people just like them, so of course this is a mutual admiration society for two. Together they form a strong and stable existence.

They both have conservative, unemotional dispositions, they're not immune to hard labor, and they’re savers. Both are grown-ups who are honest and committed.

As collaborators in business concerns They do well. They're both capable of setting sensible goals they go on to accomplish.

This type of rapport can occasionally be boring. Neither knows the first thing about rest and relaxation.

In spite of being sexually compatible, they tend to promote one another's propensities to be dark and depressing. They're not very playful so, romance could go bad, unnoticed. Having children could bring the lightness they lack.

If they find a way to be more playful they could end up with a long and prosperous life together.


Capricorn Love Match with Aquarius

They’re equals intellectually, and their natural gifts are complementary. Aquarius brings cleverness and knowledge of trends; Capricorn adds perseverance and dependability to the match. They both love to work.

Although, they both like one another, there is a distance that will be difficult to bridge. Aquarius's neutral position makes Capricorn uncomfortable. Aquarius is a wanderer; Capricorn is a homebody.

Capricorn's formal ways annoys Aquarius. Aquarius believes in expressing their views; Capricorn believes in self-control. Capricorn sees Aquarius as being too variable.

Aquarians love their independence and will not stay tied to sedate Capricorn for long.

If other planet zodiac signs add affection and intimate heat, this might be an good pairing. Otherwise, love could become just friendship.

Capricorn Love Match with Pisces

Capricorn offers the stabilizing character to Pisces' aimless lethargy; Pisces will be relieved and will look up to Capricorn. This works out well because, there’s nothing Capricorn likes more than being looked up to.

Capricorn is the master in the bedroom and Pisces is a willing to be mastered. Pisces breathes romance into Capricorn's crabby life.

Pisces' likes kinky sex and could very well influence Capricorn to not be so formal.

Pisces is very giving with tenderness, unsparing in kudos and doe eyed, this delights Capricorn and makes Capricorn feel secure and loved.

Capricorn finds it difficult to convey their deep emotions, nevertheless, they are true hearted and this makes Pisces feel honored and assured.

This relationship is an example of differences adding up to a good thing, these two take care of each other well.


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