Scorpio love compatibilities in Astrology, how do you match up?

Scorpio Love Match with Aries

Initially, attraction is strong, Aries is more inspired and experimental, but Scorpio matches that with their smoldering desire. In other areas, trouble soon starts to brew. Both want to be in charge.

Both are self-involved. There will be a clash of wills because Aries wants to command and Scorpio wants to control. Aries is open and impulsive and will be frustrated with Scorpio for being so secretive.

Aries is so free, outgoing and flirty that Scorpio finds reason to be possessive and jealous. Their temperaments will ruin whatever sexual compatibility they start out with.

Scorpio Love Match with Taurus

Scorpio needs to be satisfied in bed and Taurus has the endurance to do that. However, these two will be hard pressed to know what to do with the rest of their time together.

Both of these zodiac signs are jealous and stubborn. The difference in them is that Taurus wants a lover as a thing (a possession) and Scorpio wants to own the person heart, soul and emotions.

One thing they have in common is a love of making money. Yet, Scorpio is thrifty and Taurus will spend on creature comforts. Scorpio is willful; Taurus is bull-headed.

Both want to be Captain of a small fishing boat, meanwhile, they both sink with their vessel.


Scorpio Love Match with Gemini

Gemini is vivacious and Scorpio likes that; Scorpio is perplexing and Gemini likes that.

For a little while Scorpio’s oversexed nature intrigues Gemini, but Gemini likes to change and that doesn't sit well with Scorpio, who needs total loyalty.

Geminis like their freedom; Scorpios want to prevail and posses.

Scorpio is a solitary type; Gemini likes to mix and mingle like their single. The times will be fun, but soon Gemini will exit-stage left...

Scorpio Love Match with Cancer

This could end up being a good match. Cancer is the peaceful half, and there's enough here to keep Scorpio’s libido ready to catch fire.

When they have a really big, heated fight, they will surely have really hot "make up sex". Scorpio is force and security, just the things that a Cancer needs.

In return Cancer is tender, generous, caring and dedicated all that Scorpio needs. These two are like peanut butter and chocolate, delicious.


Scorpio Love Match with Leo

Scorpio won't stroke Leo’s ego or consent to be ruled by Leo. Scorpio wants to go deeper into a lovers psyche; Leo wants a romance fit for the movies.

Passions and tempers are equitably strong coming from both these zodiac signs. Leo lives expensively and likes to live like a royal; Scorpio doesn't like too much boldness and squander.

There’s considerable sexual desire here, but both are hot-tempered. Scorpio’s jealousy will surely be the point of ignition. When things explode... they will explode.

Scorpio Love Match with Virgo

Reserved Virgo can't keep up with Scorpio, who is very expressive. Scorpio can't understand why Virgo is so fussy about emotions.

However, there is a great meeting of the minds here with a good melding of temperaments. Both are dedicated to their family unit and to financial success.

Neither of them are scatterbrained or shallow; both have intense emotions that of course expand to strong allegiance and dedication.

They have such a great deal in common that Scorpio may not question why Virgo shows passion mentally instead of physically.

Scorpio Love Match with Libra

Scorpio’s variable temperament intrigues Libra in the right away. Scorpio fulfills Libra’s demands for tenderness; Scorpio’s jealousy is like "sweet-talk" to Libra. Libra is a tease and Scorpio is huffy and thin-skinned.

Scorpio takes romance and loyalty seriously. Libra wants a partner to make them look good. Libra can never decide if they do or don't want love and Scorpio will not like this. This will not lead to anything serious.


Scorpio Love Match with Scorpio

The intoxicating first weeks of; " Doin' it like rabbits", "Eating in bed", "Can't keep their hands of each other", feelings can probably last for months and years.

These two are very alike, but understand each other very little. This match is very intense.

Both are very jealous, demanding, sulky and pensive. Both are always in a battle to see who can pressure the other to give up control first.

