Seduce Pisces with these Tips

In your quest to Seduce Pisces try not to be clumsy. Pisces will know of your seduction from the start, Pisceans are very perceptive.

Whether Pisces likes you or not, they want to know how you feel, if your attracted to them and why.

You should tell Pisces things like:

  • "Your eyes are sexy."

    "Your lips are sumptuous."

    "I love your sexy hair."

You will notice that Pisces will blush and become timid because of your praise, but rest assured, Pisces will remember this and like you more.

Lady Pisceans desire a mix of strength and sensitivity in a mate.

You have to be potent and strong with a Pisces woman or she will be so inactive you’ll think she's a cold fish.

However, if you think thoughtless force is the kind of strength She wants, you are sadly mistaken. This kind of show of strength will not seduce Pisces

Pisces women want a gentle ogre, a tender brute, a docile tiger.

So strength and softness; you must be skilled at blending both of these, whether you're a man or woman trying to seduce Pisces.


Let Pisces see your tender heart. With this zodiac sign, you can cry during sad scenes in films.

Pisceans are famously skittish, uncertain and unsettled. Pisces may depend on you for assistance in coming to conclusions about things.

Pisces is not the type to suggest sleeping together on the first date; in fact, you will be the one who does the pursuing.

You will have to ask if you can come in for a nightcap or if they want to come to your place.

Pisces has to feel completely comfortable before anything gets underway.

Then there is a leisurely advancement to the sensual make-out and from there the next step of sexuality and heated love.

Pisces will let you lead them to love as long as you make sure that Pisces is comfy and well situated.

So the first thing you have to do before you try to seduce Pisces is to make Pisces comfortable and warm all over; or you will just have a cold Pisces fish in your hands.

Pisceans don’t care about ostentatious opulence per se, so your chances to seduce Pisces won’t go up because you wined and dined Pisces and did it big; save that for Leo.

The best thing for you to do would be to seduce Pisces on their home turf. Pisces has all He or She needs to be comfortable there.

Try these Tips to Seduce Pisces

Decoding the Snuggle...tactic...

Pisceans are snuggle buffs, expert spooners, or even cuddle bugs. Pisces people are after a high caliber cuddler.

Pisces will also grade your sexual skills by the value of your cuddle. If you flunk the test of "the cuddle", Pisces will think you can’t possibly deserve them.

Even so, all it takes is one perfectly timed, snuggle. Incidentally, you can test Pisces' attraction and readiness for you by the cuddling they allow you.

Here is how to Decode the snuggle:


**The frame cuddle:

  • Pisces will embrace you chest to chest, but turn their bottom half away from you.

Erotic outlook: zilch.

**The shoulder/back tap, tap embrace:

  • Another " You’re invading my space” hug, Pisces embraces you but pats you on the shoulder/back releases and moves away. Pisces isn't comfortable with sexual contact with you.

Erotic prognosis: really pitiful.

**The lifeless loser:

  • A cuddling that's equal to a cold and dead fish handshake. Pisces goes into an embrace with you, just to stop dead in their tracks. It's like invaders of the body snatchers.

Erotic prognosis: pathetic.

**The sultry squeeze:

  • Pisces embraces you, their hands don't stay put, they caress; Pisces wants to feel you up.

Erotic outlook: the door says open.

**The contrary cuddle:

  • Pisces comes from behind and embraces. Their pelvis cupped to your butt. "Is that your wallet?"

Erotic expectations: fantabulous.

**Your body/my body clinch:

  • Pisces contours their body to yours, nuzzling in, and cranny to crevice; like a puzzle.

Erotic outlook: "Got protection?"

**The hands everywhere embrace:

  • Your body/my body clinch with an addition of roaming hands.

Erotic expectation: Sticking to you like glue.

Move into "Titillation mode" if the Pisces embraces are going in the right direction.


Decoding the snuggle... Titillating - phase two

Pisces people desire a sexual mate with dexterous fingers and a titillating touch; Pisces are naturally responsive.

Your touch should be so scintillating that Pisces has no questions about what your after; if they aren't into it, they'll know it's their chance to say no.

A few dexterous touches Pisces may like:

For Male Pisceans:

Grab his hand bring it up to your face, nuzzle it and give the palm a soft lick and kiss, stroke his forearm gently; if his eyes widen and he moans do it again, somewhere else.

For Female Pisceans:

Take her hand gently and rub your thumb softly in the middle of her palm, lick her palm just a little; she should feel it directly "down there".

If she moans and closes her eyes for a second, move on to her neck and continue, always making sure to watch for signs.


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