Learn what will Seduce Sagittarius

To seduce Sagittarius, you have to come on confident and red-hot from the start. Long drawn out seduction doesn't work on Sagittarius…

One way to make an impression on Sagittarius is to be honest.

You should also remember that Sagittarians value capriciousness. To prove that point, I can tell you it is not above a Sagittarius to have sex with a foreigner while on vacation.

Indeed, a Sagittarian who is hot for you is not above doing it on the first date.

When you've determined that Sagittarius is into you, make a move fast, and be confident. If you're not, Saggy will veto you and your attitude and will take off before you've even had a chance to get off.

For a Sagittarius (more so for the male, somewhat true for the female) sex is fun, a hobby, a part of life's celebration.

Sagittarians are quick to pursue what they want if they want you. Quick flings, one night stands, vacation love affairs, long term; are all choices.

So for you, the goal to seduce Sagittarius will be easy breezy.

You don't have to go through the motions of establishing a slow courtship to reel Sagittarius into a relationship. If you want a relationship with Sagittarius, sex will get you there.

In other words, Sex can lead to a relationship with a Sagittarius but a relationship doesn’t necessarily get you sex, you may just end up in the “friend zone”.

Be like the Centaur itself, take sure aim at Sagittarius. And so, the nitty-gritty tactics that help to seduce Sagittarius are:

Tips to Seduce Sagittarius

The Silent feel up...tactic...

If you are hanging out with Saggy and they are in the midst of doing something.

Silently walk up behind Him or Her and slide your arms around their waist.

If you are going for the Sagittarius female:

Slide your hands up an onto her breasts, feel them up and pull her back towards you and grind up on her from behind.

If you are going for the Sagittarius man:

Slide your hands down towards his zipper, grab and fondle his “jewels”. Then..slide your hand back and feel up his tush for good measure.

This will prove one thing; whether Sagittarius is horny or not. If they are, they will moan with pleasure then and you will moan with pleasure later.

If they aren't into it, you will know by Sagittarius moving away from your hold.

The I am Good at it, Promo ad...tactic…

In the sales world it's advertise, advertise, advertise.

You can use this adage to seduce Sagittarius too. Let's say you haven't gone to bed with Saggy and you are trying to impress them so they will.

Has anyone ever used this old tired line on you?

"You don't know what you're missing".

Well,  with a Sagittarius it sometimes works.

The thing is, you have to be confident in the fact that you are one that Sagittarius won't soon forget. You can even offer references from "other satisfied customers".

Saggy's hate the thought of having missed something exciting, if you can convince them that you are just that, you’re in.

One warning, you better be as good as you profess to be…

I Can't Wait to Taste you...tactic

Seduce Sagittarius by letting them in on your sexual craving for them. This is a highly enjoyable thing to Sagittarius.

Sagittarians believe that the human need for sexual contact with someone special is vital to being alive.

Because of this, when it comes to sexual lust for someone they find attractive, it is easy for that person to seduce Sagittarius.

All you have to do is display your own sexual need, craving or thirst for them.

Authors note* I am a Sagittarius and my man can just tell me over the phone he "needs" me and I want to jump through the phone and onto his you know what...***

So, if you are trying to seduce Sagittarius, and you are in their company, tell them how much you want to have them right then and there...

If you are on the phone and your talking, tell them on the phone...

Saggy may not get to you right away, but the next time they see you,   It's on.

I Have No other Commitments...tactic...

In this one, you make sure that Sagittarius is well aware that you are there for them anytime any place...

This is the best for people that live really close to their Sagittarius.

Tell Sagittarius, "When you want me, call me", before you give them a hot kiss and leave...

Working up a Sweat...tactic...

This one is a good one if you are a hetero Male or a gay Male trying to seduce Sagittarius.

Take Sagittarius to one of your workouts; if you don't workout per se, let

Sagittarius see you working in the yard, build something or let them watch you fix a car.

I leave it up to you on how you get them to see you doing these things...Let the muscles rip...Good luck...

For the lesbian trying to seduce Sagittarius; you can take Saggy to workout with you. You can take Saggy to see you exert yourself doing something else.


Maybe doing something that is against type for girls; riding a motorcycle, skating, dirt bike riding, Diy home repair, fixing a car, playing bass guitar, playing drums...anything you can think of that would "surprise" her.

Sex on the Beach...tactic...

Take Saggy to the beach. If you are going to take them during the day, wait till later on in the day, ( hopefully there is a soft breeze). Perfect time would be about an hour before the sun sets. Go for a walk, lay down and cuddle.....Ooooh..


Take Saggy to the beach when the moon is out. Look up at the stars. Wish on a falling star.

Stare at the moon, take a walk near the shore, lay Sagittarius down on a blanket and start your make out session...yum...

The Mental Conquest ...tactic…

The goal of this tactic is to seduce Sagittarius by becoming more like them, be philosophical.

If you already are an idealist, good, for you are ahead of the game.

An exuberant mind coupled with idealism is a huge turn on to Sagittarians. It makes them believe you are also exciting in bed.

In Saggy's mind you have a lot of wisdom mentally, so you are probably a sexual Guru too.

The Mental Conquest...You have Met your Match. Tactic…

When psyches meet, bodies get physical. Get the heat of this Fire sign going.

Get a discussion going about some current event that people are talking about.

Let Sagittarius tell you their idea first; repeat the same conviction, but in an entirely different way from them.

Foreplay of Dancing. Tactic...

Dancing is very erotic to Sagittarians even if they can't dance. They at least have dancing as one of the "Arts" they like to watch.

If your Sagittarian can dance, take them dancing. Even if they say they can't dance, try anyway. The point of it is to get them close to you, in your arms.

One extra idea of dance is for a confident person who is not afraid. Take Saggy to a strip club or exotic club. Let them watch.

Which ever of these two methods you use, keep watch for that happy grin and turned on eyes, then say:

"I can't wait to have you, let’s get out of here."


If you don't want to go to a noisy bar, have Sagittarius come over to your place for some dinner and dancing…

Get them close to you, when the time is right; dance them to your bedroom.

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