To Seduce a Virgo

When you are trying to seduce a Virgo the main thing to keep in mind is not scare them away.

So, no outrageous maneuvers, no horrifying circumstances.

It would be a serious error to lay it on to thick when it comes to Virgo.

If you don't believe that and you indeed do something that scares Virgo, nothing that came before will matter; all your progress will be erased.

A Virgo is not like Leo, a daring lack of restraint will not enthrall them. You have to slowly work on a Virgo for some time before you get your just desserts, patience is a virtue.

A feeling of too fast too soon will tend to turn Virgo off.

Virgos think things through and then think them through again, after which they sleep on it, wake up and, think on it some more...In other words Virgos worry...a lot.

Never ever let Virgo start to imagine that sex with you is dirty or sinful. The error of trying to arouse Virgo with wicked seduction will be a final error on your part.

Virgo will just think, "If this is so sinful we shouldn't be doing this". Virgo will see you as trying to debase, debauch, corrupt or pervert them.

Virgo's make moral judgments on anything that has to do with sex, so tease them along the way with erotic breadcrumbs.

Find a way to let Virgo know that sex is good for their health and completely natural between two willing adults.

You should also encourage Virgo's sexual ego by praising their "charms". Most Virgos don't think of themselves as sexy.

Be leisurely and delicate in your expression of Virgo's body, (being that many Virgo's are into their health, it's most likely that Virgo works out).

Bolster the progress you are making in raising Virgo's confidence in their "sex" self by making assurances to Virgo about what you think of them in the rest of their lives.


"Work" self

"Sociable" self

"Natural talents" and "Gifts" self

Doing all the above will reap you rewards for a long time.

Always remember that usually, praising a Virgo gets you more of whatever you are praising.

You have to come out and tell Virgo how you feel about them, especially if you are just getting started with a Virgo.

Even people who have had a long history with Virgo need to do this.

Virgo's can be oblivious to how much someone cares; you could go years waiting for Virgo to "read the signs" on whatever you are thinking about them.

Don't ever try to seduce a Virgo when they are involved with work or in the workplace

If you are trying to seduce a Virgo that you work with you better find some way to get them away from that environment first.

For Virgo work is serious, no flirting or personal business there.


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