Gemini Sun Sign Matches- Aries through Pisces

Gemini Sun Sign with Aries

These two make great lovers and friends. They live on action, diversity, and taking chances; they enjoy each others humour; and like to have a sociable life.

Aries will likely make the decisions because Gemini has trouble in this domain.

There will be games and toys in the bedroom, because both are nuts about sex.

Aries’s bossy streak will give Gemini the solid focus he or she needs and, Gemini’s sporadic distraction from the straight and narrow will keep Aries on their feet.

Gemini Sun Sign with Taurus

An unsuitable match, even though at the start Taurus reacts to Gemini’s glitter and Gemini is fascinated by Taurus’s simple straight forwardness.

Soon, Taurus wants life to be unchanging and regulated, while Gemini is easily bored and searches for fresh experiences.

Taurus is dedicated to the home: while Gemini likes to be "on the road again". Gemini sees Taurus’s lovemaking a bit boring, and is bitter about the short leash Taurus constructs for them.

In turn, Taurus (who's green-eyed and possessive) can't deal with Gemini’s extracurricular flirtations.  Before long, passions cool off.


Gemini Sun Sign with Gemini

Each of these two will never describe the other as a tidal bore, because they are occupied with... everything.

Frenzy is one keyword that depicts this duo, relaxing is not in their vocabulary.

These twins are fidgety, live on the surface and could become unsteady.

Trying to quench every unsatisfied impulse could result in disaster.

They have terrific sex, it's all fun and games. When They get out of the (romper room) oh sorry, bedroom; everything goes chaotic ,(their second keyword). This could even turn out to be too undisciplined even for the Gemini Twins.

You could look, but you won't bump into a more captivating, or vibrant matching set.

They are both riveting charmers, have a motley-crew of friends, and together their friends think they throw just about the best parties.

In the end, one of you will have to become the manager of this Cirque du Gemini.

Which one of you is willing to execute? Gemini? How about you Gemini?


Gemini Sun Sign with Cancer

Houston we have a problem. The twins will make a lovely crab cake dinner out Cancer the Crab.

Gemini will not be patient with Cancer’s moody ways. The first fight will be a big one. Gemini bite your tongue because Cancer will make a mountain of what you think was a mole hill.

Cancer needs security and a home life; Gemini hates to be tied down. Gemini won't kick Cancer out of bed though, the passion is alright; and Gemini will cheer up Cancer.

All too soon though Gemini’s flirty ways will cut cancer and hurt them.

These two have little in common for a long-term relationship. You two are doomed.

Gemini Sun Sign with Leo

A loving couple who relish one another.

Gemini’s romantic and fun side encounters an open and zealous mate in, outgoing Leo.

Leo is so convinced they're great, he or she is proud of others flirting with their Gemini (bring it on).

Gemini’s mockery can vex majestic Leo and Leo will plausibly need more idolization than Gemini want's to devote.

When they go out, each attempts to show up the other, but they have fun doing it. (Your probably one of those couples who go out and pretend to be single, just to see who gets the most phone numbers, if not, you should try it.)

They both love to joke, and in the bedroom? well, you two swing from the chandeliers.

Who could ask for anything more?


Gemini Sun Sign with Virgo

Mercury governs both these signs and their approach to life is intellectual. The similarities end there.

However, where Gemini ridicules; Virgo critiques.

They will have good conversations they like thinking clearly.

Gemini can find Virgo’s snotty approach to learning infuriating.

These two are as star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet from the start.

Virgo thinks Gemini is scatterbrained and immature; Gemini thinks Virgo is as exciting as a log.

Virgo's analyzing seems like apathy to Gemini.

Virgo thinks Gemini’s sociable life is just fake and a waste of time.

Virgo is criticizing; Gemini is has no tact.

These two have little or no passion; their sex life before long turns cold. Gemini will surely cheat.


Gemini Sun Sign with Libra

These two air signs are well suited intellectually and every other way.

They are an energizing couple their involvement will be carefree. Neither of them likes confrontation so they'll likely agree on everything.

They're caring, love fun, love entertaining and travel.

Sexually both are hot for it, neither is jealous or needy, and Libra plays along with Gemini’s penchant for experimentation.

Their one problem is that they both love to spend money, they will go through a Mint.

Otherwise, a pure match.

Gemini Sun Sign with Scorpio

Gemini will light Scorpio’s fire but soon they find out that sex isn't the be all and end all.

Scorpio is sultry, passionate, needy, covetous, and rigid; Gemini is erratic, scatterbrained, trivial, carefree, and mutable.

Gemini will be under Scorpio’s mistrust and Scorpio can't stand how mercurial Gemini is.

In turn, Scorpio is setting himself up for grief because of Gemini’s carefree way with love.

Gemini enjoys people, Scorpio enjoys seclusion.

Gemini’s resourcefulness and Scorpio’s oomph would make a fine combination if only these two were capable of getting along.

Be careful with each other. It won't take long for enough to be enough.


Gemini Sun Sign with Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius sit exactly at polar ends of the zodiac wheel and are attracted to each other like magnets. They'll particularly relish one another's minds for both have various concerns.

Sagittarius is given to be more cerebral; Gemini more sociable.

Both are too fidgety and argumentative and both need independence and Gemini is also ready to criticize.

They will talk for hours and light up like a house on fire, until they hit the sheets. They may be a let down sexually, as neither is demonstrative and neither wants to shoulder the job of keeping the relationship going.

This affair probably began impulsively, it won't last long but it will be wild. They will stay friends.


Gemini Sun Sign with Capricorn

Where Capricorn cares about surety, Gemini worries about holding on his or her independence.

Gemini’s devil-may-care, mental attitude meets resistance from formal, steadfast, cautious Capricorn.

Order and schedules keep Capricorn happy, but these same things make Gemini crazy.

Gemini’s demand for an exciting existence does zero to cause Capricorn to feel safe.

Capricorn’s un-playful mindset muffles Gemini’s liveliness. This isn't a liaison with high-octane, but Gemini helps Capricorn become more sensual.

It may not work in the end.

Gemini Sun Sign with Aquarius

They are both a bit eccentric.

Multifaceted Gem and modern Aquarius get along splendidly.

Aquarius gets Gemini’s differences and is not bothered by it, in fact, Aquarius is likely to be just as difficult.

They love running across new people they share an appreciation for the new, and traveling.

The sex can change from hot to cold, but that's how they like it, and as a married couple they're tender companions instead of passionate lovers.

Because both are unpredictable, things can't always go swimmingly. But love keeps improving, because Aquarius sympathizes.

If the affair should die, they'll still stay friends. If it stays alive this couple will feel like each is a comfy blanket to the other.


Gemini Sun Sign with Pisces

These two could learn from the other, both have qualities that the other could use.

Gemini will be really attracted to the Pisces’s languid nature, but Gemini’s inconsideration will hurt the worked up Pisces.

In time, Gemini will be baffled by the Pisces’s hesitation in coping with the real world and engulfed by Pisces’s neediness.

Passion is high-pitched here, and so are the troubles. Gemini is a prankster and very playful, but Pisces is over-sensitive and takes things too seriously.

Each deceives in his or her way: Gemini pretends; Pisces will not cope with truth.

Gemini demands independence and fresh scenes; Pisces calls for everlasting worship.

Pisces just can't feel safe with vagabond Gemini and attempts to tighten the noose, until Gemini finds it difficult to take a breather.

If they are tenacious it'll be rewarding, but they must be brace themselves for the long haul.

Compromise is what they need to keep in mind to last.


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