Are you into a Virgo Astrology sign Man or Woman?

Do you Need to Know how to Attract that Virgo Astrology sign person?

Virgo August 24th-September 23rd

Don't overwhelm a Virgo. This is the first principle you should keep in mind; make your moves in a restrained manner. No sudden moves. Don’t come on too strong.

Virgos are health conscious, so don't be surprised if they ask you out for a drink and it turns out to be a custom made health kick drink. Be good about it, rave about it.

Some Virgos tend to be finicky with their food, some of them are not, depending on their chart, but all of them are into healthy food.

Most Virgo astrology signs treat their bodies like temples.

Good conversation topics to have with a Virgo:

Exotic small pets

Work related issues

You can never go wrong with these topics. Virgos especially like talking about their work.

Make sure Virgo knows right away that you are a cultivated individual.

Virgos fall for people who they think are just as smart or smarter than them. "Intelligence is key" to a Virgo.


Do not nose into their personal business, Virgos keep their private life private.

Don't take Virgo to a loud place or a vulgar place. They find both offensive. Virgos think they have good taste and are proud of themselves for it.

Virgos worry a lot... a lot… I cannot stress that enough, but you shouldn't let Virgo's worrying rub off on you. Virgo’s are born worriers. This is what it’s like for a Virgo;

"Oh my gosh this happened".

"What if that happened, what will I do".

"What should I do about this".

And on and on.

Every... single... day... Virgo wakes up with a list of worries, things that never end up happening, I might add. So, don't worry about the worrisome Virgo. It’s Virgo’s way of contending with whatever could go wrong.

A Virgo astrology sign person, will really like gifts that keep on giving, practical things they can use.

Some Virgo astrology signs may have a hobby, possibly a special collecting interest, getting Virgo gifts that have to do with that would be thoughtful.

Special occasions or holidays are celebrated in a calculated way, Virgos are not spontaneous. A Virgo astrology sign person will plan everything out.Virgo will pick just the right gift for you accompanied by the exact greeting card to express exactly what they want to say.

If it's a party, they will plan out all the details in advance and work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

All you can do is relax and enjoy.


Virgos love people who show them:

Commitment, steadfastness, dedication, reliability and honesty.

These are the traits that Virgo women and Virgo men want in a partner.

You need to come across as a moral person. Someone who is respectable and rock steady. Someone who isn't variable, temperamental or inconsistent.

Virgos need someone they can trust.

A Virgo will not fall in love with Miss. Drama Queen or Mr. Drama King.

If you are with a Virgo, they will expect you to be a safe bet as well as a consistent bet.

Virgo's motto is, cleanliness is next to Godliness; you should never look unkempt, smell funky or be filthy when you see them.

A Virgo sign will take note of how hygienic you are, whether you smell bad. Virgo will watch to see how you treat your own bodily temple.

Virgo women and Virgo men, will only go to the next level of romantic intimacy when they believe you to be full of characteristics they can admire.

When it comes to work, Virgo people have a strong work ethic; to get a Virgo interested, you must also seem to be a hard worker.

All the above tips are very good in setting the foundation for a Virgo to fall hard for you, because when it comes to sex, Virgo needs to trust your character 100 percent.

They need to be convinced you have a strong sense of responsibility for yourself.

A Virgo life is exact, logical and straight. Virgos have no need for someone that adds to the worries they already have.

A Virgo needs someone who can fit. This is hard for them to find and so many Virgos opt for the single life.

The only other zodiac sign that matches Virgo in this rather be single proclivity, is the Sagittarian.

Short and sweet?

*Never, ever, be the cause of "drama" or any of its reflections.

*Cleanliness is next to godliness.

*Convince Virgo that you will not ruffle their existence; you will "fit in".

*Be organized.

*Don’t be a pretender, a phony, or fake, keep it real.


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