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Picnik in the Park…tactic... (Taste great less fat, less Sugar)

This Virgo seduction has been tailored to fit Virgo. It works for Virgo because Virgo is one of the earth signs.

For the Earth signs, sexual activity "alfresco" can be quite arousing.

It’s the same as the; Picnic in the Park...tactic...**scroll down please**

However, it's altered for a Virgo.

Remember Virgos like healthy foods; if you go rich and flavorful please keep it fresh food made with fresh ingredients. You may want to check out an organic foods store.

I need you to need me...tactic...

More than any of the other astrology star signs, you have to show Virgo you need them. Make sure you let Virgo know that you need them in lots of ways. Tell Virgo you regard them highly.

You need them in your life. You need them to desire you. You need them to find you necessary in their life too. Tell Virgo sincerely about needing them. Virgo may grant an answer to this confessed need.

Sultry and sizzling sexual activity may not ensue; rest assured it is a good beginning point.

Sex is like's good for your health...tactic...

If you arrive at an standstill where their urge to merge is rivaling the natural and Virgo- sexual suppression.

It might serve you well if you underscore how essential sexual practice is for wellness.

Try this tactic for conquer that Virgo.

Talk about how the Chinese people practice a certain medicine; how they believe by releasing sexual "energy", we are able to equalize our yin and yang, the Chinese find this to be essential.

Talk over the benefits that sex has on the thymus (a thymus secretory organ).

Tell Virgo that there is even a theory on this :

"The Wilhelm Reich Theory" that explains;

Suppressed mental or emotional attitudes about sexuality can create physiological blockages in muscular tissue and organs. These blockages start to work like "a suit of armor" keeping energy from being expelled.

Incidentally, sexual release fixes that and all is right with the world again.

This is the basis for what doctors believe today.

Tell Virgo that a sexual climax is the best method that the body sheds tension. Bring up the fact that physicians at present consider that sexual activity leads to the proper facilitation of the hormones.

Last of all; Sex helps you sleep better, helps with digestion, hastens the production of endorphins (which regulates the brain) and allows you to be productive at work.

I know this seems very clinical,  but it could help you to seduce a Virgo.


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