Tips to Seduce a Gemini

To seduce a Gemini, you must be ready for action. If Gemini spontaneously decides now is the "time", you better take them up on it.

If you miss your chance, you may not get another.

You should also forget the "rules" of dating. rules will only encumber you when it comes to dating a Gemini.

Let me flesh this out for you. Let's say, you are with Gemini and you’re getting "hot and bothered", and you pull away.

You start to tell Gemini you have to leave because you have work in the morning, or, you have to wake up early.

You tell Gemini;

"I like you and want you, but it’s just not the right time. Can I get a rain check?"

Gemini says;

"OK prob."

A few days later, you call up Gemini because they haven't called you;  Gemini seems uninterested almost cold.

Did Gemini forget the chemistry you two had? What's going on here?

The thing you failed to see that night you asked for a rain check was that, you missed the "moment", and now Gemini is moving on.

Gemini’s are fickle with their "passion and their love".

Always be ready for this to happen with Gemini, more often than not.

Another thing that is "Gemini" in nature is that, Gemini's "try you out" before hand. If it's been a week and Gemini hasn't gotten you into bed again, Gemini has decided that you aren't worth a relationship.

The thing is; if Gemini wants it, they want it right now. Don't put off sex with a Gemini waiting for the perfect moment. Gemini may just leave you to find that perfect moment with someone else.

When you think of trying to seduce a Gemini, always remember the words; "pliable, mutable and impetuous".

The perfect moment, the perfect time will prove to be elusive if you don't remember.

With Gemini, you have to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.

If you are trying to seduce a Gemini female, remember they have a master’s degree in how to give "blue balls".

The good news is, only the more negative Gemini female possesses this characteristic. At times, you may find this characteristic in the Gemini male too.

Sometimes Gemini’s are just with you because they want to "test" their moves out on you, they may have no real interested in bedding you at all.

Gemini people give out the most mixed messages of all the astrology star signs.

Gemini Seduction

A quick notch in your bed...tactic

As soon as you hear those magic words, ''I'm a Gemini." Your objective should be to get Gemini within a week.

The longer you wait the harder it will be. Capitalize on any free time Gemini has.

Put your own "things to do" on hold until you get Gemini over the "first" time.

Here, in rank of speed, are some more to seduce a Gemini tips:

The ride home....tactic...

If Gemini doesn't have a car, hint at sharing a cab. Alternatively, say: "I have a car, like a ride home?"

Here you give Gemini a chance to ask you in for a "drink" or make out session. If you get Gemini home and they don't invite you in for a "drink", walk Gemini to the door.

The reverse ride home...tactic...

If Gemini says, "I have a car," you say, oh great, can you give me a ride home?"

If you need to invent some explanation like, having had one two many drinks. Alternatively, you could say, “I forgot, I didn’t drive myself here”.

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