Aquarius Seduction Tips

When it comes to Aquarius seduction, you have to keep in mind that Aquarius just like Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that watches their freedom like a hawk.

And like Sagittarius, Aquarians hate being smothered, this leads Aquarius to shun relationships easily. Aquarians value their independence above all else.

Aquarius has the most potential to withdraw from too much closeness and emotionality.

They’re more likely to say;

"I don't know where this is going, I'm not looking for anything long-term".


"I'm not at a point that I can get into a serous relationship".

Whatever Aquarius says; agree, agree, agree. Let Aquarius know you concur with them entirely, you too value your independence.

Assure Aquarius that regardless of how long this "thing" goes, you'll always be their friend.

It's not unheard of for an Aquarian to refrain from having sex with someone they're hot for because they care about the person.

Aquarius is the number one zodiac sign that would say;

"I don't want to destroy our friendship."

Be ready with an answer to that, an answer that helps Aquarius forget about their trepidation about sex with you.

Some Aquarians (because of their love of independence) will be concerned about you feeling used; tell them it's OK, you can use each other.

When you've persuaded Aquarius in believing that you don't want to become Mr. or Mrs. Aquarius everything should be OK.

Aquarians see nothing wrong with first date sex; they believe if there's chemistry, why worry, they won’t think your a slut.

Aquarius Seduction Tips

The let's become better friends...tactic...

For this, you have to persuade Aquarius that having sex with you will make you better friends.

Say something like;

"We have such a wonderful friendship, we truly get each other, I think it would only make us better friends if we got physical too."

Drop the "Independence" word first...tactic...

You already know that if you want an Aquarius they want their independence more, irregardless of how much they like you.

So, do the best thing to quell their talk; drop the words first.


"I like you very much, I am so drawn to you; even so I don't want a relationship right now."

That will turn things a little...then say:

"Do you think it's possible for us to have sex, and not get into a relationship, per se?"


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