Scorpio’s are all or nothing about many things, relationships are no different. Scorpio’s don't have flings or even light dalliances without wanting something significant to come from it.

These two may have raging fights then make-up sex, this may just become the norm in their relationship.

They will either love this about the relationship or it may end up being destructive to both of their psyches.

These two should remember, there is a world of things outside of the two of them and their relationship. Something has to give--- it may just be their relationship.


Scorpio Love Match with Sagittarius

Saggy is pleased that Scorpio is so possessive, at first. Sooner or later, Saggy finds Scorpio’s jealousy scary.

Scorpio is tantalized by Sagittarius’ free wheeling, unsuppressed style.

Saggy feels weighed down by Scorpio; Scorpio will be suspicious of Sagittarius’ love, Scorpio would probably be right on that one. Saggy’s capacity to love isn't as intense as Scorpio’s.

Scorpio will be the predominate one, but has no luck in keeping Saggy submissive for long. Sagittarius demands to be free; Scorpio demands all and out loyalty.

Sagittarius wants the focus of the relationship to be on fun and games; Scorpio wants sure and ceaseless love.

Saggy is candid, chatty, and free-and-easy in relationships; Scorpio is restrained, closemouthed, and overzealous in love.

Scorpio wants Sagittarius at home base, Sagittarius prefers to wander. It will take a lot of sympathizing for them to stay together. These two are too dissimilar. An affair to forget...

Scorpio Love Match with Capricorn

Capricorn can be more uninvolved than Scorpio and can be oddly distant on occasion, particularly once they sense a threat. Neither is superficial about giving love to someone. Both of them are by nature, wary.

Scorpio’s passionate nature is accepted by Capricorn. Scorpio’s explosive personality exposes the inner workings of pensive and reserved Capricorn, and this spiciness is a plus on top of the tender feelings.

Neither makes a move in love, without being sure that the other cares just as much.

Capricorn enjoys Scorpio’s possessive nature, it makes Capricorn feel loved. Scorpio runs on intuition and enthusiasm all of the time.

These two have a mutual purposefulness:

They have ambition, are both driven, and they know about duty. Together they have a good opportunity for financial achievement.

This relationship isn't airy and light, but then again these two don't need that anyway. A beneficial match.


Scorpio Love Match with Aquarius

Scorpio needs to own the person they are with and Aquarius wants to possess the world.

Scorpio is emotionally demanding, but to Aquarius even a love affair is a way to extend their world.

Scorpio can't abide Aquarius’s need for freedom in a love affair. Scorpio doesn't empathize with Aquarius’ free-and-easy way towards romance.

However, these two needs aren't contradictory. The mental connection between these two zodiac signs is great, they have outstanding talks and sex, (by the way they both have a penchant for kinky sex).

Aquarius is just too cool and has too many outside pursuits to make possessive Scorpio comfortable. Scorpio will try to reign Aquarius in in order to get a handle on Aquarius’ flightiness and independence.

All the same, Scorpio will have to give Aquarius a long leash and be more expressive, if this is to work out. This deserves a try.

Scorpio Love Match with Pisces

The emotional sustenance that Scorpio gives to Pisces... priceless. So is the intensity and direction, not to mention, the rich and rousing personal sexual dedication.

Scorpio’s force is a perfect fortification for Pisces’ uncertain nature; Pisces’s vision sets off Scorpio’s creativeness.

Pisces idolizes and looks up to Scorpio. Scorpio’s possessive nature makes Pisces feel wanted. Pisces' neediness is exactly what Scorpio is searching for.

Both have deep emotions. Both are concerned with the occult and the mysterious.

Pisces' perception and Scorpio’s astute emotions combine into a particular closeness. Their mutual enthrallment with sex contributes to an exquisite amorous atmosphere.

Pisces’ panache for the unusual lends spiciness to Scorpio’s needs, and the deep emotional desires of both signs complement one another.

They speak on a carnal and unspoken plane. This sort of love is the type that lasts. This match is celestial.


